Warts on the back. Reasons for the appearance and treatment

A wart is an epithelial growth of a viral origin. The localization of such neoplasms can be very diverse – in the groin, on the neck, feet, hands, face, armpits. The most uncomfortable is the location of growths on the back (it is impossible to get rid of them yourself).

Usually, a wart on the back does not cause any discomfort, the problem is more likely cosmetic, but in some cases treatment is vital – under the influence of adverse factors, the growths are prone to malignancy. Therefore, a simple layman needs to know where these growths come from, how to recognize them and what fighting methods to use.

Reasons for education

The only reason viral warts appear on the body is HPV – the human papillomavirus. The infection is transmitted through contact-domestic, sexual contact, as well as at the time of birth from mother to child.Neoplasm on the back

After infection, the infection does not immediately appear, the virus can “sleep” in the human body for a long time. To activate it, a sharp decrease in immunity is necessary, then HPV is introduced into the epithelial tissues, is embedded in the DNA of cells and provokes their uncontrolled division, so a wart appears.

Factors that provoke the activation of the virus can serve:

  • Hormonal disorders;
  • Endocrine system disorders;
  • Exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • Skin pathologies of an inflammatory nature;
  • Constant stress, fatigue, lack of sleep.

Any imbalance in the immune system can activate HPV and provoke the appearance of skin growths.

For information – carriers of papillomavirus with strong immunity may never face the problem of skin neoplasms – just their immune system can independently suppress the virus.


It is impossible to completely get rid of HPV, this is a chronic ailment, but here it is possible for every person to return it to a latent (dormant) state. Timely elimination of skin growths, taking antiviral, immunostimulating drugs and maintaining immunity in the future will allow you to live a full life.

And in order to start treatment on time, it is necessary to correctly recognize the symptoms of the disease and know how the growth may look.


The appearance of the neoplasms depends on the type of HPV that provoked their appearance, therefore, there cannot be one definite picture.

However, all warts localized on the skin have common features:

  • The size of one element rarely exceeds 2 cm;
  • There is a tendency to multiple seeding – often merge into groups, forming a warty area;
  • Semicircular formations usually appear on the back in the lumbar region, but cone-shaped growths are closer to the armpits;
  • To the touch, the neoplasms are quite dense, with a rough surface;
  • Their color can vary from flesh to dark brown.

What warts look like depends on their type, usually the following types of seborrheic growths appear on the back:

  • Acanthonic type – it is also called the dermal horn, it is prone to malignancy;
  • Adenomatous – these warts most often merge into groups;
  • Keratonic – growths can reach 2-4 cm in diameter, prone to multiple seeding under the influence of ultraviolet radiation;
  • Mixed type.


The appearance of characteristic growths should be an occasion to consult a doctor. Timely diagnosis and adequate therapy will help avoid possible malignancy – transformation into cancer.


Modern methods of removal allow you to get rid of the neoplasm without a trace in just 1 session, these are such techniques as:

  • Laser destruction – the laser beam evaporates layer by layer, without affecting the surrounding tissue. The process is painless, the doctor regulates the depth of penetration of the beam independently. The procedure is bloodless, at the place of scar removal does not remain;
  • Radio wave excision – there is a non-contact effect of high temperatures. The wart dies almost instantly, and in its place there remains a small burn, which eventually becomes crusty. Infection and blood loss are excluded, complete healing 10-14 days;
  • Electrocoagulation – the growth is cauterized by high-frequency current. Anesthesia is required before the procedure. They do not recommend a method for removing large growths on the face and neck – tissue scarring is possible. The risk of relapse is minimal;
  • Cryodestruction – carry out the treatment with liquid nitrogen (freeze the tumor). Not suitable for removing large warts with root. During the procedure, there is a slight tingling sensation, burning. Relapses are possible. The recovery period is about 2 weeks.

Removal of growth on the back

In addition to hardware procedures, surgical excision of neoplasms (with a scalpel) is performed. The method is used in case of malignant growths or to remove large warty areas.

It is not recommended to independently remove warts on the back – there is a high risk of injuring healthy tissues.

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