Remedies for foot fungus. The best antifungal drugs

The range of anti-fungal drugs on the legs is so diverse that it is difficult for a person without certain knowledge to choose the right remedy. But to do this is extremely important, since its success depends on which medication will be used in the treatment of mycosis. Doctors ranked the most effective and safe antimycotics that are suitable for almost everyone who has encountered a fungal infection. They do not require a prescription, are inexpensive and do not contain poisonous components.

Systemic drugs (tablets with antimycotic property)

The tablet dosage form of antifungal drugs can effectively destroy the spores of the pathogen of mycosis and prevent their spread to healthy areas of the skin. In addition, they have an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect.Tablets

The active components in their composition, accumulating in tissues and biological fluids, kill the fungus throughout the body. Pills are convenient to take, but they often have a negative effect on the liver and kidneys. Therefore, you can’t prescribe antifungal drugs yourself, so as not to harm your health.

The rating of the most effective and inexpensive pills for fungus includes the following medicines:

  • Fluconazole. A popular antimycotic drug. Causes damage to the cell membrane of fungi and blocks their reproduction. Available in packs of one or two capsules. Price – from 70 to 80 rubles. The recommended daily dose is one capsule, but it can be changed by the attending physician. Fluconazole is taken until complete recovery. Premature termination of the course will lead to a relapse of the fungal infection. Contraindications to the use of the drug – susceptibility to azole antimycotics, concomitant use of terfenadine, pregnancy, children under four years of age;


Fluconazole has more expensive foreign analogues with the same therapeutic substance – Diflucan, Flucostat, Mikosist.

  • Lamisil. An expensive, effective drug for mycoses. The price of packing tablets (14 pcs.) Is 2300-2500 rubles. The active substance is terbinafine. Kills all strains of fungi parasitizing on the skin, nails and hair. It quickly enters the bloodstream and accumulates in the upper layer of the epithelium. In the nail plates, it is absorbed 5-6 days after the start of therapy. The duration of treatment depends on the stage of development of the infection and ranges from 6 to 12 weeks. The recommended dose is one tablet per day. Contraindication – hypersensitivity to the components of the drug. There are no data on the safety of use during gestation. Interacts with certain antimycotic drugs;
  • Itraconazole. Tablets from a fungus based on a synthesized antifungal substance – itraconazole. The substance quickly kills the spores of most common types of pathogens. It is well absorbed into the epidermis (especially the upper layer) and maintains a therapeutic concentration in the skin for two weeks after completion of administration, and in the nail plate for up to a month. The course of treatment for onychomycosis is 90 days at a dosage of 200 mg (2 tablets) in 24 hours or one week when taking 400 mg of the drug daily. The price of one package (14 pcs.) Is about 400 rubles. Contraindicated in case of intolerance to the components of the drug, pregnancy and lactation. Medication can have a toxic effect on the liver. Not compatible with some medicines, the list of which is indicated in the instructions for the drug;


  • Terbinafine. The best tool for the treatment of advanced mycotic lesions of the skin and nails. Effectively destroys all common types of pathogens of mycoses, disrupting the synthesis of the cell membrane of the pathogen. The price in pharmacies for the packaging of tablets of domestic production (14 pcs.) Is about 250 rubles. Terbinafine from the Teva company costs 500-550 rubles. The recommended dose is 1 tablet once a day, after meals. The duration of treatment of mycosis of the skin and nails is 6-12 weeks. If the growth rate of the plate is slowed down, therapy is continued until complete recovery (about six months). Terbinafine is contraindicated in pregnant and lactating women, children and people with increased susceptibility to the components of the drug. Use in patients with renal or hepatic dysfunction, metabolic disorders requires caution and dose adjustment of the drug;
  • Ketoconazole. Inexpensive anti-fungal drug with anti-inflammatory effect. A package of 10 tablets costs 230-280 rubles. The closest analogue is Mycozoral. Ketoconazole has a toxic effect on the liver and kidneys, so during treatment you need to monitor their function. Contraindicated in pregnancy and lactation. Incompatible with certain drugs. Take 1-2 capsules together with food once a day;
  • Nizoral. Another effective remedy for foot fungus is based on ketoconazole. A large pack (30 tablets) costs about 1050 rubles. The producer – "McNeil Products Ltd", Belgium. Nizoral is prescribed for patients with microflora that is resistant to other drugs, as well as those who are not suitable for other antimycotic systemic medications. Only a doctor should prescribe it, because the antimycotic has a wide list of contraindications. Take the drug 1 capsule once a day with food. Treatment is continued until recovery, otherwise relapse is possible. The drug may decrease the effectiveness or enhance the effect of a number of other medicines.

Nizoral tablets


Before you start taking antifungal tablets, you need to undergo an examination and determine the strain of pathogens that have affected the skin and nails on the feet.

Inexpensive but effective varnishes

Medicines in the form of varnishes are intended for the treatment of onychomycosis. They are more convenient to use than other forms of antimycotics, they are suitable for the prevention of the disease and protect the plate from bacteria, moisture and germs.


A popular and effective drug for the treatment of various stages of nail fungus. Available in bottles of 2.5 and 5 ml. Price – from 1450 rubles. The kit includes nail files and plastic blades for applying varnish, as well as cleaning alcohol wipes.

The active substance of the drug is amorolfin. In low concentrations, the reproduction of pathogenic spores is inhibited, in high – it damages the membrane of the cytoplasmic membrane of the pathogen and causes its rapid death. Effectively eliminates itching and burning. A small bottle is enough for 75 applications.

As monotherapy, varnish is used if less than 2/3 of the nails are affected. If more, then concomitant systemic therapy is indicated. Apply the medicine 1-2 times a week until the diseased nail plate is replaced with a healthy one. It can be used as a prophylactic.


This varnish is characterized by improved penetration and bactericidal properties. The active substance is cyclopiroxolamine. Available in 3 gram vials. Price – from 2100 to 2300 rubles.Application of varnish Batrafen

At the beginning of treatment, varnish is applied over the entire surface of the damaged nail 1 time in two days. Before the first use, the keratin damaged by the fungus is cut off with a file. Once a week, all layers of varnish are erased and the plate infected with mycosis is trimmed as much as possible. In the first month of treatment, the drug is applied every two days, in the second frequency of application is reduced to two times a week, and in the third – to one. The course lasts no more than six months.

Creams, ointments and solutions

Their use gives good results at an early stage of the development of the disease. In a severe case, topical preparations are combined with oral ones, however, a dermatologist should draw up a therapy regimen and combine antimycotics.

In order for external treatment to be effective, it is necessary to carefully prepare the skin and nails before each procedure for applying the therapeutic agent:

  1. Wash with soap or steam in the bath;
  2. Carefully smooth out soft tissues with a pumice stone and wipe your feet dry;
  3. Trim the overgrown edge of the plate.


It is produced in the form of dermgel, cream, solution and spray. The active antifungal substance is terbinafine. It allows you to destroy almost all known types of mushrooms. Relief of unpleasant symptoms, such as itching, hyperemia and burning, occurs already in the first days of the drug.

The main component of the drug enters the bloodstream in very low concentrations, but for children, people with kidney and liver failure, as well as metabolic disorders, it is prescribed in case of emergency.

Cream can be purchased at a price of 850 rubles per 30 grams (15 g packs are on sale). It has a triple effect:

  • quickly relieves itching, eliminates burning and peeling of the skin;
  • allows you to remove the foot fungus in one to two weeks;
  • suppresses the inflammatory process and conducts prophylaxis of mycosis.

Dermgel costs 560 rubles per tube of 15 g. The product is a milky shade, light consistency, non-greasy and quickly absorbed into the skin. More often than other forms it is used for the treatment and prevention of foot mycoses. Apply the medicine to infected areas once a day before bedtime. The recommended course of treatment is a week. Contraindicated in pregnant and lactating women, as well as children under twelve years of age.Lamisil in different forms

The instruction of Lamisil-Uno (solution and spray) provides for a single application of the drug per day. The solution is quickly absorbed into the damaged tissue and forms a protective film on its surface. The concentration required to destroy the fungus is retained in the tissues for up to three days. The price of packaging is 860 rubles.


Inexpensive ointment with a wide antimycotic spectrum of action. The price for 20 g is 180-200 rubles. It kills fungi, simple microorganisms, and also has an antibacterial effect. A feature of this tool is the rapid accumulation of the active component in a dense keratin layer (nails).

The cream is applied 2-3 times a day on washed and dried skin or nails. Treatment is continued until the clinical signs of the disease are completely eliminated.


This antifungal agent for the legs does not cause side effects, except for allergic reactions to its composition. In this case, it is strictly forbidden to use it.

An antifungal agent is contraindicated in the first trimester of pregnancy, as well as in children under 2 years of age. After – only under the supervision of a pediatrician.

There is another form of this drug – Clotrimazole-Akrikhin alcohol solution. Manufacturer – Medana Pharma, Poland. The price of a bottle with a capacity of 15 ml is 280 rubles. It has the same efficiency, but is more convenient to use. The solution is quickly absorbed into the skin and nails, does not make up a sticky film and traces. According to doctors, this type of antimycotic is most in demand among patients.


Cheap cream with a faint specific odor. The main active ingredient is naftifine hydrochloride. An effective remedy against common and rare types of fungi, characterized by pronounced anti-inflammatory properties. The price of a package of 15 grams is 480 rubles.

The drug substance quickly penetrates into the deeper layers of the tissues and forms a stable concentration there, which effectively kills the fungus even after stopping therapy. With foot mycoses, the cream is rubbed into clean, dry skin once a day. On damaged nails, the medicine is applied twice a day.The use of exoderil

Fungal skin diseases must be treated from four to eight weeks, onychomycosis – up to six months. Apply the cream to pregnant and lactating, as well as children is contraindicated.

Another dosage form is an alcohol-based solution with the same concentration of naphthyne. The method of its use and duration of treatment are similar to cream. The price of a 10 ml bottle is about 550 rubles.


It is made in the form of a cream, solution and kit, consisting of ointment, plasters and applicator sticks. The main drug substance is bifonazole. It kills all known strains of the fungus, destroying their cytoplasmic membrane.

Cream and solution are used to treat foot skin mycoses, and the ointment in the kit effectively fights nail damage. It contains urea, which softens the infected layers of the plate and promotes the deep penetration of the therapeutic substance into the tissues.

The ointment is distributed over the entire surface of the nail affected by onychomycosis once a day, sealed with a patch from the kit and left to act for a day. After this time, the bandage is removed, the foot is soared in the bath and the affected layers are removed with the applicator.

Cream and solution are applied to the foci of infection once a day before bedtime. The course of treatment of mycotic lesions of the skin of the foot is 3 weeks.

The price of a set in pharmacies is 1300 rubles, cream and solution – 400-600 rubles.


Universal preparations in the form of an aerosol. Suitable for the treatment of both nail and skin fungus. The main advantages of their choice are ease of use, controlled consumption of the drug.


It is used for the treatment and prevention of foot mycoses. Sold in aerosol cans of 15 and 30 ml.


The spray is allowed to be used to disinfect the inner surface of shoes, especially the one that is used as a replacement when visiting pools or baths.

Contains terbinafine, as well as ethanol and other components. Improvement of well-being occurs within a couple of days after use. The price of a 15 ml can is from 575 rubles.Lamisil Spray

Aerosol is not recommended to be sprayed on damaged skin because it contains alcohol. If the symptoms of the fungus do not disappear after 6-10 days, then you need to see a doctor to clarify the diagnosis.

Spray can not be used for children under two years of age. The drug is used with caution in diseases of the kidneys, liver and metabolic disorders in the body.


Effective and inexpensive spray made in Russia. The dispenser with which the can is equipped allows you to spray the medicine onto the tissue affected by the fungus without contact with it. Eliminates itching and burning during the first two days after application. Sold in 15 and 30 ml vials. The price of the tool is about 300 rubles.

The spray is applied to the foot infected with mycosis 1-2 times a day. Spray the product before moisturizing the surface of the skin. The recommended course of treatment for foot mycoses is a week.Thermicon spray

Do not use on irritated epithelium. Rarely, a burning sensation may occur in places where the drug is sprayed, which is due to the presence of alcohol in the composition.


Irina, 35 years old.

She returned from vacation with a fungus on her foot, although this has never happened to me before. At first I did not pay attention to peeling, I thought that it was from the sun and salt water, but then itching and burning appeared, which intensified and eventually became simply unbearable.

I went to the pharmacy, where they recommended me to take Lamisil cream. I bought it, used it according to the instructions – twice a day. The cream was absorbed in a couple of minutes, did not pinch. Unpleasant symptoms disappeared on the third day. The skin of the feet has become whiter and more tender. After two weeks of treatment, I managed to completely get rid of the fungus. Now, thanks to this cream, my legs are in perfect order.

Igor, 41 years old.

Fungus of the foot suffered for several years. It was independently treated with folk remedies, but the effect of them was enough for a month or two, and then again. When the nails began to darken and crumble, I decided to consult a doctor. I was told that the fungus is already in its advanced stage, so I will have to drink the tablets and rub the cream into the skin and nails.

The doctor prescribed terbinafine and clotrimazole ointment. It was treated for about two months, processed nails until it was completely regrown. The drugs are effective – itching and redness left pretty quickly, the fungus no longer bothers. Now I’m more attentive to my health and follow foot hygiene.

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