Laser removal of genital warts: features, reviews, price

If a person with a weakened immune system becomes infected with the human papillomavirus, soon benign formations called condylomas will develop on his body. Usually these are single flesh-colored growths, but they can grow together in large clusters. For treatment, laser removal of genital warts is often used.

The method of influence on education in each case is selected individually. Various factors influence the possibility of applying this or that method, such as contraindications and localization of growths. Each version of the procedure, including laser destruction of the resulting genital warts, has its advantages and disadvantages.

Why do you need to remove growths?

About 30% of all cases of genital warts end in their own cure. For this reason, many patients are in no hurry to seek surgical intervention. However, only a qualified physician can decide on the cost-effectiveness or cost-effectiveness of such treatment.

Laser removal of genital warts: features, reviews, price

Condylomas are far from just a cosmetic defect. Firstly, they are usually located in areas where they cause serious discomfort. The growths in the genital area and the anus lead to:

  • Itching
  • Burning sensation;
  • Bleeding in the event of friction or injury;
  • Discharge of liquid with an unpleasant odor;
  • Inflammatory processes;
  • Irritation.

These factors are characteristic of almost any type of genital warts. At the same time, although most of them have low oncogenicity, some are still able to degenerate into malignant formations. Most often this applies to condylomas that develop under the skin. It is impossible to notice such formations with the naked eye, especially in the case of women.


Subcutaneous warts are able to gradually penetrate deeper into the tissue, affecting the internal organs, bones and even the nervous system.

Self-healing of growths occurs in about four months. If there are chronic condylomas on the body, they definitely will not go away on their own, so you need to seek help from a specialist. It is important for women to be regularly examined on a gynecological chair so that the doctor sees growths that the patient is unable to notice on her own.

Contraindications to the procedure

Laser removal is widely used, but there are certain groups of people to whom this procedure is not suitable. First of all, this applies to pregnant women and nursing mothers. Other restrictions are associated with diseases. Among the contraindications:

  • Diabetes;
  • Inflammatory pathologies of the skin;
  • High blood pressure, hypertension;
  • The development of herpes infection;
  • Pathology of the endocrine system;
  • Thrombocytopenia;
  • Diseases of the circulatory system;
  • High body temperature;
  • Photodermatosis;
  • Epilepsy;
  • Any oncological processes, including degenerated condylomas.

Most often, laser destruction is carried out in conditions of the spread of small formations. If the diameter of the condyloma exceeds 6 mm, doctors often prescribe a different type of removal, for example, using radio waves or electric cauterization. Allergies and other types of intolerance to anesthesia will also not allow you to turn to this technique.

Cases of individual intolerance to light radiation emanating from a laser are known. Depending on the specific situation, the list of contraindications may increase even more. If the growths are not too large, and the pathological conditions described above are not diagnosed in humans, then the procedure is suitable even for children.

How is the removal?

Preparation for the procedure includes a complete examination of genital warts, which are to be removed. A doctor must prescribe a biopsy, which helps determine the nature of the formation, benign or malignant. Along with this, a histological examination of the collected tissue is performed.Condyloma Removal

If the doctor does not find factors that interfere with the operation, then you can start the procedure. It takes place in two stages:

  • Stage One – Anesthesia. Anesthetics creams are most often used, but, depending on the size of the formations, novocaine or lidocaine injections may be given;
  • Along with anesthesia, the laser apparatus is tuned. The doctor studies all the parameters of the patient and according to them sets the power, depth of exposure and diameter of the laser beam;
  • Stage two – removal. With the help of the laser, the tumor tissue is evaporated, and the vessels are also sealed, so that no bleeding occurs.

The device acts directly on the formation, without damaging neighboring healthy tissues. Pathological cells dry out and disappear. Most often, removal of all genital warts requires several procedures and subsequent repeated visits to the doctor, after about a month.


Condylomatosis is characterized by relapses. It is necessary to regularly be examined for the resumption of the disease.

If a person is infected with the human papillomavirus, he will never completely get rid of it. To reduce the likelihood of recurrence of genital warts, it is necessary to undergo a course of treatment for HPV, which includes taking antiviral drugs. They are selected individually by the doctor.

Life after the procedure

If it was decided to remove the condyloma with the help of a laser, after the procedure a cornified scab will remain in its place. It will disappear without outside influence in about a few days. Laser vaporization is one of the most gentle ways to remove the formation. The rehabilitation period usually takes a couple of weeks.

Recovery Rules:

  • It is forbidden to wash during the day after the procedure;
  • The crust can not only be washed, but also acted in any other way. She must fall off on her own;
  • After removal of genital warts with a laser, you can treat the skin area with antiseptics;
  • As directed by a doctor, immunostimulating and antiviral agents are also used for treatment;
  • At the time of restoration it is forbidden to visit baths, saunas and solariums;
  • If condylomas were removed in the genital area, then it is necessary to abandon sexual relations;
  • While healing takes place, the skin should not be affected by direct sunlight or low temperatures;
  • The duration of rehabilitation is from two weeks to a month.

Before and after laser removal

In rare cases, during the recovery period, a variety of unpleasant sensations arise. For example, the area may begin to itch, the wound may swell, sometimes pain is felt. Any unpleasant sensations require an early visit to a doctor to find out the cause and further treatment.

Advantages and disadvantages of laser removal

The main disadvantage of laser coagulation is the high price of the procedure. It is one of the most expensive methods. In addition, there is the possibility of side effects, such as:

  • Burns;
  • Swelling;
  • Redness;
  • Local temperature increase.

If a person is prone to malfunctions in the hormonal background, then after the procedure, he may have keloid scars. However, even in the most serious situations, there is a chance to avoid negative manifestations if the operation is performed by an experienced doctor.

The main advantages of laser removal:

  • The impact is carried out only on pathological tissues;
  • Due to cauterization of blood vessels, blood does not appear;
  • Traces of operational effects are not too noticeable and gradually pass;
  • This method is suitable for treating children;
  • Using anesthesia makes the procedure painless;
  • The rehabilitation period is short.

The cost of the procedure depends on the region, the particular clinic and the size of the education. If the papilloma is not more than a millimeter, then it can be removed for 300-500 rubles. If it exceeds 10 mm, then the price of the procedure will be more than 7000 rubles. Despite the cost, this type of operation is considered the most effective and safe.

Feedback on laser treatment:

“Cauterizing condylomas is not so painful as transferring painkillers for surgery, although they cannot be compared with vitamins and antibiotics that are pricked in the buttocks. I had genital warts removed, during the procedure, nothing was felt at all. The only thing that suggested the course of the operation was the characteristic smell. ”

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