Laundry soap from papillomas. Treatment procedure

Papillomas are called benign neoplasms that appear on the skin due to the penetration of the virus. This pathology is common, because not every person has the opportunity to maintain their immunity at the proper level.
The treatment of such growths is often carried out by folk remedies. Tar and laundry soap are extremely popular among them.

Soap composition and effects on neoplasms

Laundry soap is distinguished by its appearance, specific smell and composition. Usually there is a mark on the bar: 65%, 70% or 72%. She talks about how many fatty acids are in one soap.Laundry soap

The aggressiveness of the agent depends on this indicator. For the treatment of benign papillomas, it is best to use soap with 65%. Also included in the composition of the product are components such as soda ash, caustic soda and sodium carbonate.

Together, all alkalis and fatty acids give a good result in the fight against papillomas. They allow you to destroy pathogenic microorganisms, dry the affected area, preventing the supply of tumors with moisture, which leads to their destruction.


For treatment, it is better to choose ordinary household soap, which does not have fragrances and dyes. Therefore, before buying, you must carefully read the composition of the soap.

How to treat neoplasms with soap?

There are a lot of ways to treat papilloma with laundry soap. We should focus on the most effective approaches. One of them is the imposition of night applications. To do this, before bedtime, you need to moisten the affected area thoroughly with water and rub with a detergent.

It is necessary to carry out this action very carefully, in no case to prevent damage to the growth. Otherwise, new papillomas may occur. After processing the neoplasm with soap, you need to go to bed, and in the morning wash off with warm water.
Another good method is the preparation of ointments. In this case, you can combine it with other components.

You can use the following recipes:

  • Ointment with onion and soap. To cook it, you need to take a small onion, grate it on a fine grater until you get gruel. Then grind half of the soap bar in the same way and add to the onion. Soap with 72% is best.
    Mix all this mass well and send to the refrigerator. After a day, you can use it to treat neoplasms at night. In total, about 7 procedures are necessary.
  • Ointment with garlic, soap and baby cream. First you need to grate the head of garlic. Then add laundry soap and a little cream for children to it. Thoroughly mix the resulting mass, leave to brew for an hour and can be used to lubricate papillomas.

It is also allowed to use laundry soap with medicinal plants. Herbs help enhance the effect of the detergent. You can apply the recipe with chamomile, birch buds, hypericum, immortelle. It is best if these herbs are used fresh, so this recipe is more suitable for use in the summer.

To prepare a folk remedy, you need to take 200 g of soap, grate it on a fine grater. After that, fill it with 500 ml of hot water. Then put there 100 g of a mixture of all plants or just one. Mix all this, leave to insist for 20 minutes, strain. The prepared alternative medicine must be used to treat papillomas before bedtime.Papillomavirus detection

Recommendations for home treatment

Removal of papillomas with the help of laundry soap should take place subject to some recommendations of specialists. If it was carried out incorrectly or the skin is too sensitive, then the onset of the inflammatory process and the pain may occur. In this case, it is urgent to stop using soap and visit a doctor.
This is necessary because benign neoplasms can degenerate into cancerous tumors. Such folk remedies can no longer cope with malignant growths. As a result, time will be lost.

Experts recommend adhering to the following rules when treating papillomas with laundry soap:

  1. They lather the growth only with a thick layer, but one should not go beyond it.
  2. In no case is it allowed to comb, damage the formation.
  3. You can not smear with soap if there are cracks and wounds on the papilloma.
  4. Avoid penetration into the affected area of ​​the infection.

If you adhere to all these recommendations, you can achieve great success in the fight against benign papillomas. If no positive dynamics are observed, then you should not despair. You need to contact a dermatologist and carry out the removal of papillomas with the help of medications.

Tar Soap Therapy

Some people, when removing papillomas, prefer to use tar instead of laundry soap. It differs from the usual one in that at least 10% of birch tar is present in the composition. Thanks to this, such a tool can kill viruses and eliminate inflammatory processes.

It, like the household one, has a somewhat unusual smell, which many people do not like. However, if you lather the skin with tar soap, and after a few minutes rinse with water, this specific aroma disappears.
It is also worth noting that tar soap helps to heal wounds, restores skin integuments. Thanks to all its useful properties, it is so widely used in traditional medicine and cosmetology. Tar itself is often used in the production of shampoos, masks, creams.Tar soap

Tar soap is not so capable of drying the skin as a laundry. But this does not mean that it is less effective. The therapeutic effect is due to the presence of tar. It provokes the destruction of affected skin cells.

This soap can be used by people with dry and thin skin. Therefore, people who have papillomas arose directly on the face or intimate places should choose it. Laundry soap in these areas will cause severe peeling of the integument.
It is worth mentioning immediately about ordinary soap, hygiene products in intimate areas and for children's skin. All of them have a lot of substances that moisturize the cover, therefore they are not able to remove papillomas.

The opinion of doctors

Medical workers extremely rarely recommend their patients to resort to alternative medicine methods. This also applies to methods of combating papillomas with the use of household or tar soap, reviews of which are very mixed.

They believe that such therapy can not give any results, drugs are needed. Others argue that papilloma and laundry soap are incompatible things, since a detergent kills neoplasm cells.

Dermatologists express the following opinions:

  • The composition of laundry soap is acid-base, so it has aggressiveness. This can cause skin irritation.
  • It is impossible to get rid of household neoplasms by folk methods, the effectiveness of which is not confirmed by research. Otherwise, cell damage and a change in their structure are possible. Despite the fact that the risk of degeneration of the papilloma into a malignant formation is minimal, it still exists.
  • You can not use laundry soap from papillomas located in intimate places, around the eyes. This can cause excessive dryness of the skin, which is fraught with the occurrence of microcracks.
  • The components of such a detergent adversely affect the permeability of capillaries. Scientists confirm that fatty acids found in soaps can aggravate bleeding.

Currently, traditional medicine offers a huge number of drugs that can remove benign papillomas. Therefore, it is best to immediately consult a doctor when a neoplasm appears. He will prescribe the correct and effective treatment.Victory over papillomas

To apply folk remedies or not, it is up to each person to decide. But you should not experiment with your health at home without competent expert advice.

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