Treatment of warts between the toes

The modern world, urbanization, stress … How difficult it is in such conditions to maintain skin health, to protect it from the appearance of unwanted growths. An unbearable burden falls on the legs, they are responsible for our body. However, many neglect foot hygiene, denying their legs the necessary care.

Therefore, cases of the appearance of a wart between the toes have become so frequent lately. What is this neoplasm and how to get rid of it? This question is of interest to every patient who is faced with the problem of wart growths on the limbs.

Toe wart: concept and causes

A wart is the formation of a benign nature of viral etymology. The cause of the rash is infection with papillomavirus. Integrating into the DNA of epithelial cells, the virus provokes their rapid growth, resulting in a growth such as a wart.Wart between toes

In appearance, the wart resembles a dense cone with a hard rough surface. Dark spots are visible under the upper scaly layer. These are thrombosed capillaries. The shape of the growths on the toes is spherical. The color is brown, dirty yellow. Often, growths between the toes are formed due to increased sweating. May be accompanied by pain. This is due to compression of the nerve endings.

Types of Warts on Toes

The growths on the foot are classified into:

  • Vulgar or simple outgrowths. Rarely cause discomfort, can reach a diameter of up to one centimeter;
  • Flat or youthful. Smooth rounded growths, matching the skin tone, slightly raised above the skin;
  • Plantar They are deployed at the base of the toe, expanding, causing pain when walking;
  • Subcutaneous neoplasms caused by deformation of the nail or squeezing of the toes with tight uncomfortable shoes. Localized on the cuticle or under the nail plate.

The most unaesthetic defect is a growth on the big toe. This is due to the fact that it is noticeable more than neoplasms on other fingers.

Growth treatment

A spontaneous cure for growths between the fingers is a very rare case. In addition, painful sensations and moral discomfort do not allow to postpone the problem "in the long box". It is better to consult a professional dermatologist at the initial stage of the disease, until the growths have time to spread to other parts of the body. Permanent trauma to a non-oncogenic formation can cause its malignancy. And to avoid rubbing growths on the legs is quite difficult.

There are several ways to remove a wart between the toes:

  • Laser destruction;
  • Radio wave removal;
  • Surgical excision;
  • Cryodestruction;
  • Electrocoagulation;
  • The use of pharmacy products;
  • The use of traditional medicine recipes.


You should not prescribe treatment yourself or rely on the advice of a neighbor or a friend. Improper treatment can cause complications.

This is especially true of tumors in children and adolescents. Their skin is more tender, and therefore the risk of damage to it is much higher. Without special education, it is easy to confuse the types of neoplasms, to miss the beginning of rebirth. All this can lead to malignancy of the growth, its transformation into a malignant tumor.

Only a practitioner can make the correct diagnosis and offer the most effective way to eliminate the defect.

Laser destruction

The use of a laser beam allows you to precisely affect the growth. Tissue formations evaporate layer by layer. At the site of the removed growth, a small depression remains, which passes on its own for several days. Leaves no scars.Laser Wart Removal

Radio wave removal

An effective non-contact way to get rid of skin defects. The lack of need for postoperative care makes the technique indispensable in reducing warts between the fingers. The possibility of secondary infection or scarring is excluded.


Burning a tumor using a high-frequency current, closed in a loop. A rather painful technique requires local anesthesia. A crust forms at the site of the removed growth. It is forbidden to wet, peel or scratch it. A small scar may remain.


Freezing wart tissue with liquid nitrogen, cooled to minimum temperatures. Under the influence of cold, tissue necrosis occurs. It turns white, the loan darkens and falls away. Due to the fact that the doctor cannot control the depth of cold exposure, a repeated cryodestruction procedure may be necessary to get rid of large neoplasms.

Drug treatment

To remove growths from the toes, salicylic acid or patches impregnated with it are successfully used. Care should be taken when applying the drug, since getting it on healthy areas of the skin can cause a chemical burn.

Surgical excision

Using a scalpel, the surgeon, under local anesthesia, cuts out the wart and its roots. The most traumatic method of dealing with neoplasms, requires long-term rehabilitation. In place of the cut out growth, a scar remains. Therefore, it is used only to remove overgrown large warts or neoplasms with a high risk of malignancy.

Folk remedies against warts

For those who do not trust the modern methods of getting rid of unwanted growths, recipes for traditional healers are suitable. They offer to treat warts at home with medicinal plants or household products.


A clove of garlic is peeled, washed under running water and thin plates are cut. Such a plate should carefully rub the formation or attach it to the growth, fixing it with an adhesive plaster. Care should be taken when removing growths between the fingers – too long contact of the skin with garlic can cause burns.


Table vinegar can be found in the kitchen of any housewife. To get rid of the growth between the toes, it is enough to apply one drop of vinegar. Conducting the procedure is convenient at night. To protect healthy skin from burns, grease it with a greasy cream or petroleum jelly.Feet care


The ability of a medicinal plant to cleanse the skin from various rashes is known to everyone. Use fresh plant stems to remove warts on the legs during the flowering period of the celandine: from May to July. One drop of yellow juice applied to the growth is enough. The course of treatment is continued until the complete disappearance of skin defects. You can also buy in the pharmacy tincture of celandine and process the growths of it. Do not confuse tincture of celandine herb with the Superchistotel drug, which, despite the name, does not contain medicinal herb, but there are aggressive alkalis: sodium and potassium.

Relapse prevention

It is impossible to completely defeat the papillomavirus. But you can avoid the reappearance of growths between the toes. To do this, observe simple rules:

  • Strengthen immunity (hardening, walking, playing sports, taking multivitamin complexes);
  • Follow foot hygiene;
  • Do not use someone else's towel, soap, washcloth;
  • Wear comfortable, appropriate-sized shoes;
  • When trying on shoes in a store, always have a nylon sock with you;
  • When visiting a pool or sauna, do not forget about rubber slates;
  • Eat right.

And, most importantly, do not expect the development of the disease, the appearance of pain. An appointment with a doctor at an early stage of the disease is the key to a quick and effective cure.

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