Thin leg wart, how to remove it?

A wart is a type of benign neoplasm of viral etymology. Causes the appearance of such growths of HPV (human paillomavirus). Nine out of ten people are carriers of the human papillomavirus. However, not everyone has skin defects. This is due to the state of the defenses of the human body.

Leg wart

This is one of the varieties of warts, outwardly resembles a collection of tubercles on a thin base – the leg. It is also called a hanging papilloma. The size of education is different, depending on the neglect of the disease. The color scheme includes shades from pink to brown. Hanging growths on the neck, in the armpits, in the inguinal region are localized. There are single growths and groups of neoplasms.Leg wart


To characterize a thin-leg wart, it should be noted:

  • Minimal oncogenic risk. Such formations in very rare cases are transformed into a cancerous tumor. Usually, the malignancy process is associated with the growth and permanent trauma of growths;
  • This is a growth hanging from the epithelium;
  • The unsightly view gives the “owner" of the hanging education a lot of moral experience, especially in the case of dislocation in open areas of the body;
  • The age group of patients with growths on the soft leg are people of age. This is due to the physiological characteristics of an aging organism: a change in the level of hormones, a decrease in immune defense. In children and young patients, such papillomas are rarely diagnosed;
  • Low ability to heal. Until now, isolated cases are known when the growths disappeared without outside interference;


It is not recommended to self-medicate. Ineffective therapy can lead to a relapse of rashes.

  • Slow growth of the neoplasm on the leg;
  • The appearance of a hanging outgrowth is preceded by a flesh-shaped round seal. Over time, it stretches, turning into the specified neoplasm;
  • Often, growths grow together, forming a large structural growth, including overgrown epithelial cells and altered capillaries with thrombosed walls.

Causes of occurrence

The main source of all the troubles associated with the occurrence of hanging skin defects is infection with papillomavirus. The HPV strain attacking the body determines the appearance of the formation.

The transmission of the virus is from person to person. At risk are people with increased sweating, dry skin, with minor injuries of the epithelium.

HPV infection occurs:

  • By direct contact with an infected person: handshake, kiss;
  • During intercourse with a virus carrier;
  • At the birth of a child from an infected mother;
  • In case of non-observance of personal hygiene rules (use of other people's combs, towels, washcloths, toothbrushes);
  • When visiting crowded places (public transport, gym);

The growth of warts, the emergence of new formations contributes to trauma to the growth during shaving of the face, armpits, and the “bikini” zone.


Injury to neoplasms increases the risk of their degeneration into a malignant disease.

Treatment Methods for Hanging Warts

You can get rid of growths with a leg using radical techniques. However, most often the treatment of papillomatosis is a complex event that combines the removal of a neoplasm and the administration of medications. Sometimes popular recipes also turn out to be effective.

Antiviral therapy

For people with weakened immune defenses, as well as for large areas of affected skin, antiviral drugs are prescribed in parallel with the removal of growths. These include:

  • Acyclovir, Groprinosin – depressing effect on the cells of the virus;
  • Immunal, Polyoxidonium – normalize the body's defenses, stimulate the production of its own interferon.Wart removal

Methods for removing hanging growths

You can remove the wart on the leg in a specialized medical clinic. The choice of the method of removal depends not only on medical indications, but also on the financial capabilities of the patient. Modern medical centers offer to remove the wart on the leg with:

  • Laser destruction – evaporation of a neoplasm at the cellular level with a laser beam;
  • Surgical excision – a surgeon with a scalpel cuts a wart with a root;
  • Cryodestruction – freezing tissue formation with liquid nitrogen;
  • Radio wave excretion is a non-contact point way to get rid of hanging growths;
  • Electrocoagulation – cauterization of a wart using high-frequency current.

Traditional medicine recipes

Before starting treatment with traditional medicine methods, it is recommended to consult a dermatologist. This will prevent possible complications from improper treatment. Different methods of alternative therapy show different results. The most effective folk methods of dealing with hanging warts:

  • Moisten a small piece of mummy with saliva. Wipe the growth three times a day;
  • Rub castor oil into the neoplasm several times a day for a week;
  • Mix crushed fresh stalks of celandine with petroleum jelly or baby cream in a 1: 1 ratio. The ointment should be treated with the growths, carefully rubbing the ointment into the wart twice a day for a week.


Alternative therapy of hanging papillomas enhances the susceptibility of damaged skin to ultraviolet, so you should exclude exposure to the open sun.

The use of alternative recipes is often unsuccessful in the treatment of formations in the intimate zone. The level of malignancy of genital growths is much higher. Do not experiment with your health, consult a doctor.Celandine juice for prevention

Preventive actions

Prevention of the spread of papillomatosis – strengthening the body's defenses and preventing infection with another strain of papillomavirus. This will require:

  • Monitor skin hygiene;
  • Use personal hygiene items;
  • Lead a healthy lifestyle: balance active workloads and relax;
  • If possible, eliminate stress;
  • Balance the daily menu.

These simple rules will allow you to maintain your health and the health of your loved ones.

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