Lemon versus fungus on the feet. Reviews about the treatment and recipes

The fungus on the legs can be cured by both medication and folk remedies. In the first case, synthetic antimycotics are used, and in the second – products and ingredients that every person has in the house. For example, you can cope with the disease with a regular lemon. Citrus juice and its pulp are combined with soda, salt and other components, which several times increases the effectiveness of therapy at home.

The mechanism of antifungal action of lemon

The acid contained in citrus has a depressing effect on the causative agents of mycoses. With its regular use, the mycelium and spores die, the symptoms of the disease weaken and after some time disappear completely.The use of lemon for onychomycosis

The ingredients obtained from the lemon fruit, such as acid, zest and essential oil, destroy not only the fungus, but also pathogenic microorganisms. With their help, local immunity is restored, inflammation of the skin, itching, peeling and other manifestations of mycosis disappear.

Pros and cons of treating a fungus with lemon

The use of lemon against nail fungus on the feet and hands is an affordable and effective method of therapy. However, it has both pros and cons. The advantages of this treatment method are as follows:

  • almost complete absence of side effects;
  • lemon juice can be used to treat young children, pregnant and lactating women;
  • citrus is sold in every store and is very inexpensive;
  • citric acid, unlike acetic, salicylic and malic, does not cause irritation and can be used by patients with especially sensitive skin;
  • lemon-based medicines not only destroy the fungus, but also relieve inflammation, removes unpleasant odors, and improve the condition of the skin of the feet.

Cons of citrus in the treatment of mycosis:

  • Treatment of nail fungus with lemon is effective only in the initial stage of the disease. With advanced onychomycosis and extensive infectious damage to the soft tissues, only long-term comprehensive treatment with antimycotic drugs can help;
  • To achieve the desired result requires a lot of time;
  • Sometimes in case of premature termination of procedures, the disease returns with renewed vigor.


After the disappearance of the external manifestations of mycosis, you must continue to use lemon for seven to fourteen days. Then the fungus will be completely destroyed and the disease does not recur.

Contraindications and side effects

You can not be treated with lemons with an allergic reaction to citrus fruits and with damage to the skin. If juice gets into cracks and cuts, it can be painful.Cracks between the fingers

If you apply lemon too often, sometimes irritation, redness, and rashes occur on the legs. In this case, therapy should be discontinued. After that, consult a dermatologist.

Preparation for treatment and methods for preparing medicines from lemon

Before starting antifungal therapy, you need to prepare your feet. The medicine should penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and nail plates. Therefore, before applying the drug containing lemon juice, zest or essential oil, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Feet are steamed in hot water. Sea salt and a little soda are added to the bath. Keep feet in solution for about half an hour;
  2. The feet are thoroughly wiped and dried;
  3. Affected fungus nails short cut. At the same time, exfoliated skin fragments are removed;
  4. Use the pedicure file to remove the upper dead layer of the nail plate.

Running onychomycosis is much more difficult to treat than the disease at the initial stage. If more than half of the nail is affected by the fungus, then before starting therapy, the plate must be removed. This can be done surgically, using a laser or special pharmacy drugs. The difference between superficial and deep mycosis of the nails is clearly visible in the photo below.

Ways to use lemon with fungus on the legs

It can be treated with this citrus in different ways. To combat the fungus on the legs, juice, essential oil made from its peel, baths with the addition of pulp are used. Combined recipes are also used, combining lemon with other folk and pharmacy preparations.Lemon fungus treatment

The easiest ways to deal with pathogenic microflora that affects the skin and nails of the feet:

  • A piece of cotton wool is impregnated with fresh juice and applied to the diseased nail or foci of infection on the soft tissues for a quarter of an hour. Then the feet are washed in warm water. Therapy is carried out twice a day, until the disappearance of mycosis;
  • Lobules of the fetus are applied to the site affected by the fungus at the same time;
  • Baths with the addition of lemon fruits are done daily before bedtime. They keep feet for 20-25 minutes, and then put on warm socks.

Combined Recipes

Citrus juice can be combined with various components found in almost every kitchen. The best combinations of substances with antimycotic action are presented below:

  • Soda and salt. They are mixed with a teaspoon of lemon juice, then the resulting slurry is applied to sore nails or skin areas. The compress is fixed with a bandage and left for half an hour. Then the bandage is removed, the feet are thoroughly washed. If irritation occurs, treatment is stopped;
  • Vodka and potassium permanganate. Citrus juice and ethanol are mixed in equal proportions. Potassium permanganates add quite a bit, at the tip of a knife. The solution lubricates diseased nails and tissues twice a day. The applied product can not be washed off, it must dry on its own;
  • Turmeric. This spice has a pronounced antifungal and antiseptic effect. The powder from it is mixed with lemon juice, the resulting thick slurry is applied to areas affected by mycosis. The duration of the procedure is one hour. It is not necessary to wash off the residues, the medicine will act all day;


All of the listed remedies go well with traditional local medicines. They complement pharmacy treatment and accelerate recovery from mycosis. In advanced cases, oral antimycotic drugs are prescribed.

Fungus Vinegar and Lemon

  • Vinegar. It is used as part of therapeutic baths. A tablespoon of acetic acid and half fruit juice are added to the water. Duration of steaming feet – 10-15 minutes. Do baths daily until completely cured. Another recipe for the quick destruction of the fungus: mix apple cider vinegar with lemon juice in equal proportions, the resulting fluid to lubricate the foci of infection. Ten minutes later, the feet are washed. After a week, the first results of treatment should be noticeable;
  • Honey. It is mixed with lemon and lavender oil, applied daily to the tissues affected by the fungus for 10-20 minutes. After two weeks, the first signs of recovery should be detected;
  • Garlic. A few cloves are crushed and mixed with twenty milliliters of juice. Compress from such a medicine is applied to the foot at night, and in the morning the remnants of the product are washed off;
  • Aspirin. Acetylsalicylic acid is a good tool in the fight against foot mycosis. Apply it as follows: lemon juice is mixed with a crushed tablet of acetyl. The resulting slurry is applied to a diseased area of ​​the skin and left for 20-30 minutes. Then the feet are washed thoroughly. After a day, the procedure is repeated. Two weeks later, the fungus should disappear;

Remedies for fungus with lemon

  • Celandine. Oil from it is used in the composition of the baths along with lemon juice. Each ingredient must be added to warm water, one teaspoon. After steaming, the legs are greased with undiluted lemon oil. Another recipe is to brew celandine leaves, chamomile and St. John's wort, add citrus juice and pour the mixture into the foot bath. Hover limbs for about forty minutes;
  • Iodine. A few drops of an antiseptic are added to hot bath water. One or two tablespoons of lemon juice is poured there. After steaming, the legs are wiped, then you can apply a pharmacy ointment from the fungus.

Moisturizing Balms

They are made from lemon juice and skin softening agents. Using such medications, you can not only get rid of foot mycosis, but also relieve inflammation and prevent skin irritation.

Simple and effective balm recipes:

  • Olive oil is mixed in equal proportions with lemon juice. Ready-made medicine daily lubricate the nails and skin. After 10-13 such procedures, the fungus will disappear;
  • The same amount of citrus juice is added to 50 ml of glycerin. The mixture is rubbed overnight with soft tissues and keratin plates. Mycosis at the initial stage disappears in two weeks, at the advanced stage – after a few months;
  • Another recipe with glycerin – add a few drops of lemon essential oil to it. The medicine lubricates diseased nails and rub the feet into the skin.

Moisturizing balms, in addition to treating the fungus, stimulate nail growth, which allows them to recover faster after mycosis. If the diseased plate had to be removed, then the drugs will accelerate the regeneration of the new one. In addition, the entire foot will again take on a healthy look.

Lemon Peel Essential Oil

This drug, sold in a pharmacy, acts on the fungus in the same way as concentrated citrus juice. To combat mycoses of different localization, oil is applied to the foci of infection, gently rubbing. The procedure is carried out twice a day – in the morning and in the evening. In two weeks, the first results will be noticeable. Oil is also smeared on the soles of the feet to kill bacteria and improve overall skin condition.Lemon essential oil


Lemon essential oil not only helps fight mycosis of the legs, but also destroys the unpleasant odor. This drug is a good prophylactic of fungal skin lesions. They treat the feet, pre-mixed with any vegetable oil.


Elena, 47 years old.

I know firsthand that lemon actually kills the fungus. A month ago, I fell ill with mycosis at sea, became infected on the beach, walking barefoot in the sand. She began to be treated with lemon juice, applying it in the evenings as a compress. Two weeks later, the signs of the disease disappeared. To completely cure mycosis, I continued the course for half a month. More fungus did not return.

Antonina, 35 years old.

Toenails were affected by the fungus. After consulting with a doctor, she decided to treat herself with traditional medicine in combination with tablets. I drank terbinafine and smeared my nails with lemon juice at night. After a few months, the disease subsided, the plates began to look normal again. Laboratory analysis showed that I no longer have a fungus.

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