Salicylic Acid and Wart Ointment

Salicylic acid is part of many medications that are effective in the fight against warts. It can be ointments, solutions and plasters, for the acquisition of which in pharmacies do not need a prescription. The therapy is quite long, but relatively safe and effective.

With the help of agents, the active substance of which is salicylic acid, it is possible to soften the neoplasms, which as a result leads to their complete disappearance. The first results are noticeable a couple of weeks after the start of their use, and complete disappearance is noted after two, at most three months of continuous treatment.

The use of salicylic acid from warts

In order for the treatment result to be noticeable in the shortest possible time, and the therapy itself to be safe, a number of rules must be observed:

  • The area of ​​the skin on which the wart is localized, before applying the product, you need to steam it in fairly warm water. This manipulation is necessary so that the skin softens, and the effect of salicylic acid is maximum;
  • All manipulations are recommended to be carried out before going to bed. Moisten a cotton swab in solution and treat the affected area. Healthy areas of the epithelium should be unaffected;
  • After applying salicylic, the growth should be sealed with adhesive tape;
  • After waking up, the patch should be removed, and the neoplasm itself should be washed;
  • Be sure to treat the wart using pumice.

Application of the drug

The use of salicylic ointment from warts

This tool is no less effective in the process of getting rid of warts than salicylic acid. Its peculiarity lies precisely in the fact that the effect on the skin is much milder. But despite this, before starting therapy, it is imperative to carefully read the instructions.

Among the main properties of salicylic ointment, the following are distinguished:

  • Exfoliation;
  • Healing of the skin;
  • Disinfection.

The active substance of the drug is salicylic acid, which not only relieves inflammation, but also has an antiseptic effect. The concentration of the component in the composition of the cream can vary from two to sixty percent. In most cases, from warts, salicylic ointment 60 is recommended.

The treatment regimen is as follows:

  • The ointment is applied directly to the lesion with a sufficiently thin layer;
  • A sterile napkin is applied on top of the product and fixed with a gauze bandage;
  • The course of treatment is at least 14 days;
  • Apply the product should not be daily, but every other day;
  • Manipulations should be carried out regularly until the final disappearance of growths.


You can remove warts with salicylic ointment even on the face. After only a month, the growth will disappear. Scarring of tissues is excluded.

Reviews on the use of salicylic ointment against warts

Salicylic acid ointment is an inexpensive antibacterial agent available to everyone. Most patients who used it to get rid of warts note positive changes on the skin.Salicylic ointment

The use of the drug, despite its cheapness, is actually effective. In most patients, complete removal of the warts is noted a month after the start of therapy. Only in exceptional cases, when the growth has already become coarser, the course of treatment can be extended. In any case, the result will be noticed as soon as possible.

Salicylic Acid Patch

One of the most convenient drugs in use, based on salicylic acid, is considered a patch. Most often it is used to remove plantar warts. The active substance in this case is also sulfur.

The effectiveness of the drug is explained quite simply:

  • Thanks to salicylic acid, the upper layers of the tumor soften;
  • Under the influence of sulfur, the people are dried up and gradually perish;
  • Due to the fact that the patch also has an antiseptic effect, growths are excreted as soon as possible, and the risk of relapse is minimized.

Before gluing the patch, the affected skin needs to be steamed well, then wipe the wart dry. Only after such preparation, the patch is glued and not removed within two days.Salicylic acid patch

It is worth considering that this tool is highly not recommended for use against warts on sensitive children's skin. There is a risk of toxic substances entering the body.

Universal instructions for the treatment of salicylic drugs

Regardless of which particular remedy with salicylic acid in the composition was chosen, therapy must be carried out in the strict sequence:

  • The skin area on which the growth is localized is steamed in warm water before the procedure. If the growth is located on the legs or arms, then the easiest way is to use the bath. In the same cases, if other parts of the skin are affected, then it is allowed not to immerse the growth in water, but simply prepare the skin under the influence of steam;
  • Dry the prepared areas before applying the substance;
  • Healthy areas of the epithelium in contact with the growth are generously smeared with petroleum jelly, or glued with adhesive tape;
  • Only after such preparation is the agent applied to the wart;
  • The treated area is sealed with adhesive tape and the time interval specified in the instructions for the preparation is maintained;
  • When using the patch, it is necessary to ensure that it covers only the neoplasm itself and does not fall on healthy areas of the skin;
  • After the procedure, the product must be washed off. Even after using the patch, the affected area must be washed;
  • Immediately after this, the growth is again steamed and treated with pumice. At the same time, only those parts of the wart that go off painlessly are removed;
  • The procedure is repeated until the growths completely disappear.


Despite the fact that salicylic acid is used quite often to remove warts, this medicine has a number of contraindications.

Preparations based on it are strictly forbidden to use in such cases:

  • In order to remove moles;
  • Warts are localized on the mucosa;
  • Unusual skin growths on the scalp;
  • There is no reliable information about whether the neoplasm is a wart or a papilloma;
  • Patients suffering from diabetes;
  • There are pathologies in the circulatory system;
  • Diseases of the peripheral arteries.

Among inexpensive, but effective means in the fight against warts, doctors emit salicylic acid and medications based on it. This group of drugs is really effective in solving these skin problems.

But, despite this, before starting use, it is necessary to diagnose and determine whether the tumor is actually a wart. Even after an accurate diagnosis, it is necessary to coordinate all further actions with a specialist. Only in this case can all undesirable consequences be avoided.

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