Wart (corn) chicken ass. How to treat her?

Sometimes, unusual neoplasms appear on the soles of the feet, looking similar to corns, but delivering significant discomfort and pain. Due to their appearance, they received the popular name "chicken ass", or "chicken corn." These are fairly common benign warts of viral origin. For their occurrence in response, the human papillomavirus, which is transmitted by contact or domestic means.

The causes and symptoms of "chicken ass"

In addition to HPV infection, other factors are necessary for the development on the heel or sole of the neoplasm:

  • Weakening of the body's defenses in connection with the disease, hormonal changes, pregnancy, taking medications that depress the immune system;
  • Wearing tight shoes, as well as shoes made of materials that promote sweating;
  • The constant presence of feet in wet conditions;
  • The presence of damage to the skin of the feet;
  • Disturbance of peripheral circulation.

Chicken ass on the feet

A large percentage of people are carriers of some kind of HPV, but not everyone has tumors. The likelihood of their occurrence increases with age.

Most often, chicken callus is localized on the heels, but can also occur on the palms (on their inner surface, between the fingers). The growth itself looks like a rounded dense formation with a diameter of up to 2 cm clearly defined on the skin surface. It slightly rises above the surrounding healthy epithelium.

At the beginning of its development, the surface is smooth, and over time it becomes more rough, painted in a yellowish color with a depression in the center. Inside, brownish dots, which are clogged capillaries, are visible. If the wart occurs on the sole, severe pressure can occur with pressure on it. In some cases, it becomes difficult for people to move around.

Typically, single formations arise. In rare cases, they pass on their own. If new growths grow near the maternal wart, this indicates the activation of the virus. In such a situation, it is necessary to immediately take up treatment.

Chicken Ass Treatment

To distinguish a benign neoplasm from an ordinary callus, dermatoscopy may be required. Also, to confirm the viral origin, an analysis is made for the human papillomavirus.

To diagnose the disease, it is recommended to consult a doctor. Even if in the end the patient chooses treatment at home, it is worth making sure that the growth is not malignant, and independent treatment will not aggravate the problem.

You can get rid of chicken warts in a variety of ways: from high-tech medical services and drugs from the pharmacy to conspiracies and homemade products.Corn on the heel


The more the growth grows, the deeper its roots are immersed in the tissue, and the more difficult it is to completely completely remove it. If even a small part of the root remains, after a while you can expect the appearance of a new chicken wart. That is why it is better to immediately choose the most effective way to remove it.

Medical treatments

It is possible to cure a limb with a "chicken jelly" by resorting to the following measures:

  • Removal of a wart using ointments, creams, balms or surgical removal;
  • Immunity enhancement and virus suppression.

The most effective methods for quickly getting rid of chicken ass are the following:

  • Laser coagulation. Using a laser beam, the infected wart cells are evaporated in layers. The procedure is painless, quick. Immediately after surgery, the patient can move freely, and the place of growth does not require special care. A small crust appears on it, which itself will disappear as the skin is renewed;

Laser growth removal

  • Exposure to liquid nitrogen – Another method to quickly remove the neoplasm. In seconds, a special applicator immersed in liquid nitrogen freezes infected tissues. They whiten, form a crust under which the skin heals. Warts with deep roots in the tissue may require an additional freezing session;
  • Radio wave method. Benign neoplasms can be removed using the "radio knife" from any part of the human body. A special device that converts electricity into radio waves is able to cut warts in 10-30 minutes. The operation is not accompanied by bleeding, after it there are no scars. Healing is quick. For people with pacemakers, diabetes mellitus, epilepsy, cancer, during an exacerbation of the disease, as well as for pregnant women, radio wave treatment is contraindicated;
  • Electrocoagulation. Shallow neoplasms can be removed using a high-frequency current. Infected cells die, a scab forms at the site of the wart, which disappears after about seven days. The method is used to eliminate growths both on the skin and on the mucous membranes;
  • Surgical removal. If the "chicken ass" has grown greatly, and it is impossible to remove it in a more gentle way, the surgeon's scalpel comes to the rescue. A full-fledged operation is performed with antiseptic surface treatment, local anesthesia, suturing. The method has several disadvantages: a longer recovery period and the formation of a postoperative scar.


The wart "chicken ass" does not pose a threat to human life, however, there are varieties of HPV that can lead to cancer. To determine the type of papillomavirus, a laboratory study is required.

Home Treatments

Conservative treatment of a wart can be effective at the initial stage of its development. It is produced with the help of such pharmaceutical preparations:

  • Solcoderm – An acid-based drug that provides necrosis of growth tissue. Before applying, it is necessary to wipe the skin around the wart and its skin with an antiseptic. Carefully cut off the keratinized upper layer and, using the applicator, apply a small amount of the drug in the middle, so as not to cause a burn of surrounding tissue. If necessary, repeat the procedure after a few days.
  • Verrucacid (its analogue Ferezol is discontinued) is a very effective solution containing metacresol. Apply precisely to the growth, after protecting the surrounding epithelium. One to four treatments are enough to completely get rid of the infection;
  • Superchistotel, "Celandine" – balms containing an alkaline solution that kills cells, including those infected with the virus. If it gets on the skin, it causes a burn, therefore it requires special care during application. Application scheme: steam the skin, wipe it dry, carefully cut off the upper keratinized layer of the wart. Lubricate healthy skin with a thick layer of oily cream to protect against burns. With the applicator, apply a few drops of the product to the center of the growth, wait a few minutes. Seal with a band-aid. Repeat if necessary. Inaccurate use may cause a burning sensation;
  • Dimexide – anti-inflammatory agent based on dimethyl sulfoxide, has antimicrobial and analgesic effects. In itself, it does not help against a warty virus. Diluted causes skin burns, including growth cells. Since the drug penetrates well into tissues and is toxic to the liver, it is not recommended for use in the treatment of children and pregnant women;
  • Fucorcin – An antibacterial drug containing boric acid, phenol, resorcinol, as well as ethyl alcohol and acetone. Active components ensure the death of microorganisms and stop infectious processes. To get rid of the "chicken ass", the solution is applied to its center several times a day, glued on top with adhesive plaster. Inaccurate application of drops can cause severe pain and burning. If there is an open wound in the wart, it is better to refrain from using fucorcin;

Fucorcin solution

  • Collomac – a preparation in the form of an ointment and a solution containing salicylic acid. Applied to the growth of infectious origin, sealed with adhesive tape. Repeat 2 to 3 times a day, gradually removing dead tissue, for 10 days. Collomac is not suitable for the treatment of warts in the genital area, face, scalp;
  • Patches "Mediplast", "Salipod" with the content of salicylic acid are much less effective in comparison with solutions, but they are quite capable of eliminating small neoplasms. Salicylic acid in their composition softens the tissues, and sulfur destroys bacteria, i.e. in relation to the papilloma virus, it is ineffective. After softening the keratinized upper layer of the growth with the help of a patch, it is necessary to carefully cut it off. Then stick a new patch on the cut for a day. Repeat the previous step. If the growth is deep, it is recommended to act on its roots with a stronger remedy (for example, Verrukatsid or Superchistotel).

Traditional treatment

The young “chicken” wart, which has not yet had time to cause significant discomfort to the owner, can be treated with folk remedies:

  1. Garlic. Bulbs of the plant are ground and mixed in equal volumes with melted pork fat. Then the mixture is diluted with 6% vinegar in the ratio: 1 part of the mixture to 2 parts of vinegar. The resulting product is applied to the growth in the evening before bedtime and sealed with adhesive tape. Repeat daily until the neoplasm is completely dead;
  2. Celandine. With fresh juice, herbs treat the affected area of ​​the skin, trying not to touch the healthy epithelium, so as not to cause irritation on it. To reduce the infectious neoplasm, it will be necessary to repeat the treatments daily 2 to 3 times for 1 to 2 weeks;
  3. Onion Appliques. To remove the chicken ass, half the onions are placed in a container of vinegar for 8 to 10 hours, then applied to the wart and securely fixed with a bandage. After a few hours, repeat the operation with the other half of the bulb. Continue treatment until the growth has fallen off;

Chicken Wart Prevention

In order to protect yourself from the appearance of a "chicken" wart, you must:

  • Observe the rules of hygiene;
  • Treat wounds with antiseptic drugs;
  • Never shoe other people's shoes;
  • In pools, water parks, saunas do not walk barefoot, sitting down, lay your towel;
  • Eliminate sweating feet;
  • When the foot is deformed, use special inserts;
  • Maintain general health at a high level through a varied diet, physically active lifestyle, and hardening.

Compliance with these rules will not eliminate the virus, but will help to keep it under control. If the wart appeared, it is better to get rid of it at an early stage.

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