The cost of removal of genital warts

Genital warts are warty growths on the skin, a few millimeters long. These soft, in the form of papillae, growths are capable of fusion. In this case, their colonies resemble cauliflower.

The most common localization of genital warts is the skin in the anal and genital areas. Less commonly – the area of ​​the neck, trunk, armpits.

The papilloma virus contributes to the onset of the disease. At the moment, a conservative treatment for this disease does not exist.

Removal of genital warts is performed surgically. You can choose one of the following treatments:

  • Electrocoagulation;
  • Laser coagulation;
  • Radio wave (radio knife);
  • Cryodestruction;
  • Cauterization by acids.

Let's consider each method in more detail.

Acid Burning

The procedure is carried out using special preparations (Solcoderm, Condilin). They are applied to the genital warts, as a result of which a protective film forms on the wart. Within a week, it dries and dies.Doctor examination

Cauterization is completely painless, performed in the doctor’s office. The cost of such a service is from 500 rubles (depending on the number of papillomas). If the case is simple, 1-2 sessions are enough.


Removal of candidiasis using liquid nitrogen. A small amount of liquid nitrogen is applied to each outgrowth. The tissue freezes. The procedure is painless, does not require pain relief, is calmly tolerated by the patient.

The price of the service varies from 300 rubles for 1 wart.

Do not chase cheapness. It is better for the operation to be carried out by a competent, certified specialist. Low-skilled manipulation can lead to the formation of hardly healing burns and gross scars.


Currently used a little. The procedure is painful, requires local anesthesia. There are contraindications. Using an electrode, the doctor performs an excision of the wart. Within a few days, pain and redness are possible. In the event of an incorrect operation, a scar may remain. The excised material, if necessary, is sent to detect cancer cells.

The cost of the service is only 300 rubles per 1 wart, from two to five warts – 600 rubles.

Laser coagulation

Laser treatment is a highly effective method of getting rid of papillomas. The procedure is completely painless, has no contraindications, eliminates postoperative complications.

The laser beam instantly removes the wart, at the same time "soldering" the blood vessels at the incision site. Therefore, bleeding is practically excluded.

The price of the operation is only 300 rubles per removal. If there is more than one genital warts, discounts are provided. The low cost of the service is explained by the fact that there is no need to spend money on drugs and additional equipment. The working tool is a laser beam.

Radio wave method

A fairly popular method of getting rid of skin growths. The radio wave apparatus "Surgitron" is used. A special electrode that induces radio waves is sent to the wart. The growth is destroyed under the root. A crust formed at the removal site is rejected after a few days.

The procedure is a bit unpleasant, it requires local application of anesthetics.Growth removal

The cost of removing a condyloma with a radio knife starts from 600 rubles. The price depends on the number of neoplasms.

Which removal method is cheaper

The cheapest thing is to buy celandine juice at the pharmacy and cauterize the wart until it falls off. Or, until you get bored. Or until an allergy starts.

If you want to solve the problem without negative consequences for your body, contact a medical center. You will spend more money, but you will forget about the disease forever.

The exact cost of the service consists of several components:

  • Initial consultation of a dermatologist. The doctor will conduct a visual examination, take an anamnesis, and give useful recommendations. If necessary, will send for consultation to other specialists, will give a referral to additional examinations. The cost of the consultation is from 700 rubles.
  • Collection of necessary tests. Removal of condyloma is a surgical operation. General tests of urine, blood, ECG will avoid possible complications. Such tests can be taken free of charge in a regular clinic.
  • Secondary dermatologist consultation. Based on the results of the examination, the doctor will help determine the choice of the method of removal of the neoplasm, appoint a date for surgery. As a rule, a secondary consultation is half the price of the initial appointment.
  • The cost of local anesthesia (if necessary) – depends on the drug used. Anesthetic spray is cheaper than an injection.
  • The cost of antibacterial drugs (if necessary);
  • The number of warts, their size. The larger the growth, the higher the cost of the operation. The question of how much it will cost the removal of an entire population of genital warts is decided by the doctor himself
  • Finding a patient in an outpatient clinic (if necessary). Typically, the patient is allowed to go home immediately after the operation. If the doctor insists, do not ignore his request. Relax for a couple of hours in the room under the supervision of medical staff. Payment, in such cases, is hourly.
  • Sending excised material for histological examination. This analysis will exclude cancer. Price – from 500 rubles.

The fact that treatment is not limited to just one operation should also be taken into account. Immunomodulating drugs (Cycloferon, Acyclovir, Alpizarin, Pyrogenal, Neovir, Ergoferon) are mandatory. The duration of medication varies from a few days to two months.

So to summarize. For a complete cure for genital warts, 2,000 to 10,000 rubles will be required. I repeat that the full cost will depend on the number of warts, the chosen method and the place for their removal (surgical room in the clinic, medical center, private clinic).

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