What to do if papilloma grows and grows?

The growth of papillomas on the body is a sign of a viral infection (HPV). Most neoplasms are benign, but there are also malignant growths that require immediate removal by professional methods.


Papillomas are especially dangerous for humans, as they can cause the development of cancerous skin cells. Therefore, it is very important when you find even the smallest growths immediately visit a doctor.Papilloma is growing

The main signs of HPV are:

  • the occurrence of single or group neoplasms on the body;
  • the appearance of warts on the mucous membranes;
  • pain and burning in the area of ​​papilloma;
  • discomfort during intercourse (if growths appeared in the genital area).

In addition to external skin defects, the patient has a lack of appetite, weight loss and headaches. If a woman is infected, then her menstrual cycle may be disturbed.

Where does papillomavirus come from?

HPV infection occurs in several ways:

  • in close contact with the carrier;
  • with unprotected intercourse with an infected person;
  • after using other people's hygiene items.

Also, the infection is transmitted in utero and during breastfeeding, after which papillomas also grow in the child.

The disease can develop both secretly (asymptomatically) and actively. In the first case, only laboratory diagnostics will help to identify the disease, and with an active form, the diagnosis is based on a visual examination of the patient.

Latent form

The latent form of papillomavirus proceeds without any external signs. A person can spread the infection, but not experience any symptoms. Detection of the virus in the body is possible only after a series of tests prescribed by the infectious disease doctor.

Mostly, a DNA test is used to detect HPV. With its help, you can detect the disease at any stage and establish its type.

Active form

The rapid proliferation of papillomas is called the active form of the disease. If warts appear on the skin, then an infectious disease specialist will make a diagnosis, then if growths are disturbing in the genital area, then you should visit a urologist for men and a gynecologist for women.

Causes of papilloma enlargement

Most people ignore the appearance of papillomas and do not attach importance to them. In particular, this happens when there is a growth in the area of ​​the body that is hidden by clothing. This is because a benign neoplasm may not cause discomfort for a long time.

However, it happens that the papilloma begins to increase dramatically in size and this process is often accompanied by pain. In this case, you should immediately visit a specialist, because such changes are a signal of the appearance of an acute inflammatory process.What to do if papilloma grows and grows?

The reason why papilloma began to grow may be:

  • growth damage;
  • decreased immune defense;
  • inflammation of the lymph nodes;
  • development of oncology.


When disturbing symptoms appear, you can not self-medicate. The use of conventional means to combat HPV will have a temporary effect, after which the papilloma will increase and become more inflamed.

What if papilloma grows?

With the rapid growth of papillomas, you must immediately visit a medical institution where the doctor will prescribe a list of necessary tests. After determining the reasons why the growth began to increase, a special course of treatment will be prescribed.What to do if papilloma grows and grows?

If the papilloma grows and becomes inflamed due to damage or a violation of the immune system, then the patient will be offered two methods for solving the problem:

  • growth removal;
  • stopping the growth of drugs.

Undoubtedly, the removal of the neoplasm is the best solution, but this method is contraindicated in a number of cases:

  • in the presence of diabetes;
  • with infectious diseases;
  • in acute inflammatory process in the body.

If the growth of the papilloma is due to the development of cancer, then surgery is the only way out.

Removal of an enlarged growth

You can permanently remove the inflamed papilloma using one of the existing methods:

  • laser therapy;
  • electrocoagulation;
  • cryodestruction;
  • radiocoagulation.

The choice of a particular method is based only on the patient’s desire and on the advice of a doctor.

If for any reason the patient does not want to use one of the proposed professional methods, then you can remove the enlarged papilloma with the help of traditional medicine or medicines, which are full on the pharmacy counters.

Before this, you should consult with a specialist who will tell you the safest tool in a particular case.

Why the growth has turned black

A change in the color of the papilloma indicates damage to its surface. A black crust on a wart is dead skin, which was formed due to the friction of the growth on clothing. Also, in some cases, darkening may appear after taking certain medications, which are often the cause of a violation of the microcirculation of the blood and the death of tissues.Black papilloma

If a crust is found on the papilloma, in no case should it be torn off. This will provoke the appearance of more severe damage, which can turn into cancer. In addition, after tearing off the growth, other neoplasms can grow, which eventually spread throughout the body.

You can remove neoplasms with dead skin with the help of several drugs:

  • Fresol;
  • Dermavit;
  • Verrucacid.

The listed medicines will not only stop the process of necrosis of the wart, but also remove it completely. They are applied to the papilloma several times a day until the growth completely disappears.

If the neoplasm has fallen off by itself, then the affected area should be treated with alcohol and sealed with a band-aid. If a prolonged inflammatory process appears, it is necessary to stop self-medication and see a doctor. The wound at the site of the papilloma is an ideal environment for the life of various bacteria, which over time can cause suppuration of the damaged area.

HPV Prevention

Small or enlarged papillomas not only cause inconvenience, but also spoil the appearance, because they very often appear in open areas of the body: face, neck, chest, hands. Therefore, it is very important to avoid infection with papillomavirus in every way and take the recommended precautions.

To do this, there is a list of preventive measures that will significantly reduce the likelihood of infection.

  1. It is necessary to take care of the state of the immune system. This will help a variety of vitamin complexes and the use of vegetables and fruits.
  2. With regular sexual intercourse with frequent changes of partners, it is important not to forget about contraception methods.
  3. Chronic diseases also increase the risk of HPV infection. Therefore, in the presence of such diseases, attention should be paid to their treatment.
  4. After visiting public places, wash your hands.

It is also worth knowing that psychological factors, such as stress, overwork or scandals in the family, can provoke the development of papillomavirus. In this case, it is recommended to relax and devote more time to rest.

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