The root of the wart. How does it look and how to remove it?

Each wart has its own root, which grows deeper into the epidermis, connecting with small blood vessels. It is almost impossible to see it without a medical magnifier. Removing the root is a mandatory procedure in the treatment of papillomavirus, as it becomes one of the main causes of relapse of the disease.

What does a wart root look like?

The structure of the neoplasm depends on the place of its localization. For example, plantar growths (tongues) are characterized by huge sizes and a large root system that goes deep into the skin. Capillaries permeate it and nourish the wart throughout the entire time. Therefore, when removing the outer part of the growth, it grows again.Wart roots

The root of an ordinary wart resembles an elongated seal, and it is very difficult to see it without a magnifying glass. However, the root system of the tongue can be seen with the naked eye. The core of this neoplasm looks like a wide white spot hidden under a coarse layer of the epidermis.


A partially pulled out wart rod can rot and cause the multiplication of pathogenic microbes in the wound. In the future, the purulent process will provoke tissue necrosis, which will entail serious health problems.

Root blackening

The black root of the neoplasm in most cases is a sign of an advanced stage of development of papillomavirus. But along with this, the cause of its blackening often becomes:

  • the reaction of the protective functions of the body to a viral disease, which leads to the death of formation and atrophy of its base;
  • a change in the hormonal background, leading to blackening not only of the rod of the wart, but also of its external part;
  • the right treatment that causes the rapid death of viral cells and the death of the root of the growth;
  • pulling out and damage to its base, which is often accompanied by the development of pathogenic microflora inside it;
  • the initial stage of skin cancer, during which the transformation of infected cells into cancer begins.

Also, the color change of the root of the growth occurs during pregnancy, when the woman's immune system weakens.

Getting rid of the root with professional methods

Before removing the roots of the wart, it is very important to undergo an ultrasound examination, which allows you to determine the depth of their germination. Only after this, the patient is prescribed a suitable cosmetic surgery.

If the wart root has penetrated the skin to a shallow depth, then it can be removed using cryodestruction – freezing with liquid nitrogen. Otherwise, this procedure will be ineffective.

To completely get rid of the core of the growth can be one of the following professional methods:

  • laser destruction;
  • electrocoagulation;
  • radiocoagulation

If the disease has passed into an advanced stage, then the only solution is surgery. During this operation, the growth along with the root is cut out using a special tool.

Excision of a wart with a scalpel is not the most popular method and it is relevant when other methods cannot be used for any reason. The disadvantage of this method was that after the operation, a large scar remains at the place of extraction of the root system, which only a plastic surgeon can get rid of.

Contraindications to surgical intervention were:

  • cold;
  • herpes rashes;
  • dermatological diseases;
  • diabetes of any type.

Root Wart and Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is the removal of a growth with the help of combined acids, which corrode it along with the base. The most popular drugs based on chemical components are Verrucacid and Fresol.Large wart with root

Their effectiveness has been proven in the removal of newly formed warts with a shallow root, mainly on tender areas of the body (neck, arms). In this case, neoplasms must be processed once. This is quite enough to get rid of growths with a diameter of up to two millimeters. Also, chemicals penetrate deep into the dermis and destroy the base of the growth.

When removing a wart with a root on the foot, Fresol or Verrucacid should be applied 2-3 times, depending on its size. However, due to the coarsened upper layer of the growth, the chance of complete removal of the rod is very small. Therefore, this method is not too suitable for getting rid of plantar neoplasms.

The use of chemotherapy is contraindicated:

  • pregnant women;
  • children under 7 years old;
  • in the presence of skin lesions near the place of application of the drug;
  • when breastfeeding.

Folk methods

You can remove the wart root at home using improvised means. Traditional medicine offers several proven methods:

  • celandine juice;
  • garlic gruel.

It must be said right away that the "grandmother" methods will not help in the fight against an outgrowth. This is due to the fact that the components of the drugs do not penetrate to a sufficient depth and, at best, will only allow the root to be pulled out halfway.


To get rid of the wart along with the root, it is necessary to treat it with celandine juice several times a day. During this time, the toxic substances of the plant penetrate deep into the neoplasm and destroy the viral cells. After the outer part of the wart has fallen off, the juice of the celandine is applied directly to the wound, which remained in its place. The juice will continue to destroy the root structure, after which it can be easily removed with tweezers.


Celandine is contraindicated in the treatment of pregnant women, nursing mothers, as well as young children!


The crushed cloves of garlic are wrapped in a piece of gauze and it is fixed on the affected area of ​​the skin with a bandage or medical adhesive plaster. As well as celandine juice, the substances that make up garlic penetrate deep into the growth and destroy it from the inside, removing the core along with the neoplasm.

Cryotherapy at home

To independently and safely pull out the root of the wart, which has not grown too deep into the dermis, you can use modern means for cryotherapy at home:

  • Cryopharm spray
  • Wartner Cryo Aerosol;
  • Spray MaxiWart.

Cryopharm for wart removal

Inside the cans of medicine there is a special substance that quickly and painlessly freezes the growth and contributes to its falling away. Basically, to remove a small neoplasm together with the root, 1-2 freezing procedures will be needed. In more complex cases, you need to freeze the wart 3-4 times.

A good feature of this method was the lack of the need to visit cosmetology rooms and the use of an expensive cryodestruction procedure. Also, the use of freezing sprays is completely safe for children and expectant mothers.

However, despite all the advantages, doctors recommend that you use caution for home cryotherapy, as it can be used to freeze not only the wart growth, but also healthy areas of the skin. In the absence of the desired result, cryotherapy should be discontinued. In this case, only specialists will help get rid of the deep root.

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