The drug Lotseril from nail fungus. Reviews, price, analogues

Nail fungus is treated long and difficult. This is due to the fact that the mycelium of pathogenic microflora grows into the deep layers of keratin plates, where creams and ointments are not easily accessible. It would seem that there is only one way out – to drink pills to defeat the fungus from the inside. However, there is another option – a medicine in the form of nail polish. One of the most popular drugs produced in this form is Loceryl. It quickly impregnates the entire structure of the plate, stops the multiplication of mycosis and gradually kills it.

Description of the drug

Lac Loceryl is a well-known remedy from the company Galderma. This is a large international corporation with branches and representative offices in 33 countries. The main direction of her work is aesthetic medicine, the development of drugs for the treatment of all kinds of skin diseases: acne, psoriasis, hyperpigmentation, onychomycosis and even skin cancer.Loceryl

The company acquired a patent for the production of Loceryl from Roche Laboratories in 1999, and since then this drug has not lost its demand among dermatologists and their patients. Its effectiveness has been tested over the years and tens of thousands of people from different countries.

Loceryl is available in small dark glass bottles with a twisting stopper with a capacity of 2.5 or 5 ml. It is a thick, viscous, transparent mass with a smell reminiscent of ordinary nail polish.

For the convenience of processing the plates and providing aseptic, in addition to the medicine bottle, the following items are included in the Loceryl fungus kit:

  • disposable nail files;
  • napkins in sealed bags soaked in isopropyl alcohol for processing tools and nails;
  • Disposable spatulas for applying varnish.

All this is packed in cardboard boxes. Each is accompanied by detailed instructions with pictures.

Information on the active substance

Loceryl contains amorolfine hydrochloride as an active component – an antimycotic agent with a wide spectrum of action. It is active against most types of parasitic fungi that cause damage to the skin and nails:

  • dermatomycetes;
  • yeast
  • moldy.

Manifestations of nail fungus

Thus, amorolfin helps to cure any infection, including that caused by mixed microflora (for example, trichophyton rubrum + candida albicans).

After applying therapeutic varnish to the nails, the active substance penetrates into keratin and is evenly distributed in it. The concentration necessary for the destruction of fungi lasts up to 7-10 days. This allows you to update the drug layer 1-2 times a week, which greatly facilitates the treatment.

Amorolfin disrupts the synthesis of substances necessary for the formation and functioning of the fungal cell membrane. As a result of changes in its physical properties, the cell can no longer carry out normal gas exchange, receive nutrients, and excrete the products of their decay. This leads to degradation of the mycelium, and the fungus is losing ground. The form of nail polish gives extra protection. A water- and air-tight layer is created on the nails, preventing the spread of spores. At the same time, the risk of re-infection is reduced, therefore, varnish with amorolfine in the composition is considered an excellent prophylactic.


The drug can and should be combined with tablet antimycotics. Only complex therapy will help forget about the fungus forever.

Indications for use

The main indication for the use of Loceryl is a fungal infection of the nails on the hands or feet. Onychomycosis is manifested by a change in the shade, thickness, structure of keratin plates. A hard smooth nail is gradually corroded by the fungus, becoming loose, opaque, yellowish-grayish. When infected with mold microflora, it turns blue, blackens, turns green.Mycosis of nails

With the help of one varnish you can get rid of the disease at an early stage of its development. Sometimes only a doctor can determine the degree of damage with the help of special tools, so do not neglect medical advice. Based on the correct diagnosis, it’s easier to find the right drugs.

The main parameters that determine the possibility of local treatment:

  • the nail plate is affected by less than 2/3;
  • the fungus did not affect the hole or root of the nail (matrix or growth zone);
  • only 1-3 fingers are infected on one limb, there is no total lesion;
  • there are no pronounced skin manifestations (cracks, peeling, itching between the fingers, vesicles).

If the disease progresses, antifungal agents for oral administration (tablets) must be connected to treatment.

With inflammation of the nail ridges (paronychia), cutaneous fungus, the use of varnish is combined with an antimycotic ointment, cream or drops, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic drugs.

Another indication for the use of Loceryl is the prevention of infection with a fungus. This is true for athletes and those who often visit fitness centers, saunas, pools, works with animals. In addition, patients at risk are needed to protect against mycoses:

  • elderly, inactive;
  • with diabetes;
  • with diseases of the vessels of the lower extremities;

Varicose veins

  • with immunodeficiency resulting from diseases or taking certain medications;
  • with mechanical damage to the nails.

They are recommended to apply antifungal nail polish once a month for a long time. This will help prevent infection by avoiding prolonged and dangerous treatment for a weakened person.


The active substance of Loceryl diffuses only in the nail plates. It does not penetrate into the bloodstream and does not have a systemic effect, so there are very few contraindications for varnish. You can not use the drug for allergies to amorolfine hydrochloride or auxiliary components. It is not recommended for children under 18 years of age, pregnant and lactating women (due to lack of appropriate studies).

Mode of application

Lacquer Lacquer is enough to apply on the nails 2 times in 7 days. After a month, you can reduce the frequency to 1 time per week.

The course of treatment continues until the nail plate regrowth completely. On hands it takes about 3 months. It is more difficult with toenails – treatment can last up to six months, a year, or even 18 months. It all depends on the individual characteristics of the body.

In older people, patients with slowed blood flow in the limbs, nails grow much longer than in young and healthy ones. However, it is possible to speed up the healing process with the help of massage, physiotherapy, which improve blood circulation.

An approximate description of the procedure for processing nails with varnish:

  1. Trim the plates, remove all exfoliating areas using a disposable file from the kit. Feet or hands should be cleaned beforehand;
  2. Disinfect the plate with a cloth soaked in alcohol;
  3. With a disposable spatula, collect varnish, apply it, like a brush, on the surface of the nail;
  4. Wait until the layer has dried for 3-4 minutes.

Application of Loceryl


Before the subsequent application, it is necessary to remove the remaining varnish with a new alcohol wipe and clean the surface of the nail, as in the first paragraph of the instructions for use.

It is important to wash your hands thoroughly with soap after the procedure (when applying varnish to the fingers, you should first wait for the product to dry). Disposable tools are immediately thrown away, not used for the treatment of healthy nails. The bottle must be tightly closed, otherwise the volatiles will evaporate and the drug will dry out.

It is worth remembering that organic solvents (acetone, gasoline, white spirit) can destroy the varnish layer, so when working with them, gloves must be worn. Loceryl is perfectly washed off with ordinary cosmetic nail polish remover.

Price in pharmacies and analogues

Lac Loceryl is an expensive product. A 2.5 ml bottle costs from 900 rubles, 5 ml – from 1500. At the same time, the package indicates that the drug is enough for 75 applications. Of course, this is an average figure, it all depends on the size of the nails, the thickness of the applied layer.

There are other medicinal varnishes based on amorolfin. Here is a short list of brands that are most often prescribed by dermatologists:

  • Oflomil (India, 700 rubles per bottle);
  • Onihelp (Croatia, 750 rubles);
  • Exorolfin (Slovenia, 800 rubles).

As you can see, Loceryl substitutes are not cheap either. However, given the frequency of application, the use of varnish can be cheaper than treatment with solutions and ointments that need to be applied daily.

In addition to drugs with amorolfine, on the shelves of pharmacies there are varnishes containing other active substances.


Nail fungus varnish with cyclopirox, an effective antimycotic that suppresses the vital activity of a wide range of parasitic microflora and bacteria. Apply to nails:Batrafen varnish

  • once every two days the first month;
  • twice a week – the second;
  • once a week – the third.

The drug is sold in glass bottles of 3 and 6 g. Disposable instruments are not attached to the varnish, so you will have to purchase them separately.

The average cost is 2100 rubles. Manufacturer – Sanofi-Aventis, Germany.


Often it is called varnish, although in fact it is a medicinal serum that is applied to the nails, but does not create a waterproof layer. As an active ingredient it contains rye enzyme filtrate with fungistatic properties. Hydroxyethyl cellulose in the composition of the medicine compacts the nail plates, which makes it difficult to infect the fungus, stops the growth and spread of mycelium in keratin.

Serum is sold in sets with bilateral disposable nail files and a brush applicator. It is applied to the nails twice a day for a month, then once a day. The course is 3-6 months, so treatment will cost the buyer dearly – one tube of Mikozan 5 ml costs about 900 rubles.

The manufacturer of the product is Sanoffi, the Netherlands.


Hygienic cosmetic product (emulsion) based on biologically active metabolites of bacteria of the genus Bacillus and formic aldehyde (paraform). It is used to eliminate and prevent various skin ailments:

  • herpes
  • acne
  • corns, corns;
  • cuts, bites, abrasions;
  • cracks in the heels, between the toes;
  • onychomycosis.

The effect is achieved due to the properties of the drug:

  • bactericidal;
  • antifungal;
  • anti-inflammatory;
  • healing;
  • enhancing local immunity.


For therapeutic purposes, the varnish emulsion is used daily until the desired result is achieved. For prevention, it is applied to the nails once a week.

Unlike the brands listed above, Demikten does not apply to medicines, but is licensed as a cosmetic product. However, it helps to fight the fungus in the early stages, heals nails and protects against re-infection. When cutting manicure (pedicure) is used to process the cuticle.


In the treatment of onychomycosis, it is best to use Demikten in combination with other antifungal agents (drops, ointments).

Manufacturer – LN Cosmetics, Russia. The price of the drug is about 350 rubles per 40 ml bottle.

Personal reviews of the treatment of nail fungus Loceril

Valeria, 30 years old.

At first, the drug seemed very expensive to me, but now, with the experience in the treatment of fungus, I realized that this is not so. Before Lotseril tried unsuccessfully Mikospor. Not only did he not help, but I also started a terrible irritation around the nail, where the ointment got on my skin.

So the drug for 1500 rubles, which I almost used in three weeks, was bought in vain, and even after it I had to be treated. And the varnish was enough for me for almost five months (smeared on three sick nails). During this time, the plates have almost grown; they look healthy. Plus – the varnish does not get on the skin and it does not inflame.

Ksenia, 32 years old.

Surprise people who have not been treated for years, and then want a miracle – once anointed and everything has passed. It is said in Russian – varnish helps when it is only infected. There is no point in treating a chronic fungus with it. I use Lotseril for prevention in the summer under the usual varnish when I walk in open shoes. My pedicurist advised me this. The result – no fungus for 10 years. The most economical thing is not to be treated, but to think about health in advance.

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