Warts on the eyes and eyelids. Talk about the treatment

Neoplasms localized in the eye area are not only a cosmetic defect. They can be injured even when washing and wiping their faces with a towel. Applying cosmetics quite often in the presence of these growths causes a certain discomfort.

Due to this, warts require immediate removal. But with lesions of skin areas adjacent to the eyes, the process of removing neoplasms should be approached as responsibly as possible, since there is a risk of damage to the organs of vision.

How to remove a wart on the upper eyelid

Specialists strongly recommend removing warts on the eyelids and even on their edges. This is due to the fact that it is in these areas that there is a risk of degeneration of neoplasms into cancerous tumors.Large warts on the eyelid

There are several safe methods for removing growths that modern medicine offers. The rehabilitation period is as short as possible, and relapses are extremely rare.

The most effective among them are the following:

  • Laser therapy. The procedure is almost painless and completely bloodless. Healing takes place as quickly as possible, no trace remains on the site of the growth. The growth is burned in layers by a laser. Patient reviews about this procedure in most cases are positive;
  • Radio wave method – excision is carried out using a radio wave knife. It is considered the most painless. Scarring of the tissue is completely excluded;
  • Electrocoagulation – neoplasms are removed under the influence of a high-frequency current. Due to this, the tissues are destroyed from the inside. The procedure is absolutely safe and fast. Scarring tissue is extremely rare;
  • Cryodestruction – warts are removed by freezing them under the influence of liquid nitrogen. The procedure is quite simple and painless. It does not even require local anesthesia.

Treatment of warts in the eyes should be comprehensive. It is not enough just to remove the growth itself, it is necessary to overcome the virus that has settled in the body, as well as strengthen the immune system. The set of necessary drugs can be prescribed only by a doctor. Moreover, he focuses on the clinical picture as a whole. Self-medication in this case is unacceptable.

How to remove a wart above the eye with pharmaceuticals

The safest and cheapest pharmacy that can help remove tumors in the eye area is tea tree oil. Among its main properties, antimicrobial, antifungal and antiviral are noted. The ether acts quite softly without damaging the skin. It will not only remove the wart, but also prevent relapse. Apply it to a growth localized near the eye several times a day. At night, compresses are made, fixing them with a band-aid.

The following pharmacy preparations are also no less safe and effective in the fight against warts:

  • Castor oil. It is applied to the growth every evening before going to bed. Therapy is continued until the neoplasm has completely disappeared;
  • Panavir Gel. The drug does not cause allergic reactions and irritation, inhibits the virus itself and acts on the wart. Apply it three times during the day. Therapy lasts about a week and a half;
  • Viferon ointment. It has an antiviral effect, in its composition natural components. The affected area is lubricated up to five times a day. The course of treatment should not exceed a month;
  • Imiquimod Cream. The composition of the drug is gentle, not able to cause discomfort in the eye area. The drug is applied every other day and only before going to bed. The duration of therapy depends on the resistance of the warts themselves.

With a question about how to remove a wart under the eye, it is best to consult a specialist. It is possible that the use of topical drugs will not be enough. In this case, he can prescribe medication in the form of tablets.

They act on the growths from the inside and at the same time do not cause absolutely any inconvenience for centuries:

  • Isoprinosine. The dosage of the drug is prescribed exclusively by the attending physician individually. The maximum course of treatment is 14 days. You can re-pass the cous only after a two-week break;


  • Arbidol. The drug is taken 4 tablets per day. The course of treatment is only a week;
  • Immunal. Effective means to strengthen the immune system. Take it only as directed by your doctor.


Removal of such a neoplasm as a wart must be carried out under the supervision of a specialist. Any attempts to get rid of it yourself can lead to a lot of undesirable consequences.

Treatment of warts on the eyelid with folk remedies

There are a number of methods of traditional medicine, with the help of which it is also possible to remove the wart on the lower eyelid of the eye or near it. Despite the fact that they are considered relatively safe, they still need to be treated with the utmost care. Under no circumstances should one try to tear out a growth; this manipulation is extremely dangerous. An infection can get into the resulting wound, resulting in blood poisoning. In addition, pulling a wart does not lead to its removal. She is only injured, and this process contributes to the further spread of growths.

Those who nevertheless decided to engage in self-cultivation of growths, it is necessary to observe a number of rules:

  • Procedures are carried out regularly until there is a cure;
  • Before applying any substance, hands should be washed well and treated with a disinfectant;
  • Avoid contact with eyes. There is a risk of vision loss.

Warts around the eyes can be removed with enough gentle means. For example, tea tree oil or aloe. In this case, one should not count on a quick result. The therapy will be long, but it should not be interrupted.

To remove growths, aloe juice or Kalanchoe is often used. They have antibacterial and antiviral effects, due to which they are effective in the fight against neoplasms.Growth on the century

The treatment regimen with these agents is as follows:

  1. Both juices are mixed together in the same ratio;
  2. A cotton swab is moistened in the resulting mixture;
  3. The agent is applied to the growth;
  4. The wart under the eye is treated at least twice a day;
  5. Therapy lasts until the tumor completely disappears.

There are a number of other folk methods, thanks to which the wart on the eye can soon disappear:

  • The meaty part of aloe leaves. They are applied to the growth and fixed with a band-aid, can withstand the whole night. In the morning, the skin is treated with a soda solution;
  • Potatoes. It is necessary to cut a small piece from the tuber and attach it to the neoplasm before going to bed, fix it with a band-aid. After waking up, remove the potatoes;
  • Ice. Small ice cubes should be applied to the affected area several times during the day, withstand about two minutes;
  • Apple juice. Due to the content of acid in it, the growth gradually corrodes. In this way, even a wart on the eyelid can be removed, but the procedure should be taken as seriously as possible. The ingress of juice on the mucous membrane can cause undesirable consequences;
  • Celandine juice. When using this tool, it is also important to avoid getting it on the mucous membranes of the organs of vision and healthy areas of the skin. Treat warts twice a day and continue therapy until completely cured;

Celandine juice in a jar

  • Garlic. It is cut and the place of the cut is applied to the growth just for a few seconds.

The safest among folk methods is considered a herbal decoction, which is taken internally. He will do his job, but at the same time it will not harm healthy areas of the skin or mucous membranes.

You can prepare it from the following components:

  • Marshmallow;
  • Anise roots
  • Licorice roots;
  • Elecampane;
  • Lavzeya.

All these herbs are crushed and thoroughly mixed, after which they are poured with boiling water and insisted for about an hour. The resulting broth is filtered and taken orally up to four times during the day.

Removal of the wart growth is also possible with the help of freshly squeezed potato juice, which must be taken orally before each meal. The therapy is quite long, about a month and a half.


A wart on the lower eyelid and nearby tissues cannot be removed with alcohol. If it enters healthy areas of the skin, severe burns often appear.

There are a lot of methods for removing warts. But it is impossible to choose the most effective and safe, especially in those cases when they are localized in the eye area. A highly qualified specialist should tell you what to do, what drugs to take and what methods to get rid of growths. Only in this case, the therapy will be successful and safe, and the risk of relapse will be minimized.

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