What to do if the papilloma is blackened?

Papilloma is a benign formation resulting from the action of HPV (human papilloma virus). Often small tumors of flesh-colored or slightly darker have a soft structure. They are located on the skin or mucous membrane of a person. Under the influence of various factors, papillomas can increase in size or acquire a darker shade, up to black.

Such transformations can signal the development of serious pathologies in the body. Due to the prevalence of the disease, we will tell you what to do if the papilloma is blackened.

What can provoke changes

The blackening of the formation indicates the death of its tissues. Stimulate such processes can:

  • Damage to the growth (razor, comb, etc.);
  • Rubbing with narrow clothes;
  • Independent manipulations with papilloma, in order to remove it;
  • Exacerbation of an infectious disease;
  • Taking specific medications;
  • Hemangioma formation;
  • Changes in the hormonal and immune systems;
  • Malignancy (degeneration into a malignant tumor).

Papilloma blackening

If the growth mutation is associated with the development of cancer cells, then its blackening is accompanied by additional symptoms:

  • The presence of blood or fluid;
  • Increase in size;
  • The occurrence of burning, itching.

It is proved that papillomas left without treatment contribute to the development of cancer of the organs of the female and male reproductive system. According to statistics, about 17 women die in Russia every day due to cervical cancer.

Cases when the papilloma has turned black and sore for no apparent reason are considered extremely dangerous. Self-medication can only aggravate the situation. Urgently consult a specialist for recommendations.

Algorithm of necessary measures

If the papilloma has turned black or dropped due to mechanical damage, a number of first aid measures are required:

  • Treat the site of damage with any antiseptic drug to prevent the penetration of bacteria;
  • Isolate the wound from water;
  • Cover with a bandage (plaster);
  • Save the body of the papilloma before visiting a doctor. Probably, the doctor will prescribe a histological analysis.

The reason for going to a specialist is also the multiple growth of formations, as well as if the papilloma has increased or changed the structure. Depending on the location of the growths, a consultation of a doctor of a certain profile is required. For example, if you modify the formation in an open area of ​​the skin, you should contact a surgeon or dermatologist.

If the papilloma located in the crotch area has turned black, it is necessary to consult a gynecologist (for men – a urologist) or a proctologist. Modifications of growths of the oral mucosa should be controlled by an otolaryngologist or dentist.

Many dermatologists and oncologists talk about the need to immediately remove all emerging tumors, especially when the papilloma suddenly turns black. However, often patients are in no hurry to follow the recommendations.

There are frequent cases when education disappears on its own. In this case, the tip of the papilloma darkens first. If wound healing goes without complications, then the viral lesion is likely to have died and the formation will not occur again.Blackened papilloma

When the papilloma has turned black and withered, but does not fall off, additional diagnostics are required to find out the reasons for this growth behavior. Similar symptoms may indicate a conversion to a malignant tumor. Based on the results, the doctor will develop an individual therapy regimen.

Sometimes a black dot appears inside the papilloma. Blotches of dark color may gradually increase in number. Most often, formations of this kind are formed on the soles of the feet or on the palms of the hands. Points – internal hemorrhages, arise as a result of pressure on the growth. After determining the predisposition of the body to cancerous degeneration, the doctor prescribes medication. Surgery is rarely indicated.

What is the treatment

A significant role in the correctness of treatment is played by the accurate diagnosis. Today, there are many methods for determining the human papillomavirus. These include:

  • General clinical data;
  • Check by polymerase chain reaction, detecting the DNA of the virus. This analysis allows you to determine the type of formations, their quality and quantity;
  • Cytological diagnosis;
  • A biopsy followed by histology for a cancer mutation;
  • Ultrasound diagnosis and colposcopy;
  • Identification of oncogenicity of the body, concentration of neoplasm.

Black papilloma is removed after a thorough diagnosis. If the clinical picture is favorable, one of the methods is used to combat problem formations:

  • Radio Knife (Surgitron). During a non-contact procedure, skin cells are evaporated and the damaged area is disinfected. Healthy tissue is virtually unaffected;
  • Cryodestruction – freezing of papillomas with liquid nitrogen. Over time, the outgrowth dies. Healthy tissues are often damaged because it is difficult to control the depth of action of a substance;
  • Electrocoagulation Manipulation is carried out under local anesthesia using electric current;
  • Laser procedure – is considered the most painless and effective way. Traces after removal of the outgrowth are quickly healed without scars.

Papilloma removal

In addition to classical surgical intervention, the papilloma, which began to turn black, can fall off due to the effects of chemicals: acid or alkali. As a result of such procedures, scars remain, so it is better not to use them in open areas of the skin, for example, on the face.

You can get rid of blackened papilloma using folk methods. The principle of their action is based on the influence of plant juices on the formation, for example, celandine or agave. The growth is daily lubricated with a substance, at least 2 times a day. Oils and ointments from mountain ash, dandelion juice or garlic are also prepared for treatment.


The most effective is the use of celandine. Formations dry up under the influence of folk methods for a very long time. It takes up time and perseverance.

Recovery activities

If the papilloma has darkened, and measures have been taken to remove it, then the forecast for the development of the further picture has positive reviews, if all elements of the growth have been carefully excised.

It is necessary to take care of compliance with related activities:

  • Live a healthy life;
  • Establish proper nutrition;
  • Eradicate bad habits;
  • Avoid stressful situations;
  • Monitor your health.

Proper postoperative care is a guarantee of a speedy recovery and prevention of re-development of formations.

It is forbidden to tear off or injure the crust that appeared after the operation. The place of removal should also not be scratched, rubbed or glued. Otherwise, the risk of developing inflammation and scar increases. In case of accidental partial or complete rejection of the scab, it is necessary to treat the wound with an antiseptic drug.

To avoid the development of black age spots, at the site of removal of the papilloma with blackening, it is necessary to treat the area with hydrocortisone ointment, and also use a sunscreen to prevent sun exposure. The right treatment

If during the operation the individual components of the growth were accidentally implanted in adjacent areas of the body, then relapse may develop. To prevent the occurrence of repeated symptoms, it is advised to strengthen the immune system, protect yourself from exposure to sunlight, maintain a healthy regime of the day and exclude accidental sexual intercourse.


Any unprofessional actions on the papilloma can worsen the condition of a cosmetic flaw. An irritated outgrowth increases in size, begins to hurt. Such manipulations can provoke degeneration into cancer. For this reason, the use of chemical solutions is possible only after the necessary diagnostics.

If, under the influence of substances, the papilloma has already turned black, but has not fallen off by itself, it cannot be removed on its own. Bleeding may open, secondary infection may develop.

In addition, separation or slice of education at home entails the following consequences:

  • The development of inflammation;
  • The penetration of pathogens;
  • Suppuration, necrosis of surrounding tissues;
  • The occurrence of multiple lesions around the wound.

If there is a positive dynamics during self-treatment, the papilloma has turned black and fell off, measures should be taken, as with first aid.

Danger to others

The appearance of papilloma cannot be ignored, especially if it has changed its pigmentation. A doctor's intervention is required. Particularly noteworthy are cases when several types of virus are present in the body at once. An infected person is a threat to others. First of all, the closest.

For example, a mother with genital formations often infects a baby at birth. In addition, living together in a public place, especially notable for high humidity, exposes the environment to an increased HPV attack. Papillomavirus cannot be completely removed from the body. However, maintaining immunity in good condition will not allow the disease to manifest.

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