What will happen if you tear off the papilloma and is it worth it?

Papillomas are small growths on the skin. In shade and size, they can differ from each other, although usually we are talking about whitish formations up to a centimeter in size. Sometimes papillomas of pronounced brown color and growths of more than 10 millimeters are also found.

And although such tumors are usually benign, in everyday life they cause a lot of trouble and inconvenience. In this material, we will figure out what will happen if a person accidentally damaged the clothes of the papilloma or decided to cut it off intentionally, and also consider the necessary measures for such situations.

How is the papilloma virus transmitted and manifested?

Translated from Latin, the word "papilloma" means "papilla". When an HPV-induced formation occurs on the body, it is similar in appearance to a fork of cauliflower. To the touch of a papilloma can be dense or soft. The former are distinguished by a stroma with a coarse fibrous tissue, and in the soft this tissue is loose, and formed by many vessels with thin walls.Papilloma

As already noted above, usually the size of the papilloma does not exceed a centimeter, however, the tumor may well reach 40 millimeters with the most unfavorable outcomes. The minimum size of the growth is 2 millimeters. Tumors can form both on the skin and on the mucous membranes.

Despite the benign nature of the papilloma, it causes a lot of discomfort when performing everyday tasks. Such growths are very different from an ordinary mole in their shape, resembling a rounded mushroom with a thick leg. Due to such structural features of the tumor, they often come off. However, sometimes the formations are also flat, and in this case there may be a desire to disrupt them.

But doing this on your own is by no means recommended, since today there are so many professional medical methods used to perform this procedure. In addition, despite the benign nature of the tumor, it is impossible to call it harmless, and the decision to remove it with a razor can lead to an unpleasant result.Papilloma near the eye

As for the methods of transmission of the virus, this is possible even with normal household contact, which is why it is almost impossible to defend against the formation of papillomas on the body. However, it is worth noting that in the first minutes after HPV infection, our body is able to cope with it on its own, which makes the subsequent development of infection impossible.

A different picture can only be observed due to the deterioration of the immune system caused by:

  • constant stressful situations and depressed mood;
  • hypothermia of the body;
  • taking antibiotics;
  • lack of vitamins and so on.

Allowed measures for the appearance of papillomas

We’ll talk more about what will happen if you tear off the papilloma below, and now we’ll figure out what is allowed if there is such a growth on the body. It can usually appear on the armpits and eyelids, as well as in the chest and neck. If a person was infected through sexual contact, then papillomas form on the genitals and are called condylomas.Genital warts

In the event that a person has torn off the papilloma, the focus of infection can grow significantly, filling in more and more areas of untouched skin. Therefore, absolutely any aggressive actions should be avoided, including:

  1. Strong friction.
  2. All kinds of scratches.
  3. Combing the area of ​​infection.
  4. Burns of any type.

If you tear off the papilloma, then the risk of malignancy increases many times. In this case, it is impossible to disrupt the growth even with its significant severity, causing severe inconvenience. Otherwise, such removal of papillomas can easily activate the virus, which will lead to an even more deplorable result.Tore off the papilloma

Scrubs and masks can be applied to the tumor to clean the skin. This must be done very carefully and softly so as not to damage the growth. If you urgently need to disguise the papilloma, then you can use powder. However, in any case, such actions can only serve as a temporary measure, and immediately after the detection of these formations, you should immediately contact a specialized medical specialist.

Options for removing papillomas from the skin

Modern medicine is very developed, therefore, cutting the neoplasm on its own, which is fraught with huge risks, is not necessary. Clinical practice offers a huge variety of techniques that are suitable for the patient, regardless of the stage of the disease and the location of the growth. Distinguish between surgical and pharmaceutical removal of papillomas, although the latter is used less often and may not give the desired results.

In the event that the tumor does not come off on its own, even with the help of drugs, it will need to be destroyed in another way.Clinical papilloma removal

Today, there are several popular ways to do this:

  1. Surgical. This is the most famous and common way to get rid of papillomas. The growth is removed with a scalpel, and to prevent pain, the doctor gives the patient local anesthesia. After completing the procedures, the doctor puts a pressure bandage on the wound. The disadvantage of this approach is the residual scar.
  2. Electric. The use of current is a popular method in medicine, although not very common. To remove papillomas, it fits just fine, because under the influence of electricity the tumor quickly disappears. This approach causes some discomfort due to minor pain, and after exposure to current on the body there are almost always traces. However, the bandage in this case is not needed.
  3. Cryogenic. You need to go with such a procedure with caution, because exposure to papilloma with liquid nitrogen is not the most painless procedure. The advantage of such a trip is the complete absence of restrictions and contraindications.
  4. Radio wave. The most attractive method in terms of consequences. During the procedure, the patient does not feel pain, and upon its completion, not even the slightest trace remains on the body. The procedure is quite new, so it can not be found in all clinics, and its knowledge is still insufficient. But according to current results, we can safely say that it is the removal of papillomas with radio waves that will gain the greatest popularity.
  5. Chemical. Thanks to the application of special solutions to the affected areas of the skin, the neoplasm disappears on its own. The action of the tool is not instant, but rather fast. The disadvantage of this approach, like most of the above, is the marks on the body.
  6. Laser. Another way that does not leave scars, burns, erosion, scars or other marks. A problem similar to the radio wave method is the lack of widespread use of appropriate equipment in clinics. In addition, the cost of a laser papilloma removal procedure is slightly higher than in other cases.

Sometimes patients are interested in why the removal of papillomas cannot be carried out at home, where in the same way you can take a knife and cut off the growth. This should not be done at least so that infection does not go through the separation zone, the spread of which will make the situation much worse.


In the hospital, all procedures are carried out exclusively in a sterile environment, and after their completion, all necessary measures are taken to prevent re-infection.

What is fraught with damage to papillomas?

You can accidentally pick up a papilloma, but this is not an easy task. Usually, neoplasms are held tightly on the body, so you do not need to be afraid of their damage due to the slightest movement. The greatest probability of separation relates to tumors on the neck and deformed papillomas.Papilloma has become inflamed
The latter are themselves “unstable”, and the growths located on the neck are more susceptible to jewelry and clothing.

Also, very often those formations that are prone to growth and inflammatory processes come off.

The latter usually arise due to:

  • excessive nervous breakdown or persistent stressful situations;
  • taking hormonal drugs or antibiotics;
  • the presence of the patient's genetic and chronic ailments.

If the papilloma has come off on the skin, then at its base the damaged epidermis remains. This is quite enough to start the development of the inflammatory process. Through the resulting wound, an infection gets into the skin, due to which there is an increase in the affected area, itching and a burning sensation. Together with infection, pus and blood begin to form in the wound, creating an unpleasant odor.

If a person, without understanding the consequences, shaved off the papilloma or it was torn off by accident, then you need to quickly remove the inflamed outgrowth. This must be done without fail, because otherwise it is possible to develop skin cancer. In addition, as in the case of the usual removal of papillomas, one should take a course of taking antiviral and immunostimulating drugs.

What to do if papilloma has come off the skin?

If the question of whether papillomas can be torn off is very clear, then few are aware of the necessary measures for accidental damage to benign tumors on the skin. But the resulting wound does not care if it was made on purpose or through negligence.Tore off the papilloma

Therefore, if your papilloma has been stripped, you need to:

  1. Immediately treat the breakdown site with high-quality antiseptics.
  2. Close the damaged papilloma with an adhesive.
  3. Quickly visit a doctor who will see how you picked up the papilloma and say what needs to be done to prevent infection.

When the patient picked up the papilloma, the doctor without fail prescribes tests with which you can determine the nature of the tumor. Due to damage, it can be not only benign, but also malignant. It should be remembered that with partial damage, the decision to tear off the wart completely without the help of a specialist can turn into problems.

If the injured papilloma has not undergone significant changes, then it is not necessary to consult a doctor. However, you need to handle the site of damage in any case, so that the body can easily overcome the viral infection. And it is best to go to your doctor at first so that he can prescribe you the necessary medicines or procedures for removing papillomas.


Any virus is a serious blow to the body, and an injured papilloma as a result can be only an insignificant part of the general problem.


Cutting off the papilloma yourself, you are always very risky. Even if we are talking about folk methods that have been tested over the years, you should not resort to them in order to avoid the deterioration of your condition. Any, even the slightest injury to a papilloma cannot be ignored. The state of his health depends on the actions of the patient. HPV can easily spread to pristine skin, causing more and more papillomas and even leading to cancer.

If you tear off the papilloma, then the risk of subsequent infection becomes many times higher. And in this case, the body’s own defense will not cope with the virus, which it can overcome in almost 90% of situations. Always trust the doctor who will examine the torn papilloma and propose an action plan.

In this case, you always need to be completely frank. A person must honestly answer not only the question of whether he himself picked up the papilloma, but also to personal questions, if we are talking about neoplasms on the genitals. Without this, the treatment procedure may be inferior, which will lead to relapse.

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