Papillomas in men. Reasons for the appearance and methods of treatment

When a human papillomavirus (HPV) enters the body, in most cases it provokes the development of benign neoplasms that are not life threatening to a man. He lives in the upper layer of the epidermis and may not manifest in any way. An alarm in doctors is caused by papilloma, which has signs of an oncogenic character. Its development may be the first step in the formation of malignant tumors.

To avoid the serious consequences of untimely treatment of dangerous papillomas, for any suspicious growths on the skin, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Infection pathways

Due to its microscopic size, the virus enters the male body through the smallest cracks on the mucous membranes or skin integuments.

There are several ways of infection:

  • Sexual;
  • Domestic;
  • Vertical (during childbirth).

HPV man

The most common cause of infection of a man with human papilloma (about 60% of the number of cases) is sexual contact with a sick partner. The form of sexual intercourse does not matter.

He might be:

  • Traditional;
  • Oral;
  • Anal.

Injury to the mucous membranes occurs not only in the penis, but also in the mouth, rectum, anus. Even a condom does not save from infection. The particles of the virus are so small that they can penetrate the pores of the latex material. The transfer of the agent that causes the appearance of papillomas is carried out even through a kiss. A risk factor is the frequent change of sexual partners.

Infection occurs during household contact with a sick person or objects that he used. However, the probability of a virus entering the body is not too high.

The possibility of infection occurs in cases of visits:

  • Baths, saunas, public pools (the pathogenic microorganism can get through existing abrasions, wounds, scratches);
  • Hairdressing and beauty salons, which neglect the rules of disinfection of tools for haircuts, shaving, hand care;
  • Surgical, manipulation, dental surgeries.

The virus that causes papillomas can appear not only in an adult male, but also in a newborn boy. If the mother is the carrier, then it is very likely that infection will occur during the passage of the baby through the birth canal.

Causes of papillomas on the body

When the virus enters the male body, its development in a person with strong immunity is suppressed. Therefore, the carrier of the disease for a long time (from two weeks to several years) can not guess about the infection that has occurred. The main reason why papillomas appear on the body is the activation of a sleeping virus.

There are factors that give impetus to the beginning of this process:

  • Weakening of the immune system;
  • The course of sexually transmitted diseases;
  • Severe stress, mental or physical stress.

As a result of their exposure, a weakening of health occurs, and part of the pathogenic microorganisms gets the opportunity to concentrate in one place on the skin or mucous membrane. The accumulation and development of viral particles changes the structure of epithelial cells in this place, from which papillomas appear.

Symptoms of HPV

The place of occurrence of the growth and how it looks is determined by the type of pathogen. And although the number of HPV strains has stepped over a hundred, it is not difficult to notice the onset of the development of the disease in time. To do this, you need to know how the disease manifests itself.HPV doctor checkup

Symptoms of papillomas in men can be as follows:

  • On the neck, face, groin, under the armpits small nodules on the leg are formed – acrochords or filiform papillomas. They come in dark brown and flesh color. Grow up to 5 mm. Often injured;
  • A set of nodules begins to rise above the skin, having a shiny top without folds – a flat papilloma. It is slightly different from a man’s skin in color (varies from light brown to pinkish shades). The size of the growth does not exceed 8 mm. May appear on the face, in the region of the legs, hands, forearms;
  • In the genital area, grayish-pink outgrowths on the stem appear – condylomas. They have a sharp tip. In men, genital papillomas are single and multiple. Often close the entrance to the anus, causing burning, itching, sometimes bleeding from the anus. Accompanied by secretions with an unpleasant odor that inflame the skin;
  • A round formation appears on the palms and soles of the feet – a doggock. It is accompanied by itching and pain during walking. If untreated, the plantar wart becomes rough after a few weeks. The tissue at the edges turns into a keratinized layer, and a black dot appears in the center;
  • Rounded elevations appear on the skin of the back of the hands and fingers, as well as on the knees. Their maximum size can reach 10 mm. These are ordinary (simple, vulgar) warts. Their characteristic feature is the simultaneous appearance in large numbers.

If such manifestations on the skin are noticed, then it is recommended to immediately contact a hospital.

Which doctor treats papillomas?

A visit to a dermatologist is the first step in detecting suspicious lesions on the epidermis. The specialist will conduct a visual inspection, listen to complaints. If necessary, an extended diagnosis, for men, additional research methods are prescribed:

  • smears from the urethra are taken;
  • a blood test is performed;
  • performed cytological examination of tissues.

Sometimes patients are sent for urethroscopy.

After collecting the entire history, the dermatologist makes a conclusion and determines – how to treat the papilloma, whether it is dangerous.

If the education requires removal, then the man is sent to another specialist – the surgeon. When confirming the malignant nature of the growth, the oncologist makes the decision how to cure the patient. In this case, the patient should be under constant medical supervision.

How to treat papilloma virus in men

Destruction of HPV is completely impossible. If a virus enters a man’s body, it remains there forever. Treatment of anomalies is aimed at reducing its activity and eliminating the consequences of development.HPV vaccine

If the education caused by HPV is benign and does not cause discomfort, then you do not need to touch it. Treatment of papillomas in men is carried out only when there is evidence for this. In some cases, only therapy is sufficient. In others, removal of the growth is recommended. However, the final decision on the need and method of treatment is made only by the doctor.

Conservative method

The treatment of papillomas in men without cardinal intervention consists in taking medications. Doctors may prescribe drugs:

  • Blocking the possibility of cell division;
  • Allowing to launch in the body an independent synthesis of interferons;
  • Immunomodulatory;
  • Antiviral.

Doses and dosage regimens are determined only by a specialist. During the period of admission, the doctor will monitor their effectiveness and the absence of allergic reactions in the male body.

Therapy helps to strengthen the immune system and prevents the development of new papillomas. However, it can by no means always cope with the problem.

Cardinal method

If a conservative method of treatment is useless, then the specialist decides to remove the papilloma. The procedure can be performed in different ways. The main methods are:

  • Surgery. The operation is carried out using a conventional scalpel. The method is most often used for excision of oncological papillomas;
  • Laser removal. The most advanced method. It is characterized by a minimum number of complications, the absence of bleeding, the ability to completely remove the affected tissue. It has a great advantage – after wound healing there is no danger of scars;
  • Excision with a radio knife. An effective, quick and painless way to get rid of papillomas. The tool allows you to clarify the diagnosis directly during the procedure;
  • Electrocoagulation The formation is affected by electric current, after which it disappears. The healing process is delayed up to 2 weeks. Subsequently, a scar forms on the skin. The method is painful;
  • Cryodestruction. It consists in getting rid of papillomas with the help of liquid nitrogen. The method is uncomfortable and uncomfortable for the patient.

Removal of papillomas

In no case should you try to pick up or tear off the papilloma yourself. Its damage can lead to the degeneration of a benign tumor into a cancerous tumor.

Features of the development of type 18 and 16 strains in men

There are types of HPV that initially have an increased ability to cause the development of cancer processes. It is worth fearing and worrying if a papilloma of type 16 or 18 is diagnosed. Moreover, the second strain causes the growth of formations that affect the body much faster than the first.

In the treatment of growths caused by HPV type 18 and 16 in men, their removal is prescribed without fail. After this, the patient undergoes a course of drug therapy. It is aimed at suppressing the virus living in the body and maximizing immunity.

In a man in good health, HPV can remain harmless all his life. In order to maintain your body in this state, it is necessary to strengthen and stimulate the immune system. However, you can completely avoid infection. To do this, you need to have a permanent sexual partner and follow the rules of personal hygiene in public places.

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