Legs on legs. Reasons for the appearance and treatment

The growths on the soles of the feet belong to benign varieties of neoplasms of a viral nature. At the same time, Shipigi on the legs account for 30% of all viral neoplasms.

To many, the growth on the little finger or near the nail seems a trifle. However, it is necessary to visit a dermatologist in order to clarify the diagnosis and exclude oncogenicity of the neoplasm. You can remove the fennel in a specialized clinic. This is the safest way to get rid of the growth. Incorrect treatment can lead to burns to healthy skin, incomplete removal of the tumor or its roots. Such consequences provoke the spread of the virus and can cause the degeneration of a harmless spine into a malignant tumor.


The spine on the leg resembles a dense hemispherical nodule. Initially, a smooth, rounded spot of yellowish color appears. Over time, the surface of the outgrow is compacted and covered with scales. If the affected area is steamed in hot water and the upper stratum corneum is removed, black patches of thrombosed capillaries and small vessels appear. Over time, daughter formations appear near the first outgrowth. Expanding, they cover the foot with a hard crust of brown color.Shipitsa on the foot

Causes of occurrence

The main question that interests the patient who noticed plantar growths is why and where they come from. The main reason for the appearance of warts on any part of the skin is infection with papillomavirus. This is one of the most common viruses on the planet. HPV carriers are about 90% of the world's population.

The appearance and localization of warts depends on the strain of the virus that has infected the human body. Once in the bloodstream, HPV is embedded in the DNA of epithelial cells, provoking their rapid growth. This leads to the appearance of growths.

Increase the risk of HPV infection:

  • Microtrauma of the skin of the feet;
  • Dry and cracked skin;
  • Increased sweating;
  • Neglect of hygiene procedures;
  • Wearing shoes not in size;
  • Hypothermia of the legs.

The papillomavirus is transmitted by contact-household transmission. You can get infected by direct contact with the carrier of the virus or by wearing someone else’s shoes, trying on a new pair without a sock, visiting a pool or sauna without rubber shale, can happen even in your home if family members have spikes.

Features Shipig

In addition to an unpleasant appearance, a constant discharge of the upper scaly layer. A characteristic feature of plantar warts is the discomfort that they deliver to their "owner". At first, the discomfort resembles walking barefoot on sharp small pebbles. Subsequently, the pain syndrome intensifies. A person becomes a hostage to the disease, cannot move independently.

Painful sensations when walking are explained by the fact that a neglected neoplasm has deep roots. They pinch the nerve endings, leading to pain with pressure on the growth. The popular name for plantar warts is chicken ass, chicken callus, spike or shipiga.

When you can’t do without a doctor

In most cases, plantar outgrowths respond well to medication home treatment. The aesthetic aspects of the skin on the legs are not as important as on the face. Seek qualified help if:

  • The appearance of side effects of home therapy;
  • Lack of self-medication results for one to two months;
  • Intensification of pain;
  • Isolation of blood or pus from the growth;
  • A rapid increase in the size or number of neoplasms.


If such symptoms appear, do not delay the visit to the doctor. This may be the beginning of the process of degeneration of the neoplasm into a malignant tumor.

Pain in the foot

After a visual examination, having studied the results of clinical trials, the specialist will recommend an effective way to remove the growth using a radical or conservative technique.

Therapies on the legs

You can derive the leg socks on:

  • In a radical way in a specialized medical center;
  • By means of a pharmacy;
  • Using folk recipes.

A radical way to get rid of herpes

Modern medical centers offer such methods of removing unwanted growths:

  • Laser destruction;
  • Electrocoagulation;
  • Radio wave therapy;
  • Cryodestruction;
  • Surgery.


A high-frequency electric current, closed in a loop, allows you to cauterize a small growth. For large tongues with deep roots, the electrocoagulation method is not suitable. In addition, the minus of the technique is the formation of a scar at the site of the remote outgrowth.


Plantar growth can be reduced with the help of liquid nitrogen. Applied to the growth, liquid nitrogen leads to necrosis of the wart tissue. The neoplasm first turns white, then a bubble appears in its place. After 3-5 days, the bladder deflates and a scab forms, under which young skin forms. During the healing period, the damaged area is treated with a solution of salicylic alcohol or potassium permanganate.

One of the most common methods to combat warts. The advantage of the technique is an affordable price, the simplicity of the procedure, the lack of a preparatory stage, and high treatment effectiveness. The result of the manipulation depends on the qualifications and experience of the attending physician.

The inability to control the depth and strength of exposure to cold can cause a relapse of the disease or the formation of a scar at the site of a remote neoplasm.

Laser destruction

The newest, painless method of removing herpes is also considered the most effective. The procedure takes only a few minutes. The laser beam evaporates the tissue of the tongue layer by layer. At the place of formation, a small depression remains, which is independently tightened for a week.

The high efficiency of laser procedures is due to the doctor’s ability to control the depth of exposure, in contrast to cryodestruction. The advantage of laser destruction:

  • The regeneration process is fast;
  • The likelihood of relapse is low;
  • The procedure is painless;
  • Skin injury is minimal;
  • It is possible to send growth tissue for histological examination.Laser tong removal

Radio wave therapy

The radio knife cuts off the wart and simultaneously coagulates (cauterizes) the vessels. The non-contact method of radio wave therapy allows not only to bring out the growth, but also to prevent the spread of papillomavirus. The risk of secondary infection at the site of the excised growth is also completely eliminated. The absence of bleeding, high efficiency and quick restoration of damaged skin makes the radio wave therapy technique very attractive in the eyes of specialists and patients.


A few decades ago, this method was the most common. And now it is being applied less and less. The only reason for the appointment of a surgical operation is an overgrown growth, with large roots, or a suspicion of malignancy of formation.

Manipulation is performed using local anesthesia. The long recovery process, soreness and a mandatory scar are all the disadvantages of surgical excision of warts.

Conservative treatment

Many patients are panicked by the thought that they will have to go to a specialized clinic, carry out some manipulations, and then treat the wound. You can cure the tongue at home using medications. Gentle methods of getting rid of spikes on the heel are as effective as radical treatment.

The most popular pharmacy preparations are aimed at removing fennel with the help of increasing the body's immune defenses or affecting the growth of aggressive substances in their tissues.

Antiviral and immunomodulating drugs

These include Panavir, Terbizil, Oxolinic ointment, Viferon, Imiquimod. They have a destructive effect on the cells of the virus. First, papillomavirus cell division stops. And then they die. Dosage form: tablets, ointments, gels, solutions for injection. The main advantage of antiviral agents is its mild effect and the absence of scars. The duration of therapy depends on the chosen remedy, and on average is from two weeks to a month. Treat Shipigi twice a day.Terbizil

Salicylic acid

Salicylic acid-based products are available in the form of an ointment, solution, cream or patch. The most famous trade names are Collomac, Salipod, Duofilm, Chinese corn patch, salicylic ointment, or salicylic acid.

Salicylic acid dissolves the neoplasm layer by layer. Before use, it is recommended to steam your feet in hot water and dry with a towel. Apply the drug carefully, avoiding contact with healthy skin. The treatment is long, requires patience and strict adherence to the instructions for use. Assess your strength before embarking on home therapy.

Acid solutions

High-speed drugs. Usually, one or two procedures are enough to completely get rid of the tongues. However, caution is required. Contact with healthy skin causes chemical burns. This group of drugs includes the Wartner pen applicator, Solcoderm.

Alkaline solutions

Cauterization of neoplasms on the foot with alkaline agents Superchistotel or Superchistotel –Lekker is a quick and effective way to get rid of herpes at home. Potassium and sodium hydroxide contained in these preparations destroys neoplasm tissue. The growth dries up and completely disappears. May cause burns and scars.

Drugs with necrotizing and cauterizing effects

These include Iodine, Lapis Pencil (silver nitrate). They are considered average effectiveness drugs. But affordable and convenient to use.

Phenol-based preparations

Phenol leads to necrosis of neoplasm tissue and stops the further spread of the virus in the body. Phenol preparations are presented in a pharmacy network called Ferezol and Verrukatsid. Their main advantage is instant result. It will take only a couple of hours to achieve a positive result. The tool dissolves the wart tissue layer by layer. It is applied as it dries.Verrucacid


Cryodestruction of plantar defects can be done by yourself. Cryopharm aerosol or Vrtner Cryo contain a special refrigerant designed for independent use. Its action is equivalent to freezing with nitrogen.

Alternative medicines for herpits on the leg

For those who prefer treatment with natural remedies, recipes for traditional healers are suitable. For centuries, people have been collecting and improving medicines, based on medicinal plants, household products, conspiracies and prayers.


Therapy with folk remedies is a long process. But a harmless, affordable and effective method of dealing with herpes.

Many patients, having tried on themselves folk recipes for information on plantar defects, recommend them to their friends, relatives and friends, as they are convinced of their effectiveness.


Celandine juice is used to get rid of dermatoses, eczema and warts. Due to its cauterizing properties, celandine received the second popular name – warthog.

Fresh juice of the plant can be used for medicinal purposes during its flowering period – from early May to late June. If the fenugreek appeared in autumn or winter, it is better to buy a concentrated extract called Mountain Celandine in a pharmacy.


Mountain celandine and Superchistotel are not the same thing. The latter, despite the name, has nothing to do with a medicinal plant. The active substance of the Superchistel is sodium and potassium alkali.

The growths are treated with juice or celandine extract twice a day until they disappear completely. The average duration of therapy is from one to two months.


You can remove the fennel with table vinegar, which housewives use in pickles and marinades prepared for the winter. You can simply apply two to three drops of table vinegar on the tongue several times a day. And you can make vinegar flour.

Combine a tablespoon of flour with a few drops of acetic acid. Knead the elastic dough. Put vinegar dough on cling film. Wrap the compress around the damaged area, securing it with a bandage or band-aid. Leave it until morning. The procedure should be carried out daily with fresh vinegar test.Compress from the shipitz


You can try talking sprat on potatoes. Unpeeled potatoes are washed well with soap under the tap, and then cut lengthwise into two halves. Each half should carefully process the defect on the leg, saying: "Get out on the potatoes, away from my beautiful leg."

After this, the halves of the root vegetable are joined together, tied with a red or cotton thread. The used tuber is buried in the ground, saying: "The potato will rot, the wart will go away." A tree in the yard or a flower pot will do. The main thing is that the process of decay begins. As soon as the tuber begins to rot, the growths disappear.


As a cure for warts, an Easter egg consecrated in the church will do. They need to cross the tongues on the foot, saying: “The wart away. Follow the wind, the sun, take away pain, sorrow, evil people, through marsh marshes to a dry tree, in a ravine under the mountain. "

It will take literally two or three days, and the warts will disappear.

Relapse prevention

It is impossible today to completely get rid of the cause that caused the appearance of spitz – papillomavirus. But you can prevent the reappearance of warts on the soles of the feet. To do this, you need:

  • Follow foot hygiene;
  • Prefer comfortable leather shoes;
  • Treat with an antiseptic solution any minor cut on the legs;
  • Do not forget about rubber shoes, visiting pools, saunas and baths;
  • Strengthen the immune system.

Such simple rules will help preserve the beauty and health of your legs and protect your loved ones from papillomavirus infection.

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