Treatment of nail and foot fungus with white. Reviews, instructions

Onychomycosis is a fungal infection of the nail plates. This is an extremely unpleasant disease that causes both moral and physical discomfort. Many drugs have been developed to combat it, but many people are successfully treated with simple bleach, which is in every home.

Ways to Use White Against Nail Fungus

The tool used for bleaching clothes, easily copes with mycosis of both nails and feet. The antifungal property of White (commonly known as bleach) is due to its composition. The main active ingredient in bleach is alkali – a combination of chlorine and sodium. It will destroy pathogenic microorganisms. Once on the surface of the nail, White changes the habitat of mycosis. Parasites and bacteria die due to the lack of proper nutrition and cell development.White from nail fungus

You can get the maximum therapeutic effect from the bleach only by using it in complex therapy. Antiviral drugs are necessarily used with it. Intravenous injections of antimycotics are often prescribed, since they act faster than other forms of medication. In parallel, preparations for external use are used. Ointments, gels and creams will help kill the fungus, improve the condition of the nail, increase the density of the plate, eliminate looseness, stop its destruction.

The second important stage is strengthening immunity. Here you can use pharmacy products and various homemade tinctures. Homeopathic medicines and Thai medicine medicines have good reviews.

How to make an antifungal solution from White

Liquid products penetrate the stratum corneum easier, which means they get into the nursery of pathogens. Once in the structure of the nail, alkali almost immediately destroys fungi and its spores.

Onychomycosis can be removed with a solution from the bleach. The product must be diluted with raw water, preferably cold. In half a liter, no more than 1 ml of White is diluted. Everything mixes well. Treat the nail only with a freshly prepared solution. In White, a piece of cotton wool is wetted, which lubricates the affected areas.Toenail treatment

After applying the liquid, allow the product to dry on its own. Only then can you wear a sock and shoes.

Bleach Compress

The use of compresses gives a quick result if the nail is steamed before manipulation. The foot descends into a hot herbal infusion for 20 minutes. You can add iodine, which kills microbes. After the procedure, the foot is wiped with a soft towel and smeared with a greasy cream. Having completed all these actions, you can impose a lotion.

A compress from White is prepared as follows: 1 ml of bleach is diluted in 10 milliliters of ordinary water. It is very important to observe these proportions, otherwise you can damage the skin. Glycerin is added to the mixture. The substance will make the medicine thicker. The product will be ready for use after 30 minutes.

Use the mixture as follows: it is applied in a very thin layer on a sore nail. A bandage is applied on top, no film is needed. The dressing is left for only 10 minutes. The procedure is done no more than twice a week. The result may appear after two applications. In the absence of the effect of treatment, it is worth consulting a doctor.


If the compress caused damage to the nail plate (white heels, cracks and redness of the skin around) appeared, then bleach treatment is stopped.

Ointment recipe

With onychomycosis, the use of ointments, which include bleach, helps well. The tool is done only at one time, since over time the effectiveness of the product decreases.

You will need cosmetic vaseline or pork melted fat. You can also use glycerin. In principle, any base that will help the product thicken and make it more convenient to use is suitable. Next, a teaspoon of bleach is added to it. After 30 minutes, the ointment is applied a thin layer on the nail. The skin is not processed. The medicine is left for 20 minutes.Ointment

After the procedure, the foot is washed with warm water. To remove the fungus at the middle and initial stage of development, the drug is used every other day.

White bath

Whiteness against fungus can be used as part of foot baths. An instruction developed by traditional healers prescribes the dilution of 5 milliliters of bleach in 2 liters of hot water. If unpleasant sensations occur when using the baths, it is recommended to increase the volume of water. This method is suitable for the treatment of foot mycosis.

The foot is kept in the bath for 15 minutes. After the procedure, the epidermis can dry, the skin becomes tight. To avoid such a problem, it is recommended to lubricate the legs and nails with oil with vitamins A, B.

How to treat nails with whiteness and laundry soap

Feet soar for 20 minutes in a hot soapy solution. It is necessary to use not toilet soap, but ordinary household soap. The piece is grated and dissolved in a liquid. After water procedures, the limbs are rinsed and wiped with a towel. The affected nail is cut with scissors, the areas that are on the top of the plate are processed with a nail file or a rough brush. After that, the cotton swab is dipped in White and the stratum corneum is smeared. The right amount of liquid is absorbed, and excess chlorine will evaporate on its own.

A combination of White and tar soap will help get rid of the fungus. On clean and dry nails, 3 drops of bleach are applied. For convenience, you can use a special applicator or pipette. Liquids allow to dry. It is advisable to sit for 15 minutes so that the product does not leak onto the skin during movements. After the nail plates are sprinkled with tar soap chips. It is left for 20 minutes, and then washed off with water.

To remove mycosis, it is necessary to carry out the procedure once every three days. Healing comes through 15 treatments.

Garlic and bleach

Removing the fungus with folk remedies is never complete without garlic. This root crop is active against many types of bacteria and pathogenic microflora. It is able to cure onychomycosis at an early stage, but the effectiveness increases in combination with White. To prepare the medicine, you need one clove of garlic. A slice is ground to a state of porridge. 2 drops of iodine and 1 drop of laundry bleach are added to the root crop.Garlic gruel

The medicine is not applied directly. The ointment is applied to the cotton pad, which is used to process the plates. Wipe the affected nails at least 4 times a week. This method is only suitable for the treatment of keratin plates on the legs, as the hand is more sensitive to the action of White and will respond to such manipulations of inflammation and redness.

Cleaning Agent Tips

We must not forget that White has an aggressive composition. Its improper use can cause complications. Therefore, using it for medicinal purposes, you need to remember the following:

  • The product consists mainly of alkali, which is why it can be applied to the skin and nails 3-4 times in seven days. If a person notices a deterioration in the state of the epidermis, then treatment must be stopped;
  • The danger can be not only liquid, but also its evaporation. For this reason, the use of this substance is allowed only at a distance from children in a ventilated area;


Highly concentrated bleach is applied exclusively to the nails, its contact with the skin is unacceptable. If Whiteness, albeit in diluted form, will be used to treat foot mycosis, then after the procedure, the nails and skin are smeared with either oily cream or vegetable oil.

  • White is used only from nail fungus on the legs, since the keratin layer on the hands is much thinner. Irritation, and even burns, may occur. In addition, there is a chance of damage to the nail bed;
  • Before starting treatment, it is necessary to consult a dermatologist;
  • Using clean bleach, you must be in a mask and rubber gloves;
  • Treatment of nail fungus with whiteness is prohibited during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Treatment of nails with bleach in children of any age is unacceptable;

Doctor consultation

  • Contraindications to the use of bleach are diseases of the bronchi and lungs, including asthma. White is not used if there is damage on the skin.

Reviews about the treatment of White

Karina, 20 years old.

The fungus on the nails began to appear suddenly, and summer is just around the corner. It was obvious that with such legs I could not wear open shoes. I found many recipes on the Internet, but I wanted to use only those that have already proven effectiveness.

I was inspired by a friend's review. A friend used White. I read enough information about this method and started using the tool. It was treated for 3 months, with neat liquid lubricated nails 2 times a week. In the early days of summer she was able to put on her favorite sandals, because the fungus passed in just 15 days.

Valeria, 30 years old.

The husband got a nail fungus. I think this is due to the fact that he is a professional runner and his legs often sweat. They tried different medicines and folk remedies. The problem left, then returned. I read about White in a magazine. It turns out a substance for bleaching linen can be used to eliminate microorganisms. The result was noticeable very quickly.

Elena, 35 years old.

It was advised to use White for the treatment of nail mycosis. I decided to act for sure and did not dilute the liquid, I just dropped a few drops directly from the bottle. Immediately I felt a burning sensation, as if she had burned a nail. Quickly washed off with water, but discomfort was observed for a long time. And a week later I saw that the fungus had disappeared.

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