Which doctor treats HPV?

The most common viral disease in the world is the human papillomavirus (HPV). Most often, it provokes a variety of diseases in the human body, it can appear not only on the skin, but also on the genitals. Not many people know that you can get this virus during sexual contact, because this disease is sexually transmitted.

Do not forget that even through contact with damaged mucous membranes or the patient’s skin (with its secretions), infection is possible. Therefore, contact with household items of the infected person can be dangerous. There are known cases in which during childbirth a child acquired a papillomavirus infection from an infected mother.

Diagnosis of the disease

In addition to direct infection of the virus from the patient, HPV can provoke such factors familiar to all:

  • Decreased immune system after infectious diseases;
  • Due to the course of treatment with antibiotic drugs;
  • In pregnant women;
  • The consequences of severe stressful situations;


  • The presence of addictions to alcohol, drugs, regular smoking.

In case of detection of suspicious neoplasms on the skin and the coincidence of risk factors, it is recommended to consult a doctor. For proper diagnosis, it is necessary to bring the doctor up to date – to clarify all personal health complaints. Then, a medical examination is required, which includes checking the skin and mucous membranes in the most susceptible places to the occurrence of warts.

A woman must undergo an examination of the vaginal area, including the cervix. A physician can use a gynecological mirror, colposcopy; take an analysis of scraping of the cervical mucosa. An analysis (biopsy) of a small piece of tissue from this membrane can increase the accuracy of the examination. This method allows you to identify the initial stage of cancer.

Often there are cases of self-complication of papillomavirus disease. If strange lesions are found on the skin, some patients try to treat HPV with alternative methods or medications without a doctor's prescription. This disease has dangerous consequences if left to chance.

Consult a physician if you suspect or have symptoms. Often, conventional warts become malignant over time. You can verify the health of your body after special tests. What to expect from visiting a doctor, and to which specialist to entrust treatment?

It is important to choose the right doctor!

HPV can and must be treated! The reason for going to the doctor should not only be education on the body, it is better to protect yourself in the early stages. Even if there are no vivid manifestations of infection, a medical examination and analysis will not be superfluous in the fight against the disease. It is especially important to seek the help of a specialist for those people whose partners have discovered the virus. But before contacting a doctor, you need to determine the place of the neoplasm, the external manifestations of the growth. No less important is the gender of the patient.

One type of HPV is papillary papilloma. Such specialists can help in the treatment:

  • Dermatologist;
  • Dermatovenerologist.

If there is no certainty that the sexual partner is completely healthy, it is better to visit a dermatovenerologist. A dangerous pathogen can be transmitted sexually, even when using contraceptive methods. A dermatologist, after examining a small papilloma, is most likely sent to remove the neoplasm, excluding studies. Examination of a dermatovenerologist or venereologist will be much deeper and more thorough.

If the oncogenic strain is not detected during studies, the wart can be removed. The doctor at the end of the examination can conduct cryotherapy of the growth and write out a referral to the surgeon.

When suspicious growths appear in intimate places, not all patients immediately decide to seek the help of a doctor. It is in such zones that strains with an increased risk of degeneration into malignant are located. It is impossible to assume that a tumor will certainly appear, but it is important to identify the amount of the viral pathogen by analysis. Doctor examination

Modern methods of getting rid of papillomas make it possible to immediately remove them at the doctor’s appointment. It is possible to use products of acidic origin, as well as a hardware method for removing growth.

The second type of formations on the body are the growths of a pointed form. With this type of papillomavirus, you should consult a specialized doctor:

  • A woman should be consulted by a gynecologist;
  • A man undergo a urologist examination.

According to the results of tests and examination, condyloma removal is not necessarily prescribed. Provided that the growth size is small. Cases were observed when, upon completion of the course of antiviral treatment, correction of the work of the immune system of overgrowth took place. Given that the occurrence of a viral infection depends on a decrease in the efficiency of the immune system, you can take the help of an immunologist in the preparation of therapy.

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