Treatment of nail fungus. The drugs are inexpensive but effective. For adults

Damage to the nail plate by fungi (onychomycosis) is a very common disease, which, according to statistics, every third person on the planet faces. You can catch the infection when using personal belongings of the infected person or in public pools, saunas, shower gyms. In adults, the disease progresses rapidly and in order to get rid of it, one must choose the appropriate remedy. All antifungal drugs, inexpensive but effective, are presented in several pharmacological forms, the choice of which is based on the patient's personal preferences.

How to treat nail fungus

Before proceeding with the fight against onychomycosis, it is necessary to find out the type of fungus and the stage of development of the infection. Information on the type of pathogen will help to choose a drug with the most effective active ingredient in this case or a combination of both.Fungus cream

In the treatment of nail fungus at the initial stage, you can limit yourself to the means for external application (ointments, patches, therapeutic varnishes). They are used to infect one or two nails. The area of ​​infection should not exceed a third of the plate. Means are used regularly until a new keratin layer grows. Treatment of fingers on the hands can take up to six months, on the feet – up to a year.

If the infection is started (more than three nails are damaged), a combination therapy is prescribed. It includes the simultaneous use of systemic and external medicines.

Tablets for fungal infections have an extensive list of contraindications and side effects, so they can not be taken unless absolutely necessary. Medication should be prescribed by a doctor based on the following data:

  • the size of the areas infected with onychomycosis;
  • the duration of the disease;
  • symptoms and features of the course of the infectious process;
  • the presence of concomitant pathologies.

Self-medication (both external and systemic) in the best case may be ineffective, and in the worst – will aggravate the patient's condition.

Preparations for external use

Local antimycotics are intended for local control of onychomycosis. They penetrate the structure of keratin and soft tissues, after which they begin to destroy pathogenic spores and mycelium of the fungus.

Creams and ointments

The range of antimycotic agents for external use is diverse, but ointments and creams are very popular. They are conveniently applied to the nail, they are well absorbed and do not contain auxiliary chemicals.


Inexpensive, but effective Russian-made antifungal ointment. Available in tubes of 15 and 30 grams. The price of the product is from 80 to 100 rubles for a fifteen-gram package.Terbinafine Cream

Terbinafine eliminates the symptoms of onychomycosis within one to two days after the start of treatment.

Ointment is applied to the prepared plate and the skin around it. You can use the medicine once or twice a day. The product is intended exclusively for adults.

After using the cream, an allergic rash, redness of the skin, a burning sensation or itching may occur.


It has a detrimental effect on the spores of most types of fungi. The active substance of the cream is ketoconazole. It penetrates the cell membrane of the pathogen and prevents its reproduction.

Nizoral quickly eliminates the main symptoms of mycotic infection – itching and burning of the skin. The high effectiveness of the drug is confirmed by positive reviews from consumers.

Use the cream once or twice a day. The product must be gently rubbed into the damaged plate, paying special attention to the nail rollers, since there is an increased concentration of fungal spores.

Apply Nizoral is not recommended in childhood and with susceptibility to the components of the drug.


The use of cream during pregnancy and lactation is permissible, since the active substance is not adsorbed and does not enter the bloodstream.

After applying the drug, skin irritation or an allergic rash may occur.


Inexpensive antifungal cream with antibacterial action. The price of a thirty-gram tube is approximately 200-220 rubles.Clotrimazole

The tool is applied two or three times a day to previously washed with soap and dried affected areas with a thin layer, and then gently rubbed. The active substance of the ointment accumulates in the plate, which increases the antimycotic effect.

The drug is contraindicated in pregnant and lactating. Rarely, itching may be felt after use.


The liquid form of drugs for onychomycosis is also in demand in dermatology. It is effective, easily impregnates the plate, but has one drawback – it is difficult to control the processing area.


Means for nail fungus with alcohol content. Available in 25 ml glass vials. Price – from 350 to 380 rubles.

In a low concentration, it inhibits the growth of pathogenic microflora, and when it is increased, it effectively destroys fungi and has an antibacterial effect.

Application: apply the solution evenly on the nail and the skin around it with a cotton swab. Use two or three times a day.

Do not use with skin hypersensitivity to the composition of the drops. There are no data on the safety of using the drug during pregnancy and lactation.

Treated areas should not be exposed to direct sunlight. When using the solution, skin irritation may occur. In this case, before application it is diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 1.


Transparent liquid of light yellow color. Contains ethanol. Available in bottles of 10 and 30 ml. The price in pharmacies is from 600 to 1400 rubles in accordance with the volume.Exoderil Solution

This drug has a strong effect due to the active substance – naftifin. It blocks the production of ergosterol, which is necessary for the synthesis of the cell wall of the fungus, which leads to the death of the pathogen.

In addition to the antimycotic effect, Exoderil has a bactericidal property, relieves inflammation, and quickly eliminates itching and burning.

The solution is applied to the prepared nail and the skin around it with a cotton swab, and then rubbed lightly. Apply in the morning and evening.

The course of treatment lasts from three to six months. The solution is applied for 10 days after the restoration of the nail to avoid recurrence of infection.

Exoderil is contraindicated for the treatment of onychomycosis in children, with intolerance to the components of the solution, as well as the presence of open wounds on the skin. After applying the product, redness and dryness of the skin may occur, rarely an allergic rash.


A solution with a pronounced antiseptic, antifungal effect and a sharp, specific smell. This cheap domestic product is sold in any pharmacy. The product is released in bottles of 10 and 25 ml. Price – up to 50 rubles. There are two types of medicine: with and without color. For the treatment of nails, it is preferable to choose a colorless option.

The solution is carefully applied to the prepared plate, without touching the surrounding skin, to avoid burns. Apply Fukortsin from two to four times a day.Fucorcin from nail fungus

You can not smear the solution in large areas, because phenol in its composition is toxic and penetrates into the blood. Fucorcin is contraindicated for the treatment of children during pregnancy and lactation. After applying the solution, a burning sensation may be felt. It does not require discontinuation of the drug and passes quickly.

Healing varnishes

Antimycotics in the form of varnishes are auxiliary agents in the complex treatment of onychomycosis. In addition, they can not only treat, but also prevent the fungal infection.


Any varnish forms a thin film on the surface of the plate, which fills the pores of the nail, increases its strength and prevents the growth of fungi. Promotes the rapid growth of healthy tissue.


This remedy is available in the form of a kit consisting of one tube with 5 ml serum and ten disposable double-sided nail files. Its price in pharmacies is from 1000 rubles. The active component of varnish is a purified rye enzyme.

The drug damages the lipid membrane of the spores of the pathogen, which causes its rapid death.

Before the first use and then once every seven days, it is necessary to remove the nail layer damaged by the fungus with the nail file included in the kit. Serum should be applied only to a clean plate with a brush applicator twice a day, and after the medicine should be allowed to dry.

After a month of use, they switch to using varnish once a day. The first improvements are noticeable a few days after the start of therapy.

You can not use Mikozan for children under four years of age.


An effective tool that destroys almost all types of fungus. Available in 2.5 ml vials. The set includes nail files. Price – from 700 to 750 rubles.Lac Oflomil

24 hours after using the product, the active components accumulate in the nail plate and its bed. A high concentration of substances persists for six to nine days.

Apply varnish to a plate pre-treated with a nail file once or twice a week. Before the subsequent use of the drug, the old layer is removed.

It is not used for the treatment of onychomycosis in children. Oflomil is contraindicated in case of intolerance to the components of the drug, pregnancy and during breastfeeding.

Systemic drugs

Tablets for nail fungus are used only when the use of external agents alone is ineffective, that is, at an average or severe stage of infection. They can be part of complex therapy along with topical preparations.

Systemic medicines should only be prescribed by a dermatologist after a thorough examination and history. This is due to the toxicity of the drugs and the negative effect on the liver.

The list of the most effective and inexpensive means includes:

  • Terbinafine. Fights all known strains of fungi. Available in blisters for 14 and 28 tablets. Price – from 500 rubles per pack. The active substances of the drug accumulate in tissues (nails, hair, skin) in a sufficient concentration and provide a powerful fungicidal effect. The duration of therapy for onychomycosis of the feet is twelve weeks. Contraindicated in persons with renal and hepatic dysfunction, blood diseases, metabolic disorders, tumors and vascular pathologies of the legs. You can not take the drug during pregnancy, lactation, as well as children up to two years;
  • Fluconazole. An effective and inexpensive antifungal agent. Destroys the cell membrane of the pathogen and prevents its reproduction. The price of a package of four 150 mg capsules is about 75 rubles. Contraindications include: the simultaneous administration of medicines based on terfenadine, hypersensitivity to the components of the drug and children under 4 years of age. Used with caution in case of liver and kidney dysfunction, while taking hepatotoxic drugs, arrhythmias, pregnancy, and cardiovascular pathologies;


  • Nizoral (the active substance is ketoconazole). Analogs – Fungavis, Mycozoral. An effective antifungal drug that copes well with the treatment of advanced infections. The recommended dose for onychomycosis is 200-400 mg per day at a time. Treatment is continued until complete recovery (3-12 months). Contraindications include: hypersensitivity to the main component of the drug, liver disease, kidney disease, pregnancy, children under two years of age, alcohol abuse. It has a wide list of side effects and interacts with certain medications.


While taking the tablets, it is necessary to monitor the condition of the liver, kidneys and blood.

Nail Fungus Treatment Tips

The effectiveness of the treatment of onychomycosis depends on the correct choice of the drug and compliance with the scheme of its use. In addition, you must adhere to the rules that enhance the properties of the drug and accelerate recovery:

  • Before using ointments, creams, varnishes, you need to wash your hands or feet with warm water with baby or antibacterial soap, and then make a softening bath with salt or soda. Steam nails should be at least ten minutes. Next, the damaged areas are treated with a file, trying to remove the entire layer infected with the fungus. This will allow the product to penetrate the plate more easily;
  • An overgrown nail must be trimmed in time to open the drug to access the deep layers of keratin;

Nail trimming

  • Creams and ointments are recommended to be distributed over the entire surface of the damaged plate and the skin around it. Doctors recommend grabbing about 1 centimeter of soft tissue to prevent the spread of infection;
  • Antifungal preparations for nails are used until the onychomycosis-affected plate is completely replaced with a healthy one. This takes an average of 3 to 12 months. Toenails grow faster than toenails;
  • During treatment and after it is necessary to pay more attention to personal hygiene – wash your feet at least twice a day, prevent sweating of the feet, when visiting the pools, baths, go only in personal slippers made of rubber. Old shoes need to be treated with antifungal agents or bleach.


Svetlana, 34 years old.

In the spring I began to go swimming in the pool. After a couple of weeks, I noticed that two nails on the left leg began to crumble, itching and an unpleasant smell of the feet appeared. The pharmacy advised me to buy varnish from the fungus Mikozan. Used it morning and evening, as indicated in the instructions.

The product is similar to a gel – it does not flow, dries quickly and has almost no smell. Itching disappeared after two uses. After two months of treatment for the fungus of the toenails, there is no trace left, and the new plates grow even and healthy. The drug was very good and effective. Although he is expensive, I do not regret the purchase and will use it for prevention.

Igor, 27 years old.

For a long time, the fungus on the toenails was worried, apparently due to the constant wearing of closed shoes. Used ointments and creams, the effect was, but short-lived. I decided to see a doctor for another treatment. I was prescribed Terbinafine and Exoderil tablets in the form of a solution for treating nails.

The first improvements came about three days after the start of treatment. I drank the tablets for 4 months, and the solution was used until the nail regrowth – about six months. Since then, the fungus does not bother me.

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