Which doctor should I contact with papillomas?

Not every person, upon detection of papillomas, immediately rushes to the hospital, which is a big mistake. If untreated treatment of the disease, this will not only provoke the appearance of a bunch of new growths on the body, but can also lead to rather sad consequences, for example, skin cancer or acute inflammatory processes deep in the epidermal layers. To avoid serious health problems, you must immediately go to a medical institution and make an appointment with a specialist.

Why you need to go to the doctor with papillomas

Despite the fact that papillomas look quite harmless in appearance, they can be fraught with many dangers, so self-medication in this case is unacceptable. This is because if the wart is removed incorrectly, it can be injured. Damage to the growth, in turn, will lead to a lot of trouble, which will be difficult to part with.Papilloma

In order to quickly get rid of neoplasms on the body, as well as prevent their relapse, a person needs a consultation with a doctor. However, those who first encounter HPV do not know who is best addressed with this problem.

Initially, it is recommended to go to the therapist, who will conduct an initial examination and refer to another specialist, depending on where the papillomas are located. This may be one of the following doctors:

  • dermatologist;
  • urologist;
  • gynecologist;
  • proctologist;
  • dentist;
  • surgeon.

In addition to the listed doctors, a person is always sent for an appointment with an immunologist. He makes recommendations for strengthening the immune system, which will keep HPV from spreading throughout the body.


Sometimes it is impossible to get to a doctor without a referral from a therapist. This is due to the high workload of the specialist and the large number of patients.


A dermatologist treats skin diseases and selects the necessary diagnostic methods to identify the causative agent of the infection. It can help get rid of papillomas only if they have affected the following parts of the body:

  • hands;
  • feet;
  • axillary hollows;
  • face;
  • neck
  • stomach;
  • your back.

Sometimes he can conduct an examination of the genitals and oral cavity, but he is not required to draw up a treatment regimen for the patient. This should be done by specialists of a different orientation, for example, a venereologist or a dentist.Diagnosis of papillomas by a doctor

After talking with the patient, the dermatologist writes out a referral for the following tests:

  • PCR;
  • histological examination of biomaterial;
  • cytological diagnosis.

After receiving the results of a laboratory examination, the doctor prescribes the necessary treatment and gives advice on the prevention of HPV.

Gynecologist and urologist

If papillomas are found in the intimate area, a woman should visit a gynecologist, and a man should visit a urologist. These two doctors conduct an examination of the surface of the genital organs, prescribe tests, and also choose a method for removing the neoplasm. It should be remembered that they do not draw up a drug treatment plan and do not select antiviral drugs. These activities will be further dealt with by the immunologist.


If warts appeared in the anus, then only a proctologist will help the person. He will examine the rectum by colposcopy, establish the number and size of the growths, and also offer the patient several options for getting rid of them.Consultation with a doctor

Before going to the proctologist, the patient needs to prepare and clean the rectum. There are two ways to accomplish this:

  • taking laxatives;
  • holding a cleansing enema.

These procedures are carried out several hours before going to the doctor. However, if the patient has severe bleeding from the anus, then preparatory measures can be skipped, as they can aggravate the situation and lead to serious damage to the intestinal mucosa.


The dentistry profession is associated with dental treatment for everyone, but this doctor also specializes in the removal of papillomas in the oral cavity. It is worth contacting only when growths appeared on:

  • the inner surface of the cheeks;
  • language
  • the sky;
  • glands;
  • palatine tongue;
  • gums.

If the neoplasms are deeper, for example, in the respiratory tract, then the dentist will not help. In this case, consultation with an otolaryngologist will be required.

When to contact a surgeon

The surgeon does not remove benign papillomas. The only thing he can do is choose the appropriate method for their removal to the patient:

  • laser destruction;
  • electrocoagulation;
  • chemotherapy;
  • radio wave destruction;
  • freezing with liquid nitrogen.

But if a person has a cancerous wart on his body, then this is an occasion to go to this specialist.

In the presence of a malignant tumor, the surgeon, together with the oncologist, draws up a treatment plan and appoints the patient an operation to excise the growth with a scalpel. This is the only way to deal with papillomas that have degenerated into a cancerous tumor.

Treatment of papillomavirus in children

Usually, the treatment of HPV in children does not require any special measures, so the child should immediately be taken to a dermatologist. He will select the necessary therapy aimed at suppressing the activity of the infection and recommend the most gentle ways to remove warts.

After the cessation of the development of papillomavirus and getting rid of its external manifestations, the baby needs to take special vitamins. They help to consolidate the results obtained from treatment and prevent the re-awakening of the disease.


The fight against papillomas in childhood is not an absolute guarantee that the infection does not recur when the child becomes an adult. It all depends on the state of his immune system and compliance with the rules for the prevention of HPV.

Cosmetic methods for removing warts

To date, all methods of removing warts in the cosmetology center are allowed for children. The only contraindication to their use is the presence of epilepsy and dermatological infections in the baby. Also, you will have to postpone the procedure for removing growths when the child:

  • sick with SARS or the flu;
  • has wounds or ulcers near the site of papilloma localization;
  • takes psychotropic drugs.

If for any reason it is impossible to remove children's warts with hardware methods, then chemotherapy will come to the rescue, however, you can use it only after consulting a doctor.

Papillomavirus Prevention

After undergoing treatment for HPV, it is very important to follow the rules of prevention, which include:

  • regular washing of bed linen and clothes;
  • shoe shine at least once a week;
  • daily shower or bath;
  • constant intake of vitamin and mineral complexes;
  • avoidance of promiscuous sexual intercourse;
  • putting on replaceable shoes when visiting baths, saunas or beaches.

All this guarantees the retention of the disease in a latent form for a long time and the prevention of the appearance of growths on the body or mucous membranes. In addition, there is a great likelihood that with a responsible approach to preventive measures, human papillomavirus infection will not manifest itself until the end of life.

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