What is papilloma in women and why is it dangerous

The human body is exposed to a large number of viral infections, and the human papillomavirus is one of the most common among all the others. It is especially dangerous for women, since it has a number of negative effects on their body.

There are many ways of infection, the reasons for the development and progression of this disease, and often it all grows into cancer, so contacting a specialist is the very first thing to do when revealing papillomas on the body.

Causes and sources of HPV

Few people ask what papilloma is, because it is a viral infection that is in the blood, but not everyone knows how it can be infected. As such, the papillomavirus has a place to be in a weakened body, which does not have the ability to fight the infection that got into it on its own. If a woman actively smokes, periodically changes her sexual partners, and for some reason her immunity is weak, there is a considerable chance of developing papillomavirus infection in the body.Papillomas on the neck

But do not confuse this diagnosis with micropapillomatosis in women, since a certain visual similarity is deceptive – these are different diseases and treatment in the latter is a little easier. At the moment, there are several main sources and reasons that can cause infection:

  • Domestic infection: the use of shared towels, toilets, visits to saunas and more;
  • Unprotected sex with a partner (any type of sex) who is a carrier of the virus;
  • The active use of medical contraceptives that affect the hormonal background;
  • Neglected sexually transmitted infections that are not treatable for a long time;
  • Transmission of the virus during childbirth;
  • Doctors use infected instruments during operations;
  • Blood transfusion.

It is these reasons that become the reason for infection. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that papillomas in women do not appear immediately after infection, and most importantly, their varieties do not always force the patient to consult specialists, because of their harmless appearance.

Incubation period

After a woman enters the body, regardless of the cause, the human papillomavirus can manifest itself only after two to three months. This is not an indicator that the infection has already managed to provide a growth of a malignant type in the body, however, it is not worth delaying a visit to a doctor. In individual cases, if the woman’s body is very weak, the first manifestations may appear even after 2 weeks, immediately after infection. In general, the infection spreads through the body and manifests itself as quickly as the protective mechanisms of the body allow.

Manifestation of papillomas on the body

Modern medicine recognizes several types of manifestations of papillomas that occur in various parts of the body, while having several forms. At the moment, papillomas are distributed on:

  • Genital warts. They are characterized by a bright color (like cauliflower), sizes from 1 mm to 1 cm, larger specimens are rarely found. Most often, such warts appear alone, and only in those places that are most susceptible to damage during intercourse. When they appear, a woman experiences a lot of inconvenience, including the inability to have sex, due to pain, as well as great difficulties during childbirth. This type of papilloma is quite difficult to cure;
  • Flat condylomas. They form on the cervix, and often parallel to the warts on the labia;
  • Common papillomas. Such formations almost always have a color that differs little from the skin. They can appear anywhere, including the neck, spine, face and other parts of the body;
  • Inverted warts. They have a flat shape, often grow into tissue.Appeal to specialists

In addition to the visual manifestation, the symptoms can also be in the format of muscle pain, sometimes chills and even fever. Basically, when they learn why papilloma is dangerous, many people come across information about the possibility of developing cancer, but this happens quite rarely, in 5% of cases, and for a long time – about 5 years. Nevertheless, neoplasms on the cervix often lead to cancer, therefore it is necessary to consult a doctor at the first symptoms and manifestations of the disease.

Diagnosis of the disease

In a considerable number of cases, the manifestation of papillomavirus does not have any special visible signs. Only a random examination can show the presence of a virus in the body, but if there is still a suspicion of this disease, and it is still far from a planned examination, it is better to consider such treating doctors as a gynecologist, venereologist or dermatologist. The diagnosis itself will consist of several stages, starting from a thorough examination of the mucous membranes, continuing to study the medical history and collect analyzes. It is mandatory to take a scraping from the mucous membranes of the cervix and a biopsy sample.

In addition, experts recommend taking a DNA test to most accurately identify the type of virus, which will definitely increase the effectiveness of the treatment. The bottom line is that there is no effective recipe for defeating the disease, because doctors select a course of therapy for each patient individually, because there are really many types of virus and each of them has its own characteristics, so you should not consider independent treatment.

Modern treatments

Despite the fact that in women the treatment of papilloma for the most part depends on its type and location, today several options are used to solve this problem.Diagnosis of the disease

When revealing the question of how to treat papillomavirus, the following methods can be considered:

  • Surgical treatment. The effectiveness and necessity of such a procedure is determined only by the doctor. If it comes to growths on the cervix, they are removed without fail. The operation is performed under local anesthesia;
  • Radiosurgical method. A modern radio wave scalpel allows you to remove papillomas without problems;
  • Surgery with liquid nitrogen. This method makes it possible to carry out treatment in women, affecting the neoplasm with low temperatures and destroying it;
  • Electrocoagulation This option to remove papillomas allows you to destroy their structure through exposure to current. I will introduce the pain of the procedure, it is performed using anesthesia;
  • Laser treatment. This method allows you to bake (dry) the papilloma, leaving only a crust on the skin. Often, after this procedure, scars remain;
  • Treatment with chemical solutions applied to the papilloma;
  • Used drugs to enhance immunity. In this case, antiviral agents, immunomodulators and other substances are actively used, but they only minimize the effect of the virus on the body, but are not an effective method for its destruction.

From this we can conclude that human papilloma in women is a treatable disease. This is a complex, sufficiently capacious and lengthy process, however, even the advanced stages of such viruses lend themselves to modern medicine, and the infection can be neutralized.

Preventive actions

The first prevention recommendations for women are extremely simple. It is worth paying more attention to your immunity, and also do not strive to have more sexual partners. But from more effective methods, we can distinguish:

  • Rejection of bad habits;
  • Use by healthy women of a vaccine called Cervarix and Gardasil, but only with the advice of a doctor;
  • Periodic visit to the gynecologist;
  • The use of contraceptives.

These elementary measures will make it possible to rid oneself of the painful consequences that the infection of the human papilloma virus entails. For women, it is very important, upon seeing the first symptoms, to make an examination as quickly as possible, without delaying this.

Alternative methods of treatment

As always, without traditional medicine can not do anywhere. Indeed, the treatment of papillomas with folk remedies occurs in the first place, even before a woman visits a doctor, which is not very correct. Of the proposed methods, the following options can be used:

  • Use of laundry soap. When applying a thick layer of soap to the papilloma, within a few days, it can be dried, which will ultimately lead to the elimination of the neoplasm;
  • The use of celandine juice. Many have been using this method since childhood, because the juice of this plant copes with papillomas quite effectively;
  • A mixture of St. John's wort, dill seeds, wormwood, tricolor violet, plantain, as well as clover and calamus root, boiled with boiling water, with three meals a day, in the amount of 40 ml, will help raise immunity.Alternative methods for treating HPV

Be that as it may, folk methods will not be able to eradicate the essence of the problem, since this virus is in the blood, and manifestations on the skin are only the consequences of its work inside the body. That is why it is worth turning to traditional medicine, rather than striving to rectify the situation at home.

The correct solution to the problem

Observing elementary rules, any woman can bypass this difficult disease. But if it still happened that the first signs of this virus were noticed, or rather its manifestations, you should not panic, you just need to contact an experienced doctor who will prescribe individual treatment and the female body will be able to cope with the problem.

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