Which warts can be removed and which cannot?

About 80% of the population do not even suspect that they are carriers of papillomavirus – HPV is latently present in the body, but with a decrease in immunity it makes itself felt by the appearance of characteristic skin growths, such as warts. Most of these neoplasms are safe for health, therefore, they are usually removed for aesthetic reasons.

You can remove the growth in a medical facility (laser, radio waves, current, freezing), as well as at home, with special drugs or folk remedies. By the way, people most often give preference to house removal, but whether all warts can be removed independently, let's understand.

Why you need to delete

A wart is a benign growth of a viral etiology. HPV is transmitted by contact, sexually transmitted infections, so if one of the family members is infected, the risk of infection of relatives increases. This is the first reason to get rid of neoplasms.Skin wart

The second reason is the localization of growths in traumatic places. Constant friction, squeezing with clothes, shoes or jewelry can cause not just pain, but even contribute to the malignancy of the neoplasm. That's why it is recommended to get rid of warts on the feet, neck, groin, armpits.

The third reason is the risk of multiple lesions. The number of neoplasms can increase every day. It happens that in a small area of ​​the body there are more than 10 growths. And if time is missed, such large-scale seeding outside will increase the risk of growths on the internal organs.

In addition, a person whose warts are localized in open areas of the body (arms, face, neck) feels psychological, aesthetic discomfort. Therefore, in order to feel confident, of course, it is better to get rid of neoplasms as quickly as possible.


Do not self-medicate without first consulting a doctor. Warts can be confused with other more dangerous epidermal growths and then the consequences will be disastrous.

When self-deletion is possible

It should be noted that sometimes warts disappear on their own – an increase in immune defense contributes to the drying out and withering away of growths. However, it will take more than one day (several months) to wait for self-healing, and not every person is ready for this.

If you decide to get rid of the neoplasm of the house, pay attention to the appearance and location of the growth – to be removed independently:

  • Warts with localization in closed areas of the body – because inept home burning can leave scars;
  • The growths are painless, without signs of inflammation, swelling, as well as other unpleasant symptoms – carefully examine and feel the wart;
  • The skin around should be intact – without scratches, wounds, allergic or herpetic eruptions.

Of course, before removing, it is best to consult a doctor.


Pregnancy, lactation (breastfeeding), children under 5 years of age, exacerbation of somatic ailments, recent infections, any skin pathologies of an inflammatory nature are contraindications for removal.

Removal of a wart on the nose

However, there are such neoplasms that it is strictly forbidden to remove houses.

What growths can not be removed at home

Although most warts are benign growths, in some cases they are prone to malignancy – conversion to cancer.

Any injury or malfunction of the body can trigger the degeneration mechanism. In addition, some HPV strains are initially carcinogenic, so it is important to determine the type of pathogen, and for this you need to consult a doctor.

The presence of the following symptoms may indicate malignant growth:

  • Rapid increase in the size of the wart;
  • A sharp change in color (lightening or darkening);
  • Soreness on palpation and at rest;
  • Redness, swelling (indicates an inflammatory process);
  • Isolation of the sacrum or suppuration of the growth;
  • Intense itching, burning;
  • Deep cracks, ulceration on the surface of the wart;
  • The appearance of a white halo on the skin around the neoplasm.

Remember such warts cannot be removed on their own in any case. Moreover, the appearance of at least one of these signs should alert you and move you to see a doctor.

Today, you can get rid of growths quickly and painlessly, in just one session. It is best to remove warts on the face and other exposed areas of the body with a laser beam or radio waves – after the procedure, there are no traces on the skin. Electrocoagulation is considered a budget option, but getting rid of large tumors with it is not worth it – scars are possible. Cryodestruction (nitrogen freezing) copes only with superficial neoplasms – it is not suitable for removing a wart with a root.

Whether it is necessary to remove the growth and what method the doctor will tell you to use for this, do not delay the appeal to a specialist.

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