The fastest ways to treat foot fungus at home

Foot fungus is one of the most unpleasant dermatological pathologies. It develops rapidly, affects the nail plates, causes a bad smell, a terrible appearance of the legs and, as a result, causes psychological discomfort. There are many ways to treat foot mycosis in the home. These can be self-made drugs and drugs purchased at the pharmacy. Before making your choice, you need to remember that an improperly selected remedy will lead to the transition of the infection into a neglected form and it will be very difficult to get rid of it.

How to cure foot fungus at home

To combat mycosis that affects the feet, they are suitable:

  • alternative medicine methods;

Alternative Medicine

  • local antimycotics and for internal use (tablets), which can be purchased at any pharmacy without a doctor’s prescription;
  • antiseptic solutions are the most “gentle” and safest treatment option for pathogenic microflora.

Each of the proposed methods has its pros and cons, so you need to consider them in more detail.

"Grandmother" recipes against fungus on the legs

Folk healers offer a lot of recipes for the preparation of medicines that can cure mycosis without much labor and cost. They include simple hygiene products, food products, plants and other components that a person often has at hand.


Folk remedies, although popular, can not instantly cure a fungus. It will be possible to cope with pathogenic microflora in a short time only through complex drug therapy.

The advantages of choosing alternative medicine are several:

  • You can be sure of the quality of the remedy;
  • no need to buy expensive drugs;
  • The list of recipes is so diverse that everyone can choose the right one.

But he also has disadvantages:

  • a high probability of an allergic reaction to the prepared product;
  • a large list of restrictions, including pregnancy, breastfeeding and childhood;

Pregnant girl

  • it is impossible to determine the effectiveness in advance (the advice of the healers helps someone, but not to someone).

If the patient has no contraindications, is confident in the absence of individual intolerance to the selected ingredients, and wants to risk curing the fungus of the feet on his own, then alternative medicine is exactly what he needs.

Treatment of mycosis with vinegar

Acetic essence is a universal substance that can treat almost all types of fungus, including onychomycosis (damage to the nail plate by pathogenic microorganisms). There are many ways to use it, the fastest and most effective of which are presented below:

  • Acetic-soda baths. It is necessary to heat up to 40 degrees 3 liters of water, pour 200 ml of apple essence 9% into it and pour 2 tablespoons of soda. Feet are dipped into the resulting solution and soared for about 10 minutes. After the bath, the feet are wiped with a towel, they do not need to rinse. The procedure is repeated every 2 days (preferably at night) for 3 weeks. This time is enough to get rid of the initial stage of mycosis on the legs. With a running fungus, the baths must be combined with antimycotic drugs or other folk remedies. In this case, the duration of therapy is not adjusted;
  • Vinegar Ointment. In a glass jar with a volume of 0.5 l is added 3 tablespoons of any essence 40%, 250 ml of chamomile broth and flour. Everything is stirred until the mass thickens. After the capacity is put in the refrigerator for an hour. The finished mixture is applied to the feet and legs 2 times a day, and after 5 minutes, rinse with water. Treatment lasts about a month;
  • Compresses. One large onion is put in a jar and filled with 9% vinegar. After a day, it is removed and divided into “petals”. 2-3 of them are wrapped in gauze and applied to the affected skin for half an hour. The procedure is done before bedtime until complete recovery. Those who choose the fight against fungus with this recipe should remember that it is suitable only at the initial stage of development of pathogens.


Sometimes after applying vinegar, the feet become covered with white spots (as in the photo below). This is not dangerous. So dead tissue react to acid.

Herb-based fungal baths

You can get rid of an unreleased disease with the help of medicinal plants. Decoctions are prepared from them, which are either poured into heated water in a ratio of 1 to 2, or used in pure form. The following herbs are suitable for steaming sick feet:

  • celandine;
  • thyme;
  • nettle;
  • coltsfoot;
  • sagebrush;
  • chamomile;
  • elder.

500-600 g of fresh or dry raw materials is poured with 1.5 liters of boiling water. The container is put on fire and brought to a boil. After 15 minutes, it is removed, the broth is filtered and poured into the preheated water in the same volume. Further, feet are steamed in the bath until the liquid cools down. After the foot, they are cleaned of dead tissue with a pumice stone, treated with some kind of antiseptic, preferably without alcohol, and then put on cotton or wool socks on the feet.Bath with herbs

Baths are taken daily for one month. If during this time the fungus is not completely gone, then the therapy is extended for another couple of weeks, no more.


To enhance the effectiveness of medicinal herbs, you can add essential oils of tea tree, grapefruit, orange, oregano or lemon balm to the water. They will not only accelerate recovery, but also remove the unpleasant symptoms of the disease.

Tar and propolis

Birch tar is the fastest way to treat fungus. It is completely natural, practically has no side effects and copes well with many strains of infection. This viscous substance is recommended to be used in pure form:

  1. Feet are steamed in water with added salt and cleaned of dead skin;
  2. Tar is slightly heated in a water bath;
  3. The substance is neatly distributed over the surface of the foot, not forgetting to process the plates and the interdigital zone;
  4. After 5-10 minutes, the feet are washed with antibacterial soap and thoroughly dried.

The minimum course of tar treatment is about 2 weeks, the maximum is 1.5 months.

Propolis, like the previous component, has a pronounced antifungal effect. It destroys pathogens, relieves the symptoms of mycosis, fights against excessive sweating of the feet and eliminates unpleasant odors. It is not convenient to use it in its pure form, therefore, tinctures are prepared on the basis of this product:

  • On alcohol. Propolis is crushed, put into a container and filled with vodka (1:10). It is necessary to insist the medicine for 20 days in a warm place, protected from light;
  • Non alcoholic. For those who are contraindicated the use of alcohol-containing medicines, tincture on water is suitable. 100 grams of propolis is softened in a water bath and mixed with a liter of boiling water. The jar of medicine is insisted on the same principle as the alcohol remedy.

Infusion wipe the surface of the feet after each bath. Duration of use – until complete recovery.

Preparations for the treatment of foot fungus at home

Pharmacological drugs, unlike traditional medicine, allow you to part with a fungus on your legs faster and prevent the relapse of the disease by almost 90%. The disadvantage of their choice was that they have a lot of side effects and you need to consult a doctor before starting treatment. However, there are safe medicines that can be used without visiting a medical institution:Thermicon spray

  • Thermicon. Spray containing ethyl alcohol, terbinafine and excipients. It copes well with onychomycosis, foot fungus caused by different types of pathogen, removes lichen and regulates the sweat glands on the legs. It has no contraindications, except for pregnancy and HB. Children are treated with the drug exclusively under the supervision of a pediatrician;
  • Lamella. Another quick release antimycotic aerosol based on terbinafine. In addition to the active component, macrogol, propylene glycol and alcohol, there are no additional substances in it. The list of contraindications is the same as that of Thermicon;
  • Exolocin. The gel is made from natural ingredients with anti-mycotic, regenerative, anti-inflammatory and deodorizing properties. It contains extracts of tea tree, hemp seeds, macaroni, kukui, extract from birch bark and lapacho. The drug has no prohibitions on the use. The only thing to consider when choosing this medicine is an allergy to plant concentrates;
  • Mycosolone. The ointment is prescribed not only for soft tissue fungus, but also for onychomycosis, allergic rashes and infectious lesions of the feet caused by microbes and bacteria. Its composition included two components – mazipredone and miconazole. They gently affect the skin of the legs, remove inflammation and protect its structure from pathogenic spores that are in the environment.


All ointments, sprays or gels from the fungus are used according to a single scheme: the foot is steamed, cleaned and an antimycotic agent is applied to it with a thin layer. The duration of therapy depends on the area of ​​the lesion and the degree of neglect of the disease.

Together with the treatment of stop preparations for external use, it is necessary to drink antimycotics in tablets. They will destroy the infection within the body and significantly speed up the healing process. The most effective of them include the following drugs:

  • Lamisil;
  • Futsis DT;

Futsis DT

  • Diflucan;
  • Fluconazole;
  • Irunin;
  • Ketoconazole DT;
  • Trebinafine.

You need to take them according to the instructions. It is strictly forbidden to adjust the dose or skip the pill.

Treatment of foot fungus with inexpensive antiseptics

The pharmacy sells a large number of disinfectant solutions that are used to sterilize wounds, sores or manicure and medical instruments, but the list of their application is not limited to this. Some antiseptics cope well with the initial stage of the fungus, the main thing is to use them correctly:

  • Iodine. In the treatment of mycosis on the legs, the solution is added to the baths – 5 ml per 3 liters of water. If it is necessary to cure the fungus not only of the skin, but also of the nails, then after water procedures, the plates with a cotton swab are liberally lubricated with iodine. In this case, it is impossible to prevent an undiluted antiseptic from getting onto soft tissues, since it will cause a chemical burn;
  • Boric acid. A cotton swab is moistened in it and the surface of the feet is wiped 2 times a day. You can still soak the drug with gauze and wrap it on the foot before going to bed. In the morning, the bandage is removed, and the legs are rinsed with clean water with antiseptic soap;
  • Chlorhexidine. Disinfectant without aggressive components. It is used in its pure form for processing feet and is suitable for sterilizing socks and shoes;


  • Hydrogen peroxide. It is used on the same principle as Chlorhexidine. They rub her feet and clean her shoes. You can also dampen cotton fabric in peroxide and make compresses for the night.


Alexey, 35 years old.

On the advice of my grandmother, I smeared sour cream on my feet, in which celandine juice was added (I squeezed it myself from fresh herbs). The fungus left, but very slowly. I spent about a month on completely getting rid of the infection. But the skin became smooth, the nails got stronger. In addition, sweating decreased and redness of the skin disappeared.

Marina, 44 years old.

My foot fungus appeared suddenly. At first I did not know what to do with it, but then on the Internet I came across several folk recipes. I chose the one where I had to pour the egg with vinegar, insist, and then smear the resulting slurry on my feet. No result was achieved.

Then she began to soar her feet in a celandine bath, made soda paste – it was useless. I managed to cure mycosis only with pharmacy drugs. Now, based on my sad experience, I can say with confidence that without the use of pharmacological agents, it is quickly impossible to cure a fungus at home.

Inga, 29 years old.

My child after visiting a kindergarten on the leg appeared peeling skin and white coating. The pediatrician said it was a fungus. He advised me to smear Mykozolon and soak my feet in a decoction of calendula before bedtime. A week later, the sore disappeared. Now I give my son vitamins and carefully monitor his hygiene so that the disease does not return again.

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