Ointments for genital warts in intimate places

Intimate zones are the most common place for genital warts to occur, and it is it that requires the most gentle effect. Many medications are not suitable for use on mucous membranes. It is very important to choose the right ointment for genital warts in intimate places, so that it has the proper effect, while not harming neighboring tissues.

Means for external use effectively help with small formations. If the disease has spread greatly, then creams can be only part of a comprehensive treatment, but not the main measure of exposure. In such cases, condylomas must be removed by laser, cryotherapy, radio wave or other methods.

How do ointments work?

Gels and creams from genital warts, just like any other medications, can be used only if they are prescribed by a doctor. Improper treatment can do more harm than good. The specialist must take into account the development factors of genital warts and affect the body in a complex.Ointment for genital warts

If the tool is selected taking into account all the features of a particular case, then the drug will help:

  • Prevent further spread of the virus;
  • Improve the condition of the skin;
  • Strengthen regenerative processes;
  • Destroy growths;
  • Destroy the pathogen.

Even the most gentle means must be used carefully. First, you need to follow all medical recommendations, do not exceed the period of use and the amount of the drug. Secondly, you can not treat moles and age spots with ointment. Most of these medicines are applied only directly to the growth, and neighboring tissues are closed.


Treated formations can not be covered, for example, with a plaster.

After a full examination and passing all the tests, the doctor prescribes a suitable liniment to the patient. In the event that a person is unable to independently apply the product to hard-to-reach areas of the body, such a procedure will be carried out directly in a medical institution.

Oxolinic ointments

Most often, patients are prescribed treatment for genital warts with oxolin ointment. In addition to the human papilloma virus, the active components of this drug affect herpes and a number of other similar diseases. Oxolinic 3% ointment can be applied even to the mucous membranes themselves, and not just directly to the growth.

As a rule, this drug does not lead to any side effects or scar formation. However, allergic reactions are possible, especially in the case of individual intolerance, which is why some patients experience itching. Usually, the ointment is applied as follows:

  • First, healthy skin around the growth is processed;
  • Then the edges of the wart are smeared;
  • At the end, the product is applied to the central part.

Sometimes doctors recommend that you apply wax paper over the treated area. The duration of the course and other aspects of treatment are determined by the specialist individually in each case. Usually, the duration is about a month, the product is applied up to three times a day.


This drug not only neutralizes pathogen cells, but also has a powerful immunomodulating effect. It consists of:

  • Interferon alfa-2 (donor blood was not required for receipt);
  • Petroleum jelly;
  • Lanolin;
  • Vitamin E.

As in the case of oxolin, Viferon is suitable for combating herpetic lesions and vulgar warts. The effectiveness of the drug is due to the fact that the interferon protein that is part of the protein performs protective functions of the body, with which the immune system has ceased to cope. It is the weakening of immunity that allows the human papillomavirus to infect the human body, so blocking this process is very important for stopping the symptoms.

The medicine shows itself well in the treatment of genital warts. Particular effectiveness can be achieved through integrated exposure, in particular through the use of candles with the same name. The list of contraindications includes only infancy (up to a year) and individual intolerance.

This tool can not be processed healthy tissue – it can be applied only to the condylomas themselves. In some cases, side effects develop, which manifest in the form of itching, allergies and urticaria. All symptoms disappear on their own after about three days from the date of discontinuation of treatment.

Salicylic ointment

Salicylic acid is used to treat warts and papillomas almost as often as oxolinka. The active ingredient in the cream is usually found in 3 or 5 percent concentration. The components are very irritating to the skin, and therefore only growths themselves can be smeared.


It’s best to protect healthy tissue from substances. For example, you can use a band-aid in which you need to cut a hole of a suitable size for the growth.

Most of the contraindications for use are similar to previous drugs. The substance should not be applied to the skin of children and people who may have an allergic reaction from it. However, there is another factor – the medicine is not suitable for people with kidney failure.

The disadvantages of the drug are increased fat content and the likelihood of itching and peeling. The ointment is difficult to wash off, and skin hygiene is an integral companion for the treatment of genital warts. However, otherwise, people note the high effectiveness of the drug.

Feedback on the use of salicylic ointment:

Margarita, Eagle

“This medicine is easy to find in almost every pharmacy, and the price is low. I would like a faster result, but the warts still passed, somewhere in three weeks. Of course, you need to monitor relapses, but so far no re-treatment has been required. ”

Other drugs

Ridoxol cream is applied to pre-steamed skin no more than three times a day. The components of the composition are quite aggressive, can lead to a burning sensation, therefore, avoid contact with healthy skin and rinse off if necessary.

Panavir, like Ridoxil, is an antiviral drug, but also improves the immune system. Skin treatment should occur no more than twice a day, however, the gel has a gentle effect due to the plant base. Contraindications to use are telangiectasia, girustism and the period of gestation. Another similar antiviral agent is Bonaphton.Gel

For some patients, Epigen is prescribed for treatment. Its main function is to accelerate regenerative processes. Also, the medicine acts as a means of prevention from the appearance of new formations. For the treatment of genital organs, a spray form is often used. The composition of the drug includes glycyrrhizic acid obtained from licorice root.

Despite the abundance of existing remedies for genital warts, most often doctors still prescribe liniments based on quinolones, that is, oxolinic and salicylic acid, to patients. If you have to use drugs that can lead to irritation, it is best to treat the skin in a medical facility, especially when it comes to the intimate area.

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