Removal of genital warts with liquid nitrogen. Features of the procedure and care after

Most women and men of reproductive age have a papillomavirus infection in the body – a disease that is transmitted sexually, through the home, from mother to baby during childbirth. It is manifested by warts of various species, among which flat and genital warts.

Condylomas are most often located on the mucous membranes and skin of the external and internal genital organs, in the anus. Genital warts look like solitary papillate growths of flesh-colored on a thin stalk, which can merge, grow and resemble cauliflower outwardly. Flat condylomas are not visible to the naked eye, their presence is determined using research by a doctor.

What is the danger

The human papillomavirus is in the body of almost all people, but it is in remission, and only enters the active phase when immunity decreases. It is during the active phase that condylomas appear. Condylomas are just a clinical manifestation of HPV, their removal does not lead to recovery from human papillomavirus infection.Condylomas on the skin

There is no cure for a complete cure for HPV in the world. Treatment of the virus is aimed at stopping activity and is based on increasing immunity. But if the disease is not treated and condylomas are not removed, neglected warts can grow to enormous size and cause a lot of inconvenience.

In addition, condylomas are dangerous to humans by the fact that:

  1. Can cause skin cancer. Located on the cervix – cause various diseases (cervical dysplasia, leukoplakia), which, in turn, lead to cervical cancer.
  2. They can fester and ulcerate if hygiene rules are not followed or mechanical stress (for example, rubbing on clothing or sexual intercourse) is a gateway to infection.
  3. Pointed growths impede the passage of feces, entail constipation and microcracks of the anus, if located in the anus.
  4. They are constantly irritated by discharge from the bladder. The outflow of urine is interfered if located near the urethra or on the glans penis.
  5. They can lead to severe nervous disorders, as bring emotional anxiety.
  6. In men, can lead to narrowing of the foreskin if untreated.

From this it follows that with every focus of the disease, in order to avoid consequences, it is necessary to fight with the radical method – removal.

Operation Features

For the removal of genital warts in medical institutions offer several ways. One of the traditional methods is the removal of genital warts with liquid nitrogen – cryodestruction. At a temperature of -196 degrees, the gas is cooled and it goes into a liquid state. After that, nitrogen with ultra-low temperature is applied to condylomas.

When liquid nitrogen is applied to the affected area, the water located in the intercellular space and inside the cell freezes instantly (the duration of freezing is an average of 3 seconds), expands and breaks the cell. Those. as a result of the treatment procedure, tissue necrosis occurs. Pathological tissues undergo destruction, death, and rejection; a new cover under the damaged tissue is regenerated.

Pain during the procedure is so imperceptible that anesthesia is not required. The exception is only people with a very low pain threshold. In this case, local anesthesia with novocaine or lidocaine is used. Another advantage of this method is the absence of bleeding, as during low temperatures, damaged vessels are blocked.Types of Cryodestruction Applicators Used


Removal of genital warts with nitrogen can destroy a massively large number of single warts, as well as neoplasms overgrown up to 10 mm – up to 20 pieces in 1 session. But the minus of cryotherapy is that it is difficult to regulate the depth of exposure, which is why the wart may not be completely removed and one more will be needed.

The destruction procedure is effective and has its advantages:

  • No pain;
  • Does not leave scars and scars;
  • Short duration of surgery on an outpatient basis;
  • High efficiency;
  • Low probability of relapse;
  • Quick recovery after surgery.

Operation mechanism

Cryosurgery can be performed in the office of a gynecologist, urologist or dermatovenerologist, spending a few minutes on this. Having laid or seated the patient in a comfortable position, the doctor applies liquid nitrogen to the neoplasm with a cotton swab or a special device – a cryoprobe.

When processing manually, a cotton swab is dipped in a vessel with liquid nitrogen and, pressing the wart a little, hold the swab for 3 to 30 seconds (depending on the size of the wart). Then the swab is removed, and the skin begins to turn white. After 1-2 minutes, it thaws and the doctor can see how cauterization in this case was effective. If necessary, repeat the procedure. After the final freeze of condyloma, the skin becomes pale pink with a whitish tint. This means that the cells are destroyed.

Next, a bubble filled with a colorless or cloudy liquid appears at the site of the treated focus. He appears after about 5 hours. Inside the bladder, a new skin grows under a layer of fluid. It can be seen after 5-6 days, when the bubble bursts. Another 5-7 days are needed to strengthen the new cover – during this time the skin becomes denser and the peel peels off its surface.Frozen growth

What to do after removal of genital warts with liquid nitrogen

Features of care after cryotherapy are not complicated and are in the following rules:

  1. It is forbidden to pierce the bubble.
  2. It is impossible to live sexually until the wound is completely healed.
  3. After each chair you need to carry out hygiene procedures.
  4. If the bubble is damaged, this place needs to be treated with Miramistin or Chlorhexidine and a sterile napkin is applied.
  5. With severe pain that occurs due to mechanical irritation of the bladder, you need to put on it a sterile gauze napkin and glue it with a plaster.
  6. Also, if it is unbearably painful, you can take painkillers.
  7. If discharge or itching appears after surgery, you must consult a doctor again. This may indicate inflammation or incomplete death of pathological tissue.


In order to successfully get rid of all genital warts and to avoid the emergence of new ones, it is necessary to conduct parallel treatment of HPV with the help of antiviral drugs and immunostimulating.

Patient Reviews

Anna, 43 years old, Perm

First treated condylomas with electrocoagulation – cauterization. During the procedure, it smells strongly and very painful. Then I removed them with cryodestruction of genital warts. Compared to moxibustion – heaven and earth. It didn’t hurt, only it was cold and a little pinching. Already 15 years, do not bother.

Elena, 35 years old, Moscow

More than once in my life I had to deal with genital warts. The last time I removed them with the operation of liquid nitrogen. This method is quite effective and painless. She passed 2 courses of cryotherapy and for 6 years I have been living calmly, but I constantly maintain immunity. I’m afraid that if immunity decreases, HPV and condylomas will again make themselves felt.


Cauterization of genital warts with nitrogen is one of the best ways to comprehensively treat human papillomavirus and at the same time prevent cancer. Experts recommend this method, since its high efficiency and safety have been proven.

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