Papillomas under the armpits. Reasons for the appearance and ways to get rid of them

Any growths on the skin are always an unpleasant phenomenon, but when they settle in the armpit, this creates special difficulties. Under the armpits there is increased humidity, a lot of sweat and sebaceous glands. The skin in this place is easily damaged due to friction, pressure clothing.

This leads to the fact that neoplasms – papillomas are easily injured, inflamed, increase in size and spread throughout the body. Papillomas can degenerate into a malignant tumor. The disease is dangerous because the growths settle on the internal organs and invoke pathological processes.

Why do papillomas appear under the armpits?

The human papillomavirus (HPV) causes the disease, which provokes the growth of benign tumors on the skin. Infection penetrates the body through the smallest cracks, injuries, wounds in different parts of the skin. Inadequate hygiene also opens the entrance gate for infection. First of all, papillomas appear on the neck and under the armpits, which is a symptom of infection with papillomavirus. Many small papillomas under the arm

Infection with the same frequency develops in men and women, some people have a hereditary predisposition to the disease. Papillomavirus infected a large part of the population, but the clinical manifestations of infection in many people are absent. A person may not even be aware of the presence of the virus in the body. For skin growths to appear, a significant malfunction of the immune system is required, caused by infectious, viral diseases, poor nutrition, and stressful situations.

Neoplasms can remain unchanged for a long time. If there is a problem in the body, an increase in their size and quantity occurs, a lot of papillomas appear under the armpits and in other parts of the body. Formations in the process of growth change their shape, turn from flat growths into spiky “pendants”.

Activation of a viral infection happens in such cases:

  • With a change in the hormonal background;
  • with dysfunction of the immune system (during pregnancy and after childbirth, while taking contraceptives);
  • during an exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • with intoxication of the body (medication, alcohol, smoking);
  • in stressful situations;
  • after a cold, SARS.

People with diabetes, obesity are more susceptible to the disease, pregnant women are also at risk.

HPV can be infected by close contact with a sick person, using other people's personal items, wearing things that previously belonged to other people.

Why are axillary hollows a favorite place for papillomas?

Skin folds are an ideal place for settling neoplasms. This is facilitated by an excess of moisture in the skin folds, which creates favorable conditions for the reproduction of microbial flora. If the growth appeared on the temples or forehead, most likely, it will remain the only instance.


On the neck and armpits, formations multiply rapidly and increase in size. If at first they have the appearance of a small elevation, then they soon acquire an elongated shape. Especially often full people suffer from papillomatosis.

Signs of the disease

A protrusion from 0.1 to 1 cm in size appears on the skin, usually it does not itch and does not cause painful manifestations. Inside each growth there is a feeding vessel, a nerve ending, a connective tissue stroma, an epithelial layer covers it from the outside.

For many years, papillomas under the armpit remain in one pore, they are invisible to others, because they merge with the color of the skin and have a flattened base. HPV manifestation

If the formation in the axillary region has changed color and or increased in size, the cause may be malignancy. A benign process turns into a malignant tumor.

The growths in the armpits cause a lot of inconvenience to man. They can be damaged, bleed, inflamed. The penetration of pathogenic bacteria is the cause of suppuration, inflammation of the axillary lymph nodes, fiber.

Even a small injury leads to the spread of formations throughout the body. Multiple papillomas are a symptom of self-infection or depletion of the body's defenses.

If papilloma is inflamed, there is reason for concern.

There are 2 options here:

  1. The formation has dried and blackened, the skin nearby is not inflamed. In such cases, a change in the appearance of the papilloma is the result of treatment. Most likely, the tumor will disappear on its own in the near future;
  2. Damage to the growth occurred, which provoked its inflammation. In this case, show a skin defect to the doctor. If the papilloma is injured and comes off, a medical consultation is also advisable.

How to remove papillomas under the armpits?

Since papillomas in the armpit cause discomfort and are easily damaged, many people dream of quickly getting rid of them by any means. Removal of papillomas by specialists


It is forbidden to peel or cut papillomas on your own at home! This is dangerous because a harmless process can transform into a cancerous tumor.

It is best to ask a dermatologist for advice. The doctor will determine the method of treatment based on the age of the patient, the presence or absence of chronic diseases, the type of tumor. If the benignness of the neoplasm is in doubt, you will need to take a piece of tissue and conduct a histological examination.

There are medical methods to help remove papillomas:

  • Laser removal;
  • Cryodestruction (freezing);
  • Cauterization with concentrated acids;
  • Electrocoagulation;
  • Exposure to radio waves.

They do not resort to the surgical method or use it in rare cases. Since large lymph nodes are located in the armpit, it is likely that they will be damaged during surgery.


Manipulation associated with exposure to a tumor with liquid nitrogen at low temperature. There is a violation of the nutrition and blood supply of the tumor stroma, its structure is destroyed and after a few days it disappears on its own. This is a simple and affordable monetary manipulation that allows you to remove papillomas under the armpits and elsewhere without consequences.

Among the disadvantages of the method should be attributed to the soreness that some patients note. Also, the technique does not allow you to accurately control the degree of tissue damage, which threatens the appearance of small scars.

Laser removal

A high-energy laser beam acts on neoplasm cells and seals the lumen of blood vessels, thereby disrupting its nutrition. This is a non-contact procedure that helps with high accuracy to remove formations in the armpits. The cost of removing one unit is quite high, so with multiple growths the laser technique will cost a decent amount. Removal of papillomas with a laser

Home methods

There are drugs based on caustic compounds (alkalis, acids) that can destroy a neoplasm. At first the tumor turns pale, then it dries and falls off. If the manipulation was performed by an inept craftsman, there is a high probability of burns of adjacent tissues and inflammation.

The drug "Solcoderm" should be used only in a medical office. Packaging can be pre-purchased at the pharmacy. Inside it are 0.2 ml ampoules, a dot applicator for accurate application. During the manipulation, soreness, skin itching and burning are possible. You cannot delete more than 3 units in one session.

Treatment of small papillomas under the armpits can also be carried out using means:

  • Ferezol;
  • "Cryopharma";
  • Superchistotel.

The most simple to use drug is "Superchistotel". Working with Ferezol requires special care, since the product is based on phenol.

Drug treatment

Local removal of small tumors will not solve the cardinal problem: there is a high probability of the appearance of growths in other parts of the body. Therefore, it is required to undergo a course of treatment aimed at destroying the virus in the body. To strengthen the defenses, vitamins and drugs that increase immunity are prescribed.

How to get rid of papillomas under the armpits, you should not ask a cosmetologist, but a doctor. Before starting treatment, you will need to diagnose the body. It is recommended that patients undergo tests to find out which virus is circulating in the body. Some types of HPV can cause cancer, other types – only benign tumors. This knowledge is necessary to determine treatment tactics.

Since viruses actively manifest themselves in the presence of a concomitant pathology, a person needs to check the condition of the liver, kidneys, undergo a gynecological or urological examination.

Folk methods

Their action is based on cauterization of growths with strong tinctures, decoctions, vegetable juices.


Removing growths with folk remedies is allowed only if there is no inflammation, the papilloma has a small size and skin tone.

Kerosene tincture of walnuts

To prepare it, you will need to collect young green walnuts. They should be finely chopped using a meat grinder to a mushy state. Fill a mass of ½ part of a liter can, pour kerosene to the upper edges of the container.

The jar is stored under a plastic lid in a cool place for 3 weeks. After this, the infusion is filtered through several layers of gauze and put in the refrigerator. Used for lotions and rubbing the affected areas. Treatment with kerosene tincture is continued for at least 2-3 months. Treatment results

Freezing with a herbal decoction

If single papillomas grow under the armpits, they can be removed using ice. You will need plants: birch mushroom, succession and celandine. You can use both fresh and dried raw materials. All ingredients are taken in equal proportions and crushed by a blender. Then the pulp should be poured with boiling water in a ratio of 1 tbsp. 500 ml spoon of boiling water. Leave to insist for 3 hours.

For the procedure, the product must be poured into ice molds and put into the freezer. Herbal ice is applied to the papilloma and held for several minutes until the skin is properly frozen. Therapeutic manipulations continue until the growth completely disappears. The procedure is carried out 3 times a day.

Celandine treatment

We give instructions on how to get rid of papillomas using celandine. It is recommended to collect fresh stems and leaves of the plant and scroll them through a meat grinder. Squeeze thoroughly through several layers of gauze, the resulting juice is poured into a bottle. A few drops of castor oil and aloe juice are added to the container.

A clean tissue impregnated with the prepared solution is applied to the area of ​​the papilloma located under the armpits. Attach a compress and leave a bandage for 2 days. As a rule, you can achieve the result through several procedures.


Folk remedies cause drying and darkening of the growth. However, it is forbidden to cut or pull it out. Better wait a while, and the tumor will fall off on its own.

Pharmacy products

At home, you can try to cauterize the tumor with one of the following formulations:

  1. 5 milled tablets of aspirin are mixed with tincture of iodine;
  2. 2% alcoholic solution of boric acid. 2 grams of the powder is stirred in half a glass of 95% alcohol;
  3. Cotton swabs are dipped in ammonia and applied to the affected area;
  4. They make small koloboks made from flour and acetic acid.

Since papillomas grow under the armpits, in an inaccessible area,it is difficult to process them thoroughly without assistance. In addition, you can damage the skin around the growth and cause a chemical burn. Better ask your family to help you with the treatment.


If severe burning or pain appears during home manipulation, stop the procedure immediately.

Why are older people more likely to suffer from papillomatosis?

The cause of the multiple occurrence of skin lesions in people over 40 is not age, but concomitant diseases. To this boundary, a person has some kind of chronic pathology, which weakens the immune system. This is a provoking factor, not old age. Papillomas can appear even in an infant if the mother passed him the virus in the prenatal period. Then, some time after the birth, the baby has characteristic symptoms on the body.

Can treatment be neglected?

If no action is taken, the number of papillomas will gradually increase. The growths will appear not only under the armpits, but also in other areas of the body – on the neck, trunk, feet, they can even affect the internal organs. For example, in women they find their settlement on the cervix, in men – on the penis.


HPV infection is one of the main causes of cervical cancer. There are vaccinations that protect girls from malignant tumors in the future. Ask your doctor about the possibility of preventing female cancer.

The armpit area is an increased risk zone. A person uses a deodorant, shaves hairs here. There is a danger of accidentally hitting the tumor. Any of her injuries leads to the development of inflammation. Also, growths can become inflamed due to the action of the secret, intensely produced by the sebaceous glands.

If the doctor advised you to get rid of the papilloma, do not neglect its recommendations. If the tumor appeared under the influence of the oncogenic strain of HPV, there is a possibility of its malignant degeneration in the future. The number of such cases is small, but this outcome should be kept in mind. A reasonable approach to treatment

When an education appears, you should visit a doctor to find out the reason for its appearance and to decide on the method of its removal.

The importance of prevention

At the moment, there is no medicine that can completely cleanse the body of papillomavirus. However, there are ways to keep the virus down. Since any adverse factor can give a new impetus to the disease, patients are advised to regularly strengthen their immunity. This will help tempering procedures, a variety of fortified foods, giving up bad habits, strengthening the nervous system.

Timely removal of papillomas in the axillary region is necessary due to many provoking factors. When shaving hair, particular care should be taken, trying not to injure the affected area. Do not forget that damaged and bleeding papillomas can cause many negative consequences.

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