Treatment of genital warts folk remedies

The surface of human skin throughout its life inevitably encounters an aggressive external environment. The most common of many emerging problems is the appearance of tumor-like formations, designated in medical practice as condylomas. The causative agent of this disease is the papilloma virus, transmitted after contact with the carrier of the disease.


Only an integrated approach in the treatment of genital warts can give the greatest positive effect, while all actions are necessarily coordinated with the observing doctor.

Compliance with some recommendations for treatment

Formations sometimes reach a diameter of two centimeters, while the shape of the condyloma is very similar to a mushroom. The difficulty is that the disease is often not detected immediately, but after two or three months. Therefore, at the slightest doubt or the appearance of symptoms, it is necessary to seek qualified help. Even the selected book with folk recipes must be approved by the doctor. After comprehensive examinations, the specialist should determine the type of condyloma and prescribe adequate therapy, which, in addition to medicines, can be aimed at getting rid of genital warts with folk remedies.Preliminary examination by a doctor

When treating genital warts, it is necessary to adhere to several rules, which are as follows:

  • Clear delineation of time for work and rest;
  • Compliance with proper nutrition;
  • Before processing, the affected area should be washed with water and dried;
  • Strict adherence to the recipe for self-cooking home remedies;
  • Maintaining dryness with the appearance of genital warts in intimate areas;
  • A complete rejection of alcoholic beverages and smoking is desirable;
  • Moderate physical activity and daily walks on the street are allowed, and if possible, hardening can be practiced;
  • A positive attitude in the process of a rather long treatment;
  • The choice should be made in favor of neutral recipes and carefully monitor the body's response to a particular folk method;
  • The recipe should be selected taking into account individual characteristics;
  • There should not be even the slightest manifestation of an allergy to the ingredients included in the recipe.

Absolutely all home compresses, ointments and other medicinal mixtures are pre-agreed with experienced dermatologists, because there is a high probability of harming one's own health.

Cauterization with genital warts

The use of iodine is relevant for genital warts, that is, when condylomotosis is observed. In this case, you should be especially careful when applying this ready-made solution so as not to cause a burn. It is appropriate in such a situation to be accurate spot application, but at least once a day.

Such cauterization is quite painful, while healthy areas of the skin should not be affected during processing. When used correctly, iodine helps get rid of growths and dries tissues. A cotton swab is dipped in solution and then iodine treatment with genital warts follows. It is better to repeat such manipulations twice a day.Iodine Cauterization

In addition to iodine, it is possible to burn the resulting condylomas with propolis. This technique also requires accuracy to avoid burns and scars. This product is applied twice daily every day.

It is welcome when propolis is used both externally and internally. Chewing pure and fresh propolis gives an immunomodulatory, antitumor and antibacterial effect. Propolis water infusion is perfect for douching and bathing.

Vinegar, in particular apple cider vinegar, is used as a cauterization among folk recipes, for the application of which either a cotton swab or a thin brush is used. External treatment should be carried out three times a day for ten minutes with a course of treatment no more than a week. If this is not enough, then cotton balls impregnated with vinegar are applied to the problem area for several hours. An ordinary patch is used for fixation.

To reduce skin defects, ordinary seventy percent vinegar can be used together with flour. After receiving a thick mass, it must be applied to the genital warts. After complete drying, the dough is removed from the surface of the skin.

The benefits of plants with condylomas

All kinds of growths, including condylomas, are removed by various medicinal plants, which are poisonous in nature. One of these is celandine, which contains about twenty alkaloids. This herb is used not only in a fresh state, but is suitable as a tincture, and you can also prepare an oil solution. Alcohol tincture is not recommended, but mountain celandine, sold in pharmacy chains, is welcome.

The milky juice of this amazing plant, which has an orange color, needs to be used for several weeks. Directly the growth itself is treated with this substance twice a day. Such treatment should be carried out until the genital warts disappears completely, and the symptoms are usually relieved within seven days.

Celandine is also used in the form of a powder, which is mixed with duckweed (flowering monocotyledonous plant) in the dried state. All components are ground in a mortar to a powder state and are subsequently used as a powder. A dressing or patch can fix the mixture on the skin. Celandine and a decoction of the string as lotions and compresses will also be effective.

Chamomile with St. John's wort, taken in equal parts, proved their effectiveness. A mixture of herbs? after pouring with boiled water, it should be infused for a day. Ready herbal solution needs to be filtered and brought closer to body temperature. This tool is used as baths with a shutter speed of fifteen minutes.St. John's wort

The condition is corrected even by dry burdock, which will require a teaspoon in a glass of boiling water. The mixture is infused for thirty minutes, then filtered and consumed four times a day. No less effective in this respect and wormwood, from which the tincture is obtained. Grass in the amount of one tablespoon is poured with two hundred milliliters of boiling water, and after that, one tablespoon is taken every day.

It can cope with genital warts and domestic plants, which include aloe, or rather its juice. If it is not at home, then it can also be purchased at almost any pharmacy. This method can help with single condylomas, on which just survived juice is applied, avoiding healthy areas.

In order to restore the affected tissue after surgery, including the removal of genital warts, sea buckthorn is used. Many doctors prescribe sea buckthorn solution for the purpose of speedy wound healing. Applications of sea buckthorn oil are aged for at least seven hours, but it is better to leave them all night. Almost every review in the network with regards to sea buckthorn solution is positive:

Svetlana: At one time, candles from sea buckthorn saved me from multiple genital warts. They are good for prevention, so it certainly will not be superfluous, I advise!

Yuliya: Sea buckthorn is truly considered a healer, especially in demand in the gynecological field. Girls before use must be douched with infusion of chamomile, or calendula. This is important, do not neglect it.

Sea buckthorn oil

It will help to remove condylomas and will have an antiseptic effect of the resin of fir, acting as a raw material for the preparation of balm. For skin diseases, the most appropriate recipe, including chopped needles, which will need five tablespoons and two glasses of water. After mixing, it takes three days to insist, then the composition is filtered and drunk three times a day, two tablespoons.


Despite its natural origin, some plants can be very dangerous, so you need to carefully monitor the reaction of the body and trust the opinion of a professional.

The action of oils in condylomas

Since ancient times, mankind has known the miraculous power of thuja, which is indicated in many sources as the "tree of life and longevity." Especially valuable are the properties of arborvitae oil, which is easier to obtain at the pharmacy, but if desired, it is prepared on its own. First of all, the thuja must be over fifteen years old. For cooking, you will need exactly tree branches and olive oil in a proportion of one to ten. The resulting solution is tightly closed with a lid and removed in a dark place for ten days. Further, the obtained raw material is filtered and accepted in this form.

When choosing the best option, you can stop at a perennial herbaceous medicinal plant, called Chernobyl, which is classified as a botanical species of ordinary wormwood. The most effective and safe way to prepare this plant is considered an essential extract in the form of oil. The output should be a bluish or greenish liquid applied externally. To prepare, you will need a coffee grinder, in which twenty-five grams of Chernobyl seeds are crushed. Then the seeds are transferred to a pasteurized container and filled with olive oil in the amount of one hundred milliliters. The resulting oil must be determined in a dark place for two or three days, and then strain it and smear the desired area.

In case of malfunctions of the gastrointestinal sphere, pregnancy and anemia, Chernobyl is not recommended. Course treatment should be accompanied by breaks of two months. When sneezing, swelling, runny nose, headaches, dizziness, nausea, or weakness occur, you should immediately stop using this plant for medicinal purposes.

Castor oil is obtained from such a plant as ordinary castor oil, which, in addition to absorbing growths, has emollient, regenerating, anti-inflammatory and nutritional properties. Castor extract should be applied twice a day with rubbing movements, and for the best result, a bandage should be placed on the problem area.

The genital appearance of genital warts is also reduced with the participation of a plant such as a tea tree, from which healthy oil is obtained. According to the recipe, water and tea extract are mixed, and then a gauze dressing is soaked, followed by separation of excess fluid. The composition is left overnight, but if irritation is felt, then more water will be needed.Tea tree oil

To help with the presence of genital warts comes eucalyptus, which grows like a tree. Eucalyptus oil obtained from natural resources is considered an excellent antiseptic. A high concentration of cineol allows you to cleanse the skin from disturbing neoplasms. The extract has a pleasant smell, so it has a beneficial effect on the human nervous system. This popular method is best used as bathtubs, where about seven hundred milliliters of water are mixed with fifteen drops of oil. The procedure will take fifteen minutes in the morning and evening hours.

A non-standard approach to solving the issue

Perhaps the most extraordinary way in the removal of genital warts is treatment with a beaver stream. This technique is universal, as it helps with a variety of diseases, the number of which exceeds a hundred. In addition to the general strengthening effect, the beaver jet interferes with the further development of tumors and inflammations. Even in more advanced cases, this animal substance is able to positively affect the nervous system and increase mood.

Beaver stream extract can be purchased in both conventional and online pharmacies. Dosages, frequency and duration of administration are calculated by a specialist based on their severity of the disease. Genital warts and other female diseases require taking an extract on an empty stomach three or four times a day, one teaspoon each. A month later, from the start of treatment, the dose is reduced to five drops without a break between courses.

Some pharmacies in the treatment of genital warts

One of the safest means in the process of getting rid of genital warts is hydrogen peroxide, known for its antiseptic properties. Getting on the formation, hydrogen begins to decompose into water and oxygen. It is oxygen molecules that gradually destroy the structure of a benign growth. Peroxide removes all types of papillomas.

For treatment, you will need a three percent hydrogen peroxide, which you need to wipe all neoplasms on a daily basis every six hours. After a week of such care, condyloma will begin to separate from healthy skin.Hydrogen peroxide

In the treatment of genital warts, manganese can also help, in particular potassium permanganate, which is purchased in pharmacy chains, but not in all. Potassium permanganate, as it is usually called, has a black-violet color. You should be extremely careful with such a chemical, since an overdose is dangerous to health and life. The finished solution allows you to burn condylomas in the genital area.


When drawing up a treatment regimen with folk remedies, it is necessary to use the services of qualified specialists who will conduct an examination and prescribe the best option for removing neoplasms.

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