Removal of genital warts

Condylomas externally resemble small spotted warts formed by foci. The cause of their occurrence is the human papillomavirus. In adulthood, it is acquired more often through sexual contact. Appearing genital warts on the genitals cause physiological, aesthetic and moral discomfort. Also, growths can be considered traumatic, if damaged, they bleed. Neoplasms are of tumor origin, with them the risk of cancer is increased.

Pathology Diagnostics

Condylomas of the external genitalia are visible to the naked eye. If one day you see a photo of the neoplasm, then in the future you can easily determine it yourself. Pathology usually does not cause additional concern. Only sometimes does the patient feel a slight tingling or burning sensation during the formation of a new lesion.Genital warts

The pathogen is diagnosed by laboratory tests. To date, about 600 strains of human papillomavirus are known. However, only 40 of them are able to be accompanied by a symptom such as the appearance of genital warts.


Condyloma found on the genitals requires compulsory treatment. The growths can not be considered safe and neglected by a doctor. The treatment regimen used for HPV can be different:

  • Conservative technique (use of local and systemic medicines);
  • Biological effects (eradication of the causes of neoplasms, increased immunity);
  • Surgical method (removal of warts in various ways).

A combination of several techniques is possible, which increases the effectiveness of treatment.


Removal of genital warts on genitals shows good results only with additional strengthening of the protective properties of the body. Along with surgical and minimally invasive intervention, the use of medications is recommended. Depending on the severity of the disease, the area of ​​damage, the type of HPV and the individual characteristics of the patient, a certain method is chosen.

Drug use

The safe and painless method of removing external growths is the use of pharmacy products. Genital warts, according to a certain scheme, are lubricated with drugs that inhibit the virus and contribute to the death of foci.

The growths located on the external genitalia are lubricated with drugs:

  • Podophyllotoxin;
  • Condylinum;
  • Kondilayn.

A drug

Twice a day for three days, the solutions are applied to the warts. Next, a break of 4 days. If during the first course of condyloma does not disappear, then the procedure is repeated up to 5 times. Contraindication for this method is pregnancy, its planning and breastfeeding.


Small spread genital warts are corrected with liquid nitrogen. With a cooled substance, warts are cauterized, after which they disappear on their own. The procedure is painless, performed in a hospital, after which the patient goes home. Removal of neoplasms is not accompanied by painful sensations. The only drawback of manipulation is a long recovery period (up to six months).


The pubic growths caused by HPV are also removed by high temperatures. This method is called electrocoagulation. It has an advantage over the previous method for the reason that it is suitable for burning out bulk tumors covering large areas. Electrocoagulation is a painful procedure, so it is performed with local anesthesia. After 2-3 weeks, the crusts formed from cauterization disappear, and fresh skin remains in their place.

Radio waves

Using the Surgitron apparatus, condylomas located on different parts of the genital organs are processed. The procedure involves the release of heat from their own tissues, which stops the growth and nutrition of genital warts. This method is painless and does not cause skin damage, it is very successful.Surgitron, for removal of genital warts

Laser removal

This technique involves processing the pubis and other parts using a laser beam. He burns warts, leaving only small scars in their place. Manipulation is performed under local anesthesia. Such treatment is popular. Using a laser, you can remove condylomas growing on the genitals, in the anus, as well as other parts of the body.

Surgical intervention

External and internal condylomatosis has recently been rarely treated with surgical intervention. This technique is painful, therefore, it is carried out with general anesthesia or local anesthesia (if the neoplasms are small). During the procedure, warts are excised with a scalpel, and wounds are sutured in their place. Sutures are removed on the 7-10th day or resolve on their own. Surgical treatment is recognized as the most traumatic method. The recovery period is long and difficult. The operation to remove genital warts on the genitals is performed in rare cases when other methods of treatment are ineffective or cannot be used.


If genital warts appear, it is necessary to consult a doctor as soon as possible. Men should visit a surgeon or urologist, and women should see a gynecologist. After laboratory diagnostics and external examination, the doctor will choose the most suitable treatment method.

During pregnancy, there is an increase in existing warts: they become more loose and larger. Based on the results of PCR and cytological studies, a certain tactic of actions is chosen: treatment or a waiting period. Therapy for expectant mothers is preferred in the early stages. It includes minimally invasive intervention and the use of pharmacy products. It is unacceptable to try to remove the warts on your own, as this will lead to additional infection and complications.

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