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Few people today can boast that they have never encountered the problem of papillomas in their life. This is not surprising, because the human papillomavirus or HPV for short is one of the most common on planet Earth. About 80% of the population has already been affected by its harmful effects.

Papillomas that appear on the skin indicate the transition of the papillomovirus from the "sleeping" state to the active form. In appearance, the papilloma resembles a growth in the form of a papilla, the color of which in most cases coincides with the skin tone.

Papillomas are benign neoplasms. But although their appearance is mainly a cosmetic problem, it is not worth letting the disease on its own. According to doctors and patients, Verrucacid is considered an excellent drug for eliminating growths.

General information about the drug, its composition

Having acquired Verrucacid in a pharmacy, and having familiarized yourself with its composition, you will see three main components.Verrucacid from papillomas


  1. Metacresol – Verrucacid contains 392 mg of the substance;
  2. Phenol – as part of 88 mg;
  3. 95% ethyl alcohol -10 mg.

These three active substances are contained in Verrucacide for a reason. All of them have established themselves as potent cauterizing substances. The obsolete name for phenol is carbolic acid, whose healing properties were still used by our ancestors.

It is on the burning effect of phenol and metacresol that the treatment of papillomas is based.

This drug conducts therapy of neoplasms in two directions at once:

  • Prevents the capture of HPV in new areas of the skin;
  • Destructive effect on already infected cells.

Verrucacid is also considered an effective drug in the fight against other neoplasms. Such as condylomas, warts, plantar corns, keratomas.

Indications for use

Verrucacid therapy is effective for:

  • Burning out single growths;
  • Disinfection of the epithelium after trauma to the papilloma;
  • Preventive measure of the re-manifestation of neoplasms.


Despite the fact that you can buy the drug "Verrucacid" without a prescription, it is recommended that you consult a doctor before use.

Contraindications and adverse reactions

Considering the fact that the effect of the remedy for papillomas is based on the cauterizing effect of its constituent components, it is impossible to completely avoid possible contraindications and side effects.

Do not use Verrucacid from papillomas in the treatment of:

  • Children under the age of six. This limitation is associated with the structural features of children's skin. It is much thinner and more tender than the skin of adults. Therefore, the strong cauterizing effect of the drug can lead to the formation of burns and scars;
  • The growths, the localization of which are the mucous membranes of the genitals, larynx and mouth. The use of Verrucacide in these areas can lead to ulcers that slowly and poorly heal;
  • Pigmented nevi (moles). Cauterization of such areas of the skin can lead to melanoma (oncological skin disease);
  • Papillomatosis – accumulations of a large number of growths. In addition to the lack of effect, severe burns to intact skin are possible. Such a problem needs complex therapy – taking antifungal and immunomodulating agents.

Side effects

In rare cases, the use of the drug may be accompanied by burning or itching, as well as skin reactions such as “hives”, rashes, or redness.

If such reactions are detected, the use of Verrucacide should be stopped immediately, since they indicate individual intolerance to the components of the drug.

Application rules

Using Verrucacid, the instructions for use of the drug should be strictly observed. Given the aggressiveness of its individual components, applying the product by hand is strictly prohibited. To do this, use a wooden or plastic applicator, which is offered by the manufacturer.Papilloma Verrucacid Treatment

The rules for using Verrucacid depend on the growth itself:

  • If the size of the neoplasm does not exceed 2 mm, one procedure is enough to cauterize it. For larger papillomas, the procedure is complicated. It is necessary to apply the product, wait for it to dry and apply again;
  • In the treatment of neoplasms on the soles of the feet and hands, the coarsened areas of the skin will have to be softened. To do this, you will need salicylic acid. After applying e to the problem area, it is sealed with a plaster and left for 20 minutes. After removing the patch, the skin is steamed using a soap or soda solution. With steamed skin with manicure scissors, keratinized particles should be removed and only then proceed with the application of Verrucacide;
  • It is not recommended that you independently use the product to combat neoplasms on the genitals. The mucous membrane is much more sensitive than the skin, and the use of such an aggressive drug can cause severe burns.

When cauterizing papillomas with Verrucacid, safety precautions should be observed:

  1. Apply the solution exclusively to the affected area. Failure to do so may result in burns to healthy skin;
  2. Re-cauterize a papilloma is possible only after consulting a doctor. In its structure, the papilloma is a fairly soft neoplasm, for the removal of which, a single use of the drug is enough;
  3. When applying the drug, take only the "native" wand. The use of cotton buds for this purpose increases the risk of getting the product on healthy skin and its burns;
  4. Using Verrucacid around the eyes is better with the participation of a dermatologist. The likelihood of the drug getting into the mucous membrane of the eye is very high, which can lead to serious consequences.

Operating principle

The cauterizing properties of the components in Verrucacid have a destructive effect on epithelial proteins. Moreover, not only skin, but also viral proteins fall under the action of the drug. This leads to the destruction of HPV, which is the primary cause of papilloma formation, and prevents the development of surviving papillomavirus particles.

Regarding the papilloma itself, necrosis of its tissues occurs, and it gradually disappears. The antiseptic properties of phenol and metacresol prevent the occurrence of secondary infections.Remote papilloma

Under the influence of the components of the drug, regeneration processes are launched in the skin tissues – the wound remaining in the place of growth is quickly dragged out and leaves no scars.

As for the reviews of patients who used Verrucacid from papillomas, they all highlight the four main advantages of the drug:

  • A short treatment period is a couple of days. To forget about the problem forever;
  • The minimum risk of damage to healthy skin, subject to the rules of use of the product;
  • Lack of scarring of tissues at the site of the removed papilloma;
  • Low likelihood of recurrence of the disease.

And, a separate advantage of Verrukacid in its availability. The drug can be bought at any pharmacy without a prescription.

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