what is it and what does it look like?

The plantar wart is popularly called the "chicken ass" and is a benign neoplasm, which in its appearance is similar to obsolete corns. Basically, such growths appear on the feet in the area of ​​the heels or fingers. They do not pose a serious threat to human health, but at the same time cause a lot of inconvenience, as they cause pain when walking or performing household tasks.

Where does the chicken ass come from and what does it look like?

Papillomavirus becomes the cause of chicken fray. The disease is transmitted primarily by inheritance from mother to child, as well as by contact-household means:

  • through physical contact with an infected person;
  • when wearing someone else’s shoes or clothes;
  • through personal hygiene items.

A lot of warts on the heel

In addition, you can catch the infection when visiting public places (bath, sauna, gym) and from pets, which are the main carriers of human papillomavirus (HPV).

Often, the first signs of papillomavirus infection appear 1-2 months after it enters the body, but it happens that the symptoms may be absent for years, and it is possible to recognize the disease only with the help of laboratory diagnostics.

The causes of the activation of the disease are:

  • seasonal or postoperative decrease in immunity;
  • pregnancy;
  • damage to the feet or hands;
  • lack of vitamins in the diet;
  • long-term medication;
  • excessive dryness of the skin.

After the papillomavirus has entered the active phase, small spots begin to appear on the patient’s foot, which increase over time, turning into dense tubercles. The outwardly formed chicken jelly looks like a shriveled, old callus, covered with keratinized dermis.

In order to distinguish this type of wart from other varieties of growths, the doctor prescribes a differential diagnosis, before which the upper layer of the neoplasm is necessarily cut off. This will make it possible to take samples of skin cells from the inside and establish what nevertheless formed on the foot – corn, chicken ass or something else.

During a visual examination of the wart, you can see that there are black dots inside it, which are thrombosed capillaries. It will also have a clearly defined oval shape and when pressed on it, the patient always feels pain.

The chicken ass causes great discomfort in the process of wearing shoes, and it becomes the main reason why a person has to abandon an active lifestyle. In addition, there is a small probability that, if the growth is damaged, it can degenerate into oncology. Therefore, it is very important to consult a doctor who will tell you how to quickly get rid of this problem.

HPV complex therapy

Like any other type of papillomavirus, chicken ass requires complex treatment, which implies the use of:

  • topical preparations;
  • antiviral tablets;
  • vitamins;
  • cosmetic surgery (in the presence of obsolete neoplasms).


The doctor should prescribe a course of therapy only after receiving the results of laboratory diagnostics. Otherwise, the treatment will not bring the expected results and may even harm health.

Vitamin intake

At the initial stage of treatment, the patient is prescribed a course of taking antiviral tablets, as well as immunomodulating drugs designed to strengthen the body and its support in the fight against papillomavirus infection. Such medications include:

  • Viferon;
  • Isoprinosine;
  • Immunomax.

At the same time, the patient should add a large amount of fresh vegetables and fruits to his diet.

Along with the destruction of the virus from the inside, one should fight with the symptoms of the disease. To do this, it is necessary to treat the localization site of chicken jelly with local action:

  • Superchistel;
  • Fresol;
  • Verrucacid.

The listed solutions penetrate deep into the wart growth and destroy its structure. Their use is a mandatory measure, since they prevent the spread of the virus to healthy areas of the epidermis and, with a shallow root of the tumor, can completely remove it.

If, after completing the course of complex therapy, chicken srachka did not fall off on its own, then you can remove it with one of the existing cosmetic operations:

  • cryodestruction;
  • laser surgery;
  • electrocoagulation;
  • radio wave destruction.

The effectiveness of a particular method depends on the size of the wart and the depth of germination of its shaft, which cannot be determined using human vision. Only a dermatologist can advise the most effective procedure in a particular case.

Removal of chicken ass by folk methods

The process of removing the plantar growth at home is complicated by the fact that it is covered with a large layer of keratinized skin, which is formed due to the constant mechanical effect on the wart. Therefore, not every medicine prepared on its own is able to penetrate deep into the neoplasm and destroy it along with the root.

However, there are several "grandmother" recipes that allow you to painlessly get rid of not too neglected growths without harming your health and using expensive cosmetic procedures.

Onions and Acetic Acid

The most famous way to remove chicken buttocks on a leg or arm was to attach half an onion soaked in 40% acetic acid. To do this, you need to take:

  • a glass of vinegar (any);
  • one small onion;
  • bandage, adhesive tape;
  • baby cream or petroleum jelly.

Half of the onion is soaked in vinegar essence for two hours, after which it is applied to the location of the growth and fixed with a bandage and adhesive plaster. Before treatment, precautions must be taken, since acid can cause irritation to healthy areas of the body and cause chemical burns. Therefore, before applying the onion, it is necessary to grease the skin around the wart with a baby cream or petroleum jelly.

This method of removing chicken ass is quite effective for small and medium neoplasms, but it is not suitable for treating patients with delicate skin, pregnant women and legs in a child under 5 years old.Wart Remover Compress

Celandine against plantar growths

The use of celandine was another effective method of controlling growths at an early and middle stage of development.

To remove chicken ass, you need to process it with fresh juice of this plant, which appears on the scrap of its stalk. The duration of treatment with celandine is from 7 to 15 days, depending on the size of the tumor and the depth of the root.


Celandine juice is very toxic, so it can not be used to remove warts in young children and women during gestation. Also, the plant is a strong allergen and before using it you need to make sure that there are no allergic reactions.

Esoteric and papillomavirus

Esoteric is the name of one of the many ways of knowing your essence and the secrets of the world. Our ancestors perfectly owned it, which allowed them to find a lot of effective methods of treating various sores, including papillomavirus.

Those who managed to delve deeply into the meaning of esoteric science left their descendants a large number of effective conspiracies against any kind of warts.

One of the most famous options for getting rid of plantar growths was rubbing the neoplasm on the foot or arm with a small piece of simple laundry soap. In this case, it is necessary to pronounce a conspiracy:

“The pit is deep, the pit is bottomless, the shameful pit, you take it from every asshole, take with you and the chicken ass from me, the servant of the Lord (name). Let it be so!".Preparing the foot for applying laundry soap

The soap used to rub the wart should be flushed into the toilet. Also in some versions of this conspiracy it is recommended to spit three times, but many sorcerers say that this is not necessary.

Doctors do not accept this method of treating the symptoms of papillomavirus. They categorically ask their patients not to engage in such rituals. But, despite this, many patients successfully speak up their warts and the effectiveness of this method on the face. Most likely, in this case, self-hypnosis plays a major role. Therefore, it is very important to believe in a positive result and the disease will recede.

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