Papillomas in the eyes, eyelids and their removal. 14 ways!

Such benign neoplasms as papillomas can appear on the human body in almost any place. It is necessary to separate the eye zone separately, since the growths on them are most noticeable and very often cause discomfort, not only because of the damaged appearance, but also because of the presence on the mucous membrane of the eye, which prevents the wearer from blinking normally and seeing with the eye.

In any case, papillomas on the eyelids – this is a problem that must be definitely fought with the help of specialists.

Causes of papillomas in the eyes

As in all other cases, papillomas in the eyes can form, due to the direct effect on the body of the papillomavirus. Often they become infected by it through the household, although it is also easily transmitted through sexual contact with the carrier. Papillomas on the eyelidsAnyway, after the activation of HPV, papillomas around the eyes often appear, and the following reasons may be to blame for this:

  • Age features;
  • Various inflammatory eye diseases, against which papillomavirus also manifests;
  • Excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays;
  • Intoxication of the body through smoking, alcohol and other narcotic substances;
  • General weakening of the immune system;
  • Long-term use of antibiotics;
  • Violation of the rules of hygiene;
  • Stressful situations can be the culprits of the manifestations of papillomas in front of the eyes.

Regardless of whether the household infection pathway caused the development of the virus in the body or some other, all of the above reasons can give it the opportunity to manifest itself, weakening the protective properties of the body. Of course, papillomas can appear in any other place, however, papilloma in the eye is an unpleasant consequence of the impact of the virus on the body and this must be combated.

The inconvenience caused by the growth

In addition to the fact that papilloma is simply ugly, there are a number of other points that create certain inconvenience, if it turns out that the tumor appeared on the eye. The following series of problems are often noted:

  • If the growth appeared directly in the eye, or near the eye, difficulties may arise with a complete closure of the eyelids;
  • Increased dryness of the mucous membrane of the eye, inflammation, or frequent release of additional fluid (lacrimation);
  • Redness of the eye proteins with a constantly present capillary network;
  • The appearance of growths is often accompanied by inflammatory diseases with the release of pus.

It is because of such problems that it is necessary to start treating growths as soon as they appear. Of course, it is best to contact a specialist, as he will be able to choose the most effective way to remove them in such a delicate area.

What is the danger of papilloma in the eye?

First of all, it should be noted that single formations and in the form of clusters may appear on the eyes. Whatever form the disease takes, it is already initially dangerous in that the neoplasms are very easily injured, they receive considerable volumes of blood, for such sizes, and they are extremely inflamed.

If you injure the papilloma, it is likely that the following problems may begin:

  • Bleeding that is not easy to stop;
  • Inflammation, which can develop into conjunctivitis and blepharitis;
  • The appearance of a number of new papillomas;
  • The degeneration of the growth into a malignant formation;
  • An increase in papilloma in size.

Papilloma in the eye


Excreting papillomas on the eye alone is not recommended. Only specialists can determine which strain of the virus caused the neoplasm, and based on this, the doctor will choose a method for removing papilloma.

How to remove papilloma in the eye?

At the moment, there are three ways with which you can get rid of papillomas in the eye. Initially, it is worth deciding which doctor you should first contact. In this case, you can visit a dermatologist who will make a comprehensive examination and give a referral to a specialist (for example, an ophthalmologist), and he will already conduct a further course of treatment.Papilloma on the eyelid

The ways in which papilloma is removed on the eyelid of the eye or on its mucous membrane are as follows:

  • Surgical intervention. In this case, the removal can be performed by a laser or some other method, depending on the features of the papilloma and its location on the eye;
  • Drug treatment. The specialist selects drugs that contribute to the disappearance of the growth;
  • Alternative methods or treatment at home. This method will allow you to remove papillomas using time-tested recipes, but at the same time there is no guarantee that the entire treatment process will be carried out correctly and there will be no complications.

Papillomas on the eyelids and eyes. How to remove them?

If it is worth talking about traditional medicine separately, then the first two positions already have clear directions that all patients follow.

Removal of papillomas operatively

Getting rid of growths through operations is quick and reliable. The doctor will determine which method will be chosen, but one of the 4 popular methods that use modern devices is often used:

  • Removal of papillomas with a laser. This method is applicable in cases where the papilloma appeared on the upper eyelid or area related to the eye. Using a laser, cauterization of the neoplasm is performed, regardless of its size and type. The only negative is the relatively long healing period, as well as the scars that remain after the laser. By the way, if there were several papillomas and the scars were too noticeable, in the future they can also polish the skin surface, which will eliminate this defect;
  • Cryodestruction method. This method of removal is not suitable for those whose growths appear on the mucous membrane of the eye or are too close to it, since extremely low temperatures are used to destroy the growths;
  • Electrocoagulation. This method is good in that it makes it possible to remove large papillomas that deeply affect the skin, letting the roots into it. The method is painful, however, like all of the above, because when it is used, local anesthesia is used;
  • Standard removal by surgeon. In this case, the formations are simply removed with special tools, and although the process itself is quite complicated, since sometimes papillomas are very small, it is reliable.Medical examination

It should be noted that the patient must visit the doctor after removal, since the virus can easily manifest itself again, moreover in a more rude form. It is necessary to carefully monitor the places of removal, disinfect them and comply with all the recommendations of specialists.

Drug treatment

Despite the effectiveness of papilloma removal operations, there is also a medical treatment method. Of course, the duration of such treatment will be quite large (about a month), and in the end it may turn out that the body still could not cope with the disease. Whatever the case, in most cases, with an integrated approach to treatment, it is possible to achieve good results. If the question is how to get rid of papillomas on a century without scars, this method of dealing with growths will be most relevant.

In this case, ointments, gels, as well as other corrective drugs are used. Here are the most popular ones:

  • Papilite. This is just perfect for removing papillomas in the eye area. The drug is based on herbs, and also has a number of substances that not only contribute to the destruction of the cells of formation, but also help in the fight against the virus itself, increasing immunity and disinfecting the treated area;
  • Papillock Plus. This drug is unique in that it comes in two bottles, the first of which is used exclusively to remove papillomas, and the second to restore this area. It is also great for treating areas near the eye, and reviews about this drug are only good because it does not cause allergic reactions or anything else;
  • Papillux. This is also an unusual tool, because it has substances for application in three phases, which allows you to effectively destroy the structure of tumors, as well as prevent their degeneration into malignant formations. But the most important thing is that Papilux makes it possible to inhibit the virus itself, which is very important;
  • Panavir. This drug has a very good effect on the causative agent of the disease, and is used as a means for therapy, that is, it is used in parallel with other drugs;
  • Viferon. Another good option for those who want to get rid of the root cause of the formation of growths, and not from themselves. Of course, it is impossible to completely cure papillomavirus, but to keep it in a depressed state is quite realistic;
  • Oxolinic Ointment and others.Papillux from papillomas


To use drugs for burning papillomas and any other acute chemical exposure to them is unacceptable. This will lead not only to damage to the skin around the growth, but also to visual impairment and infection of new areas.

Treatment with folk remedies

Of course, not everyone agrees to treatment in clinics, because cases of self-treatment at home are not uncommon. So how to remove the papilloma on the eyelid at home, while not harming yourself? First of all, it should be noted that it is best to consult a doctor first, because not all papillomas can be treated with folk remedies. Well, in the second – it’s better not to risk it at all.

Anyway, and treatment with folk remedies is possible using the following series of recipes:

  • Papillion ointment for centuries on the basis of celandine. Fresh celandine is taken, crushed as much as possible and mixed with face cream, while the proportions are almost equal (it is advisable to take a baby cream). Such a simple recipe allows you to remove papillomas in the eyes;
  • Castor oil from papillomas. Castor oil can be purchased at the pharmacy. It is applied exclusively to the neoplasm until it is completely removed. The procedure is performed up to 6 times a day. Some supplement castor oil with tea tree oil;
  • Aloe juice tampons. Using the juice of this houseplant, papillomavirus can also be counteracted. Ordinary cotton swabs are saturated with aloe juice and applied temporarily to the growth;
  • Banana peel. The inside of the peel, it is necessary to rub, only without fanaticism, papilloma, over time it will be eliminated. The procedure is carried out daily;
  • Honey. Some advise to apply honey on the affected parts of the skin, which will lead to the gradual death of the tumor cells;
  • Egg white. It is especially convenient to remove papillomas in this way on the lower eyelid, since the ingress of protein into the eye itself is unlikely. The effectiveness of this method is doubtful;
  • Potato juice. Ordinary potatoes also have healing properties, so daily processing of papillomas with potato juice can help in its removal.Aloe juice from papillomas


The appearance of papillomas in the eye is always unpleasant. And how to bring these neoplasms, everyone must decide for himself. Nevertheless, it is not recommended to use folk remedies to solve this problem, and even more so it is not worth buying drugs in pharmacies, thoughtlessly using them on such a delicate part of the body. What to do to resolve the issue correctly? Contact a dermatologist or ophthalmologist, conduct a consultation and use one of the professional methods for solving the problem.

In addition to the operation, it is advisable to conduct a course of therapy, restore immunity and in the future try to change your lifestyle, in which case the outcome will be the best. If there is a need to remove papillomas on the eye, then in this case it is better not to think about self-treatment, and even worse, to ignore the problem at all.

It is most reasonable in this situation to approach the treatment in a comprehensive manner and not neglect the advice of doctors, otherwise you can get a result that will force the patient to spend much more money and time already to eliminate the consequences of his own decisions.

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