Removal and treatment of genital warts in women

Condylomatosis in women is a viral disease caused by the entry of papillomavirus into the body. In most cases, genital lesions occur, in the area of ​​which genital warts occur. This disease requires timely treatment, since there are varieties of the causative agent of this disease, characterized by increased oncogenic activity and capable of provoking the development of malignant processes in the female reproductive system. Treatment of genital warts is carried out with antiviral and immunomodulating drugs, and it is also possible to remove them using various techniques.

A large number of women are carriers of the human papillomavirus, but many of them are unaware of this, since there are no clinical manifestations. Symptoms of pathology, as a rule, appear when the immune system is weakened.

Genital warts in women not only cause physical and psychological discomfort, interfere with the normal functioning of the body, but also pose a serious threat to health and life, since if there is a risk of developing cervical cancer. According to statistics, 70% of deaths among the female population aged 20 to 25 years from genital cancer were recorded, and 30% from 30 to 35 years old.

Characteristics of genital warts

Genital warts or condylomas are benign neoplasms that occur in the area of ​​the external and internal genital organs, in the anus, urethra. The formation of genital warts is provoked by the papillomavirus, which penetrates the human body.Genital warts

Condylomas have a pale pink or flesh tint, lobed structure. They can be located one by one, but they are more characteristic of joining in groups that, in appearance, resemble cauliflower or cockscomb. The growths have a very thin, often filiform base.

Symptoms of the disease

Signs of condylomatosis in women are the appearance in the intimate places of skin growths. When the immunity is weakened, the virus, which is the causative agent of the pathology, becomes active and provokes the growth of genital warts on the female genitalia. And this happens rapidly, literally within a few hours. In this case, the woman feels itching, burning, discomfort in the area of ​​the external genitalia. When the formation of genital warts ends, all the discomfort recedes.

If genital warts are grouped in the anus, then the patient has serious problems with defecation, pain, itching, condylomas can bleed. And with the formation of growths near the urethra, urination is difficult.

When a viral infection reaches the mucous membrane of the vagina or cervix, on which neoplasms appear, a woman develops abnormal discharge in large quantities, and in case of violation of the genital warts, blood impurities and an unpleasant putrefactive odor are added to these secretions.


Condylomas often connect with each other, forming large growths, which can lead to the formation of one giant Bushke-Levenshtein cone, prone to malignancy and decay.

Locations of genital warts

Genital warts are very contagious, and they usually appear in the following areas:

  • Female small and large labia;
  • Before and inside the vagina;
  • In the urethra;
  • On the cervix, in the uterus itself;
  • In the anus;
  • In the mouth.

In the absence of proper treatment, the disease can spread throughout the human body, and skin growths appear in other places, for example, on the pubic part, less often on the stomach. Such manifestations indicate neglect of the disease and require immediate medical attention.Condylomas near the vagina

Causes and Risk Factors

The most basic reason why the human papillomavirus enters the female body is unprotected intercourse with an infected person. But there are other ways of infection, for example, a kiss, close physical contact with the patient, as a result of which a viral infection gets on the mucous membranes. As a rule, people with a weak immune system catch the disease faster.

Risk factors:

  • Extremely early onset of sexual activity;
  • Illegibility in sexual relations;
  • Pregnancy;
  • A sharp weakening of the immune system;
  • The presence of microdamages, injuries on the mucous membranes of the genitals;
  • The presence of sexually transmitted diseases in the body;
  • Candidiasis;
  • Abortion
  • Frequent stressful situations, a tendency to depression;
  • Drug abuse without a doctor's prescription;
  • Bad habits;
  • Wrong lifestyle;
  • Vitamin deficiency caused by malnutrition or malnutrition;
  • Neglect of intimate hygiene;
  • Hormonal changes in the body, etc.

Another option for infection is the transmission of papillomavirus from a sick mother to a child during labor.

Varieties of genital warts

There are several types of skin growths that occur on the external genitalia in women and have their own name in gynecology:

  • Micro condylomas that can develop into genital. They look like small nodules on the surface of the epidermis or mucosa;
  • Flat condylomas growing inside the epithelial layers and causing cervical erosion. These neoplasms usually remain invisible to women, but are detected upon examination by a gynecologist;
  • A warty type of growths, the main place of localization of which is the large labia;
  • Papular condylomas affect large areas of the skin and mucous membrane;
  • Hyperplastic neoplasms, the main feature of which is that the apex of each growth has the end of a blood vessel;
  • Genital warts, the height of which reaches several millimeters. They tend to group and form extensive foci on the genitals;
  • Wide condylomas, characterized in that their causative agent is pale treponema, which provokes the development of syphilis. Wide genital warts indicate the neglect of the disease.

Genital warts

The danger and consequences of genital warts

The occurrence of genital warts in intimate places gives a lot of inconvenience and discomfort. But the main danger they carry in themselves is the likelihood of a malignant process in the organs of the reproductive system of women. In all patients with cervical cancer, as a rule, the human papillomavirus is detected.

Other health effects are possible, no less serious:

  • Marked decrease in immunity;
  • Susceptibility to any infections, significant deterioration in health;
  • Genital growths are easily damaged, as a result of which the pathogenic flora penetrates into them, causing inflammation, ulceration, in the worst case, tissue necrosis;
  • Loss of performance and modification of the genitals with extensive lesions, with severe neglect of the disease.

The occurrence of genital warts during pregnancy is very dangerous, since the probability of infection of the child is high, which is fraught with serious problems for his health. In such cases, natural delivery is contraindicated, and the baby is born by cesarean section.

Condylomas in virgins

The formation of warts in intimate places in girls who are not sexually active is very rare, but nevertheless such cases also occur. This phenomenon is explained by the fact that the sexual route of transmission of the disease is not the only one. You can get infected by the contact-everyday way, using the patient’s personal belongings, for example, a towel, a shaving machine, etc. Infection is excluded only with strong immunity.

Condyloma can appear on the hymen or on the labia. As the warts of the girls grow, symptoms such as itching, discomfort, and increased humidity in the genital area are disturbing.

All these signs are a good reason for visiting a gynecologist and conducting an examination. If papillomavirus is detected, all family members with whom the patient lives should be diagnosed.

Methods of treating condylomatosis

For the treatment of condyloma in women, various medications are used, as well as methods for their removal. Unfortunately, it is impossible to completely rid the body of papillomavirus, but neoplasms must be eliminated. It is equally important to suppress the activity of the virus and strengthen the immune system with the help of special drugs.

An approximate treatment regimen for condylomatosis:

  • Removal of growths by laser, cryodestruction, radio wave radiation, cauterization by electric current, surgical excision;
  • Prescribing drugs to strengthen the immune system;
  • Prescribing antiviral drugs;
  • Recovery therapy after treatment.

In the presence of a small number of genital warts, it is not difficult to cope with them, just one procedure to eliminate them is enough. But with multiple growths, an integrated approach to therapy is required. Antimicrobials, enzymes, local anti-inflammatory and antiviral agents, baths with antiseptics, and douching should be used.


In order to cure the patient of genital warts, the doctor prescribes the use of certain drugs, the action of which is aimed at destroying the activity of the virus and restoring the body's defenses. Such drugs are usually used as part of complex therapy to prevent re-formation of neoplasms.

The most effective medications:

  1. Alpizarin blocks the ability of a viral infection to reproduce and spread;
  2. Acyclovir contributes to the degradation of the virus;
  3. Isoprinosine damages papillomavirus cells;
  4. Cycloferon in addition to antiviral has an immunomodulatory effect;
  5. Lycopid restores immunity, synthesizes the production of antibodies.

A drug

At the discretion of the doctor, it is possible to replace drugs in tablets with analogues for intravenous administration.

For local treatment of genital warts, various creams, gels, ointments, solutions are used:

  • Viferon ointment or suppository;
  • Epigen Spray;
  • Celandine;
  • Panavir;
  • Condylinum;
  • Ferozol;
  • Oxolinic ointment;
  • Dermavit;
  • Salicylic ointment.

Separately, it is worth mentioning the solution for the removal of genital warts in women Solcoderm, permissible for use, both in a hospital setting and at home. The composition of the drug includes several acids that destroy mutated cells and suppress the virus.

With the independent use of the drug at home, extreme care should be taken and make sure that the treatment solution does not get on healthy skin areas. The use of Solcoderm refers to the method of chemical coagulation of genital warts. The cost of the drug is approximately 700-800 rubles.


The use of medications without consulting a doctor is unacceptable, self-medication is fraught with serious health consequences.

Condyloma Removal Methods

In gynecology, several methods are practiced for the removal of genital warts in the female genital area.

  • One of them is electric current cauterization, exposure to growths with high temperature. This procedure causes pain, so it is carried out under local anesthesia. Using electrocoagulation, warts are removed in the perianal region, on the labia, near the urethra.
  • Laser removal is a more gentle and effective method by which diseased tissues are completely destroyed and healthy skin remains unharmed. Laser treatment also involves sealing small vessels, resulting in faster healing of wounds.

Removal of genital warts with a laser

  • Cryotherapy – effect on neoplasms with liquid nitrogen. This method is good for single growths, and with large lesions it is ineffective. The recovery period after cryodestruction is on average several months.
  • The radio wave method for removing genital warts is the impact on diseased areas of the skin with a special apparatus. In this case, there is minimal trauma to the epidermis and mucosa in comparison with other methods of therapy. Such treatment is gaining more and more popularity.

Home treatment for genital warts

Therapy of condylomatosis at home involves the use of medications prescribed by the attending physician, as well as various folk remedies, decoctions and infusions of medicinal plants.

Effective recipes for local effects on neoplasms:

  • Cut along the cloves of garlic and attach them to the affected areas, fix with a plaster. You can also just lubricate condylomas with garlic juice several times a day;
  • Apply freshly squeezed celandine juice to the warts 2 times a day. At the same time, be careful not to get on healthy skin, since this is a very powerful tool;
  • Apply compresses from onion juice with the addition of a small amount of vinegar;
  • Apply aloe juice to condylomas or apply leaflets;
  • Lubricate the growths with iodine;
  • Make baths of chamomile, thyme, calendula, sage and other medicinal herbs.

In the process of treatment, it is very important to observe intimate hygiene, maintain a healthy lifestyle, strengthen immunity in all possible ways, and completely eliminate sexual contact.

Treatment Reviews

“I found in my intimate places several strange growths, as it turned out, genital warts. I went to the gynecologist, passed all the tests, HPV was detected. The doctor recommended removing condylomas using the radio wave method. For half a year now I’ve been living a normal life, growths no longer appear "

Olga, 19 years old, Minsk

“I treated genital warts with Cycloferon and Epigen spray as prescribed by my gynecologist. So far, nothing is bothering. ”

Valentina, 39 years old, Saratov

“2 years ago I was diagnosed with the papilloma virus, strange warts began to appear on my labia. The doctor advised to remove them with a laser, because treatment with tablets in such cases is not enough. After removal, it was necessary to take medicine and treat the wounds. I am very grateful to my gynecologist for saving me this problem. "

Sophia, Uglich

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