Liquid ammonia from fungus. Reviews and treatment features

The pharmacy sells many drugs that can cure onychomycosis (fungus on the nails). Some of them belong to potent antimycotics, while others are not at all intended to combat pathogenic microflora, but are still successfully used in the treatment of this disease. Ammonia was one such remedy. It is an aqueous 10% solution of ammonium hydroxide, which causes the death of fungal spores and improves the general condition of the nail plate.

What is the effect of ammonia on pathogens

It is possible to cure the fungus with ammonium hydroxide due to its antiseptic effect. The basis of the substance is alkali, which negatively affects pathogenic microorganisms, destroying their cells. Under the influence of caustic ammonium hydroxide, pathogenic cells die instantly. Together with the destruction of the fungus, ammonia cleans the nail of bacteria, which is very important, because onychomycosis is often combined with infections that cause purulent processes.Fungus on the feet

Another beneficial property of ammonia is that it softens the dense keratin layer. Thanks to this, the patient manages to cut off the affected nail without any problems. The shorter the plate will be cut, the sooner recovery will come.

Special instructions for using the product

Treat nail fungus with ammonia with extreme caution. This is a fairly aggressive substance. Application of ammonium hydroxide on mucous membranes is unacceptable. If even a drop of the solution gets into your eyes, rinse them thoroughly with warm water and seek medical help.

Ammonia is applied only to whole nail plates. If there is damage to their surface or adjacent skin, then the treatment is delayed until the tissue is completely regenerated.

The liquid is used only in diluted form and in limited quantities, since a tender epidermis can burn.

A contraindication to the use of ammonia-based products is the period of breast-feeding and pregnancy. If there is inflammation of the eyes, then the method should also be abandoned, since caustic fumes can worsen the condition of the cornea.

People with epilepsy need to refrain from treatment with ammonia. This substance can trigger a seizure.

If ammonia therapy does not bring results within two weeks, then it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Recipes for the treatment of fungus with ammonia

Ammonia is a very popular remedy for onychomycosis, so there are many options for its use.Nail Compress

For example, compresses are especially in demand. To prepare them you will need:

  • water – 200 ml;
  • ammonium hydroxide – 20 ml;
  • a piece of cling film;
  • gauze.

The ammonia is diluted with water and gauze is wetted in the finished solution. Excess liquid is squeezed out. The nails, fingers and perineum between them are wrapped in wet tissue. The bandage is covered with a film, a sock is put on top. The compress is held for at least two hours, but it is better not to remove it all night.

In the first week of treatment, the procedure is carried out every day, then once a day. It is important not to miss a single session. Only regular use of ammonia will stop the spread of the fungus and improve the condition of the feet.

Alcohol lotion

You can treat the fungus with a lotion of alcohol and ammonia. In this case, an aqueous solution of ammonium hydroxide and ordinary ethyl 95% alcohol (1 tbsp each) are used, which is sold in any pharmacy at a price of 30-40 r. per bottle.


Vodka opens the pores and paves the way for other substances deep into the infected tissues. Thanks to ethanol, ammonia easily soaks the nail and destroys the infection. In addition, alcohol also kills bacteria and viruses.

To enhance the properties of the main component and reduce its toxicity, a solution for lotions is added:

  • warm boiled water – 200-250 ml;
  • glycerin – a large spoon;
  • 2-3 drops of citrus essential oil.

All ingredients are mixed, after which the product is ready to use. The solution is wetted with cotton wrapped in a bandage. Swabs cover the affected areas. Be sure to apply a film and a band-aid on top. The lotion lasts 40 minutes. After removing it, the nails and skin are washed with warm water, preferably with laundry soap. It will take about 10 days to be treated, the procedures are carried out daily.

Solutions for steaming nails

An integral part of the treatment of onychomycosis is the bath. Ammonia is ideal for these purposes. This method is considered less dangerous than compresses and lotions.Foot bath

To prepare the steaming mixture you will need:

  • ammonia – 50 grams;
  • soda – 3 large spoons;
  • warm water – less than a liter;
  • liquid soap – 30 ml.

Water is poured into the basin, the remaining ingredients dissolve in it. A foot or hand is lowered into a container for 20 minutes. The bath will soften the skin, it will become smooth and the nail supple. The solution can be used to treat fungal infections, as well as other skin diseases that affect the limbs, such as tongues on the heels, papillomas, warts or corns.

After the procedure, the plates are treated with manicure tools and lubricated with antifungal drugs. Treatment lasts 2 weeks, but results may be noticeable much earlier. After complete treatment for onychomycosis, it is recommended from time to time to make ammonia baths for prophylactic purposes.

Ammonia solution with oregano

Another recipe for lotions against fungus. It includes:

  • ammonia – 1 large spoon;
  • hot water – half a glass;
  • oil from celandine – 10 drops;

Celandine oil

  • oregano juice – 5 drops.

The listed components are mixed. A piece of cotton or gauze is wetted in the solution. A wet pad lubricates nails and adjacent skin. Processing is carried out 2 times a day. After the procedure, the plates are painted yellow or brown. This is due to the presence in the solution of celandine juice. But do not worry. The hue will disappear itself after the end of the course of treatment of onychomycosis.

Hydrogen Peroxide Bath

Peroxide is an effective way to fight mycotic infections. Based on this substance, you can prepare a healing bath that helps against nail fungus on the legs and arms.

For the solution you will need:

  • hydrogen – 2 large spoons;
  • ammonia – 2 tablespoons;
  • water, preferably very hot, – 1 liter.

All ingredients are poured into the container and mixed. Soar limbs must be at least 15 minutes. It is advisable to treat the fungus with this method only at the initial stage of its development.

How to use ammonia as a prophylaxis

The main condition that will avoid relapse of the disease is the observance of hygiene and cleanliness of personal belongings. The ammonia solution is perfect for disinfecting household items and shoes. In a bucket of water, a third of the ammonia bottle is diluted, after which carpets, furniture, floors, plumbing, door handles, shoes and more are treated with this liquid.Mopping


Non-diluted ammonia can be used to disinfect rubber slippers. A cotton swab is moistened in it and shoes are thoroughly wiped. Particular attention is paid to the sole inside. Before the procedure, you need to wear latex gloves on your hands.

Reviews on the use of ammonia from the fungus

Ilya, 57 years old.

My grandmother used ammonia from nail fungus, so when the first mycotic spots appeared on the thumb, I immediately knew what to do. Once a day, he soared his feet in a solution of alcohol and ammonia. An itch went through 4 sessions of water procedures; after another 6 light strips left. Now there is nothing left of the disease.

David, 35 years old.

He started onychomycosis, because of which the whole foot was affected by the fungus. The nails turned yellow and the skin turned red. An itch bothered me, at times it became intolerable. I remembered that a couple of years ago I read a review of one guy that the ammonia helped him. I began to make compresses. Ammonia was diluted with water, moistened with cotton and applied to the foci of mycosis. I noticed the first improvements a week later – the itching went away. Later, the skin became not so red, but there were no more changes. Only a comprehensive treatment by a doctor helped to finally solve the problem.

Valeria, 65 years old.

I often use ammonia for house cleaning. This tool cleans windows and upholstery on furniture well. I was very surprised when I found out that ammonia treats nail fungus. The husband has long been tormented by him. They made baths of alcohol, added oregano and celandine juice there. The recipe talked about oil from this plant, but this was not in the pharmacy, so fresh stems were used. The treatment lasted 3 weeks. Every 5 days, a sore nail is trimmed. Now growing new, absolutely healthy.

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