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Onychomycosis (fungal infection of the nails) causes a person many inconveniences. The plate is deformed, prevents walking, hurts and spoils the appearance of the feet, which is especially important in the summer. You can get rid of the disease with the help of drugs with an antimycotic property, one of which is clotrimazole solution. This is an inexpensive and effective drug that can, with proper use, cure the fungus in a short time.

Drug description

The main component in the composition of the solution is clotrimazole. This substance has a strong antimycotic effect. It is active against the following varieties of fungal infection:Clotrimazole Bottle

  • dermatophytosis;
  • yeast and yeast-like pathogens;
  • mold mycoses.

It also destroys gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, staphylococci, microbes, pathogens of erythrasma and multi-colored lichen.

In addition to clotrimazole, the drug is added:

  • 1,2-dioxipropane (E1520);
  • macrogol 400:
  • ethanol 96%.

The listed substances are not toxic and poisonous. They are used as the basis for the solution. Alcohol additionally disinfects the skin and protects it from pathogens.

Description of the active component

Clotrimazole is a broad-spectrum imidazole derivative. The principle of its action is to suspend the biosynthesis of fungal sterol, which is the basis for the creation of the intercellular membrane. In addition, it violates the structure of existing mycotic cells, namely, increases the permeability of their membranes. Due to this, hydrogen accumulates in them faster, and after its increase to a critical mark, the pathogen dies. In this case, not only the formed mycelium dies, but also the spores that are on the surface of the nails and surrounding skin.Fungus on the nails

The substance does not enter the bloodstream, therefore, does not affect the condition of the whole organism as a whole. In view of this, preparations containing clotrimazole (Amiclon, Imidil, Funginal or Canesten) are not prohibited for use in the treatment of pregnant, lactating women and young children.

Advantages and disadvantages

Clotrimazole solution has many positive aspects, because of which it is especially popular in dermatology:

  • low cost;
  • high efficiency in the fight not only with onychomycosis, but also with skin fungus;
  • security;
  • minimum list of side effects (if you follow the instructions, they are not at all);
  • sold over the counter;
  • fights with all common types of mycosis;
  • allowed for both treatment and prevention of fungal infection;
  • does not have a hepatotoxic effect;
  • can be used without medical supervision.

The drug has several disadvantages:

  • at the advanced stage of the disease, Clotrimazole should be treated with oral antimycotics;
  • inconvenient in processing the nail plate;
  • in the treatment of onychomycosis, a large expense of the drug is required.


A ban on the use of a medicine is an allergy to its components. Before starting treatment, you need to do an allergotest – put a drop of the drug on the back of the hand. With individual intolerance to clotrimazole, after 15 minutes a rash and redness will appear on the delicate skin.

Instructions for use of the solution from nail fungus

Doctors offer several ways to use clotrimazole in the treatment of mycosis of the nail plate. Choosing the right option is based on personal preferences. The decision will not affect the course of treatment.Foot nails


You need to take 0.2 liters of boiled water and a small package of bandage. The jar with the solution is shaken and 20 drops of the drug are added to the glass. Everything is thoroughly mixed and the entire bandage is wetted in the liquid (you can not unwrap it). When the tissue is saturated with medicine, it is wound on the foot in the area of ​​the fingers. It is necessary to distribute the bandage so that the nails are covered with it. After the leg is wrapped in a film (an ordinary bag or food polyethylene is suitable), and at the end a woolen sock is put on it.

After half an hour, the bandage is removed and the feet are dried. You do not need to wash them with soap or rinse. When there is no moisture left on the skin and plates, it is advisable to treat them with an alcohol-free antiseptic, for example, Chlorhexedine or Miramistin. Hydrogen peroxide is not recommended, since it dries the epidermis and causes it to crack.

It will take 3 weeks to 1 month to treat the fungus with compresses with clotrimazole (2 treatments per day). If the nail is affected by more than 2/3, then it is better for him to get rid of keratolic drugs, surgically or by hardware. The place of the removed plate is treated with the solution in the same way until it is completely restored.


Steaming the feet, on which the plates affected by the fungus are located, is a very simple and effective method of treatment. Hot water will not only open the pores of the skin and enhance the penetration of the active component of the solution into its structure, but also soften the nails, which will make it easy to cut them and clean them with a nail file.

Do the bath so:

  1. 3 l of hot water is poured into the basin;
  2. A handful of sea salt and some essential oil are added there;
  3. Then, 10 ml of clotrimazole solution is poured into the liquid;
  4. Feet are dipped in a bath and kept for about 20 minutes.

Foot bath

After the procedure, the nails affected by the fungus are trimmed, and their upper layer is sanded with a nail file. Then you can apply a moisturizer to your feet.

Baths are done once a day for a month. You can combine them with compresses: in the morning the leg turns into a bandage soaked in a medicinal solution, and in the evening it is steamed in water with the addition of Clotrimazole.


This option will allow you to treat mycosis locally, without exposure to surrounding tissues with an antimycotic agent. However, it is rarely recommended for patients whose feet are infected with a fungal infection. This is because if signs of onychomycosis appeared on one nail, then you need to be prepared to treat the entire foot from the disease, since the spores of pathogenic microflora quickly spread around.

But if the patient decided to use this particular method, then he needs to wrap a small piece of cotton wool in several layers of a bandage like a small pillow. A solution of clotrimazole is poured onto it and applied on top of the affected nail plate. So that the lotion does not fall off while walking, an elastic mesh is put on the finger or a piece of tissue adhesive plaster is fixed.

Remove the bandage after 30-40 minutes. After 4-5 hours, the procedure is repeated. The total treatment time for onychomycosis with lotions is from 4 to 7 weeks. You can speed up the therapy process with soda baths for feet, rinsing with decoctions of herbs or taking antifungal tablets prescribed by a dermatologist.Girl drinks a pill


You can not use clotrimazole together with drugs based on nystatin, natamycin and amphotricin. It significantly reduces their effectiveness.

Rubbing nails with anti-fungal solution

For those who do not want to bother with preparing mixtures for a compress or making pads for lotions each time, the following simple method is suitable:

  1. The clotrimazole drop bottle is shaken thoroughly;
  2. A small amount of the drug is applied to the infected nail;
  3. With a cotton swab, the medicine is distributed on its surface;
  4. The foot is kept in the open air until the solution completely dries.

Processing plates do 2-3 times a day. The minimum course of treatment is 3 weeks, and the maximum is 1.5 months. If no changes have occurred on the 20th day of therapy, you need to go to the doctor. Probably, the fungus penetrated into the deeper layers of tissues and will have to use not only external but also oral preparations.

Prices and analogues

There is a solution of nail fungus (25 ml) in a pharmacy no more than 60 rubles. If you use it in its pure form, then one package is enough for the entire treatment period. Using clotrimazole for compresses and baths, you need to buy from 20 to 30 pcs. But this is still several times cheaper than laser therapy of a fungus in a beauty salon or undergoing a full medical course with expensive antimycotics.

Replace this medicine with the following drugs:

  • Bifunal;
  • Derma-Rest;
  • Dermazole Plus;
  • Candide;
  • Kanespor;


These are antifungal agents that have the same principle of action with clotrimazole, but consist of completely different components. Before using them, you need to read the instructions and consult a doctor.


Antonina, 44 years old.

I used Clotrimazole for about 3 weeks and during this time the fungus completely disappeared, despite the fact that most of the nail was affected. I really liked this solution. No side effects and contraindications, does not stain or dry the skin. Now I use it in order to prevent the recurrence of onychomycosis. I add to the baths for steaming the feet 1 time in 3 days.

Cyril, 30 years old.

Clotrimazole is an excellent and inexpensive solution from a fungus. This is not the first time I’ve used it, and certainly not the last time. A year ago, he was treated with his help for depriving me of the neck, and recently he will come in handy in the fight against mycosis on the feet. I wanted to make compresses out of it, but I realized that the baths are much more convenient. It took me 20 days to complete the course of treatment and another week for prevention.

Violetta, 35 years old.

My child’s nails cracked after the pool. Their color changed, the skin around them turned red. I understood from the symptoms that it was a fungus. I went to the pharmacy, where they advised me to Lamisil cream and a solution with clotrimazole. The second was cheaper, so I chose it. We were treated for about 2.5 weeks. Everything went easily and without unpleasant consequences. I'm happy with everyone.

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