Papilloma Homeopathy Treatment

In modern medicine, there are many areas that offer quite interesting ways to combat viral diseases. When it comes to the human papillomavirus, many people know that it cannot be completely cured, but it can be kept in a depressed state. One of the commonly practiced methods to combat HPV is homeopathy. What is this method and how effective is it? It is necessary to understand this in all details.

Method Description

The main principle of this technique is to get rid of a certain disease with the help of small doses of drugs that will cause side effects similar to the effect of the disease on the body. That is, using a certain number of drugs, the immune system is stimulated artificially, as well as the endocrine system, which ultimately should lead to the automatic launch of the body's defenses.Homeopath Consultation

But it is worth noting that it is far from always possible to achieve the desired result, which is why representatives of traditional medicine are very skeptical of this method. But be that as it may, the treatment of papillomas with homeopathy is still carried out, moreover, the results are often successful. Proponents of this method oppose the removal of growths from the skin, since this does not affect the virus itself.

All their forces are aimed at oppressing the root cause by which the papilloma appeared. When the body defeats HPV, the growths will disappear themselves.

The main features of the treatment

The homeopathic method of treatment can be used to combat HPV under a variety of conditions. Of the main features of this method, we can distinguish:

  • It is used when the papillomavirus is in the active phase of development, immediately at the time of the appearance of multiple neoplasms on the skin or when they are already formed and concern the patient;
  • Depending on where the growth is located, a certain remedy will be used;
  • Used drugs can be prescribed to patients of any age;
  • Allowed concurrent administration of other drugs;
  • At the first stage of treatment, small concentrations are used, they are aimed at preparing the body for stronger drugs or dosages;
  • Usually, the course of treatment, depending on the situation, lasts up to 30 days.


Despite the fact that the names of the drugs used are known, there can be no talk of self-treatment, the recovery of the body after the procedures may not go according to the scenario.

Drugs used for treatment

At the moment, 5 fixed assets are used, which completely differently affect the body. They will be selected depending on the location of the papillomas on the body, their number, varieties.

Here is a list of these drugs:

  • Hepar sulfur. This remedy consists of calcium and sulfur. Apply it to combat tumors of the flat type;

Hepar sulfur from papillomas

  • Argentum nitricum. This drug is one of the most universal, since it is able to fight with genital warts, as well as with formations on the genitals and mucous membranes. The composition is based on silver nitrate;
  • Antimonium crudum. This option is especially good when dealing with tumors in the nails, under them, and also copes well with plantar warts;
  • Thuja occidentalis. In this case, you can use this tool with almost any type of growths. It is also used if relapses of the disease, the frequent appearance of new papillomas and an increase in the size of old ones are observed;
  • Causticum. Composed of potassium sulfate and calcined lime. This option is suitable for those who have papillomas on their faces.

From this list it is clear that homeopathy can be used for papillomas and other neoplasms on all parts of the body.


Despite the fact that each drug has an instruction, the course of treatment should be prescribed by a doctor who will determine the state of the body, the complexity of the situation and other factors that matter.

How is the course of treatment

Doctors have an already established treatment regimen, distributed in stages. In practice, homeopathy for papillomas is used in the following sequence:

  • Training. The patient is receiving funds in small doses, which do not cause an active reaction in the body;
  • Treatment with an easy course occurs over 3 weeks, and even at this stage positive changes begin;
  • At the end of three-week therapy, a final, fixing course is carried out, lasting about a week or two, which directly depends on the body's response to treatment. In this case, more serious dosages are used, which help to almost completely get rid of growths on the skin;
  • At the end of the 4-5 week course, the patient recovers. The virus is oppressed and in the future its manifestations should no longer be.

Taking the drug

In this way, in almost a month, without surgery, you can defeat the disease and restore the body. During treatment, the immune system is launched, as well as other body resources, which helps to defeat many other diseases and ultimately globally improve the body.

Cons of the method

All the advantages of the method have been described above – this is almost complete healing of the body. But this technology for the treatment of papillomas has its own disadvantages, and here are the main ones:

  • Without consulting a doctor, treatment is impossible, and his services are often quite expensive;
  • In parallel with this treatment, you cannot use manual therapy, acupuncture, as well as almost any therapeutic technique;
  • It is extremely important to prescribe a specific drug accurately and on time. If the specialist is mistaken, the treatment does not bring any results;
  • When HPV recurs and extremely serious complications and pathologies appear during this process, homeopathy can be worthless.

Everyone must decide for themselves whether to consult such doctors, or is it better to use the services of a surgeon, immunologist and other specialists of specialized specialists.

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