Penile warts: how to cure?

The human papillomavirus penetrates the human body and causes the development of a pathology called condylomatosis. In most cases, the disease affects women whose sexual partners are carriers of the virus. But nevertheless, in men, the formation of genital warts on the penis is often observed, which cause significant discomfort, both emotionally and physically. This pathology can cause many negative health consequences, therefore it is necessary to treat the disease already at the first signs.

Causes and methods of treatment of genital warts

HPV is one of the most dangerous pathologies in modern times. The insidiousness of this disease lies in the fact that for a long time it may not manifest itself in any way. A person lives an ordinary life and does not suspect that he is infected with papillomavirus. This can last for weeks, months, or even years, but with any malfunctions in the body that cause weakening of the immune system, the virus begins to activate and the disease develops. Then in men begins the formation of genital warts on the body of the penis, on the bridle or on the testicles. This condition requires timely treatment, which consists in the removal of growths in various ways, as well as in antiviral therapy, in combination with immunostimulating.Penile Condylomas


The most likely route of infection is through sexual contact with an infected woman. Irregular sexual relations lead to the development of serious pathologies that pose a threat to human life and health.

Why condylomas appear

There is an opinion that in addition to the sexual mode of transmission of the disease, there is also contact-household. That is, the virus can penetrate the body when using other people's personal things, for example, a towel, washcloth, razor, as well as when visiting public places (sauna, pool, water park, etc.).

Papillomavirus spreads with great speed throughout the body, but, as a rule, with a strong immune response, it remains depressed for a long time. But there are reasons why there is a weakening of the body's defenses and activation of HPV:

  • Prolonged and uncontrolled use of antibiotics.
  • Chronic pathology.
  • Stress
  • Avitaminosis.
  • Failures in the metabolism.
  • Hormonal changes in the body.
  • Microdamages of the skin on the penis, on the mucous membranes increase the risk of infection.
  • Promiscuity in sexual relations.
  • Hypothermia.

How they look and where they are localized

Condylomas are papillary growths with a thin base and lobed structure. Their location is usually observed on the body of the penis, on the eggs, scrotum, frenum, at the anus. How condylomas look can be seen in the photo.

Many confuse natural white papules on a bridle with genital warts. But the corresponding photo shows that the pathological growths differ in that they resemble cauliflower in appearance, and they are also prone to merging with each other and the formation of multiple lesions.

Symptoms of the disease

When the intensive growth of warts begins, the man has the following symptoms:

  1. The formation of vesicles on the foreskin or on the body of the penis, redness.
  2. The rapid increase in vesicles in size, the formation of numerous growths.
  3. Itching and burning of the affected areas, severe discomfort, sometimes problems with urination.
  4. Unpleasant sensations during intercourse.

For genital warts, a very rapid spread through the genitals is characteristic.Condylomas on the penis

During this period, a man often suffers from colds, which due to the virus occur with more severe symptoms and are more difficult to treat. Also, he may have signs of intoxication (weakness, decreased performance).


After restoration of the immune system, genital warts can disappear without treatment. But this does not mean that the disease is completely defeated, since the papilloma virus is still present in the body. The likelihood of re-development of condylomatosis with a further decrease in immunity is very high.

Probable complications

Condylomas on the male organ need to be removed as there is a high risk of serious complications such as:

  • The addition of a bacterial infection and the development of balanoposthitis, which is manifested in pain, discharge with an unpleasant odor, swelling and redness of the organ.
  • Urethritis of bacterial and viral origin, which complicates the process of emptying the bladder.
  • Psychological problems, depression, worsening health status.
  • The growth of warts throughout the genital area.
  • Phimosis or narrowing of the foreskin, as well as paraphimosis, as a complication.
  • Transition of the disease into a malignant process, genital cancer.

Treatment methods

Cure penile warts can be done using several methods, which are preferably combined with each other in order to achieve complete disappearance of papillomas and genital warts on the male genital organ. The main methods of treating condylomatosis:

  • Chemical;
  • Surgical;
  • Medication;
  • People’s.

Exposure to chemical solutions

Pharmacies sell drugs designed for cauterizing condylomas. These include Solcoderm, trichloroacetic acid, Superchistotel, Condilin. Before using such drugs, healthy areas of the epidermis around the growths should be lubricated with a cream so that there is no burn. Maximum caution should be exercised in the treatment with these medicines, since they contain strong substances that can injure the skin if used improperly.

Surgical removal

Condylomas must be removed, as they tend to grow and spread. For this, it is important to choose the most suitable method, involving safe and effective solution to the problem.Preparation for surgery

With the localization of warts on the foreskin, you can perform a circumcision procedure, or remove growths using a laser, a Surgitron radio wave apparatus, and electrocoagulation. Condylomas are cauterized with liquid nitrogen in some patients. Each of these methods has its advantages, but the most popular and safe is the removal of tumors by Surgitron.

The radio wave method involves the complete removal of pathological tissue without trauma to healthy skin. This procedure is characterized by the absence of bleeding, since capillaries are sealed, as well as minor painful sensations and a minimum rehabilitation period. Radio wave cauterization of genital warts has almost no contraindications, it can be used to remove warts that form even on sensitive areas of the skin, on mucous membranes.

The simplest and most affordable method for removing genital warts is cryodestruction, exposure to liquid nitrogen. But he has one significant drawback – this is an extremely long recovery period, reaching several months.

Drug exposure

In order for the growths not to appear again, it is necessary to take special medications, the action of which is aimed at suppressing the papillomavirus and stimulating the immune system. We are talking about such drugs as:

  • Isoprinosine.
  • Panavir.
  • Groprinosin.
  • Immune.
  • Cycloferon.
  • Lycopid.

A drug

In parallel, you can use Epigen spray to treat wounds after removal of genital warts. This tool increases local immunity due to the content of glycyrrhizic acid in its composition.

It is also advisable to use various ointments and gels, for example, salicylic ointment, oxolinic or Viferon. Effective with condylomatosis Panavir gel.

Alternative treatment

Benign formations on the genitals in men can be affected by natural means at home. These include tea tree essential oil, garlic or onion juice, as well as celandine juice, etc.

But do not self-medicate and use any means without the knowledge of a doctor. After all, with carelessness, you can provoke the appearance of irritation, burns or deep scars.

To prevent the disease from returning, it is recommended to switch to a healthy lifestyle and nutrition, to get rid of bad habits and to consult a doctor in case of health problems.

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