Is it dangerous to remove the papilloma?

Papillomas are found in almost every person, and the cause of their occurrence is papillomavirus (HPV). Most of them are almost invisible and do not cause any discomfort, but sometimes they grow greatly, causing pain later.

Doctors recommend removing papillomas regardless of their size and location, as these benign neoplasms can trigger skin lesions. But are modern procedures for removing skin growths safe?

You need to remove the papillomas!

The need for prompt removal of papillomas is primarily due to the fact that they not only cause inconvenience, but also have an unaesthetic appearance and spoil the appearance. In addition, they often become the cause of the development of cancer cells, which poses a great danger to human health and life.Laser removal of papillomas

You can remove the growth in one of several popular ways:

  • surgical intervention;
  • visiting a beauty salon;
  • the use of topical preparations;
  • the use of traditional medicine.

Any of these options has its contraindications, so not every method is suitable for a particular person.

Safe removal of papillomas

To date, the safest way to get rid of papillomas is the use of laser surgery.

The impact of the laser on the neoplasm has many positive qualities:

  • rapid disappearance of age spots after removal of the growth;
  • almost complete absence of pain during the operation;
  • minimal amount of side effects;
  • fast regeneration of the skin;
  • lack of scars and any scars;
  • sterility of the instrument.

The disadvantages of laser destruction include:

  • inefficiency of the operation during the transition of ordinary papilloma to a cancerous tumor;
  • the possibility of edema with allergic reactions to ultraviolet radiation (photodermosis);
  • when removing too large formations, two cosmetic procedures may be required.

In addition, if the patient suffers from various skin diseases (acne, herpes, dermatitis), then after the operation he will need to take a course of taking medications.

Cosmetic procedures during pregnancy

During pregnancy, the woman’s body is weakened. In view of this, she needs to worry not only about her health, but also about the child. In view of this, future mothers are interested in dermatologists whether it is possible to visit a beauty parlor and remove a papilloma using electrocoagulation or other modern techniques. Experts give a positive answer to this question.

Doctors often advise pregnant women to pay attention to the state of their body and recommend removing papillomas in late pregnancy, when the fetus is already fully formed. Also, local disposal of growths should be supplemented by a course of taking antiviral drugs, which are selected only by a dermatologist.

In order for the removal of papillomas to be completely safe for a pregnant woman, one should heed some recommendations:

  • You can’t try to remove the growth yourself using traditional medicine;
  • the use of drugs without a doctor’s prescription is prohibited (in particular, this applies to salicylic acid and drugs in the likeness of Superchistotel);
  • when visiting a cosmetology center, you cannot ask for general anesthesia.

Papilloma Removal Consultation During Pregnancy


Despite the safety of professional methods, it is not recommended to resort to cryodestruction when removing papillomas on the cervix! Liquid nitrogen violates the structure of the mucous membranes, which can provoke erosion and rupture of the cervix during childbirth.

Use of scalpel removal

Another safe, but not too popular method of getting rid of growths, was the excision (excision) of the papilloma with a scalpel. In this case, a sterile surgical instrument and local or general anesthesia are used.

The main indications for the cutting of growths surgically is:

  • too large size (from 3 cm or more);
  • malignant neoplasms (malignancy);
  • the need for surgical excision for medical reasons;
  • the inability to get rid of papilloma in other ways.

The advantage of this method is the complete painlessness of the operation, the absence of contraindications and the sterility of the instrument. The disadvantages include only the fact that a small scar may remain at the site of the operation, which can only be removed with the help of plastic surgery.

Despite the fact that there are no contraindications to excision of the growth, the doctor may refuse to remove the papilloma if the patient has herpes, skin inflammation, or any infectious disease.

Is self-removal of papillomas dangerous?

Self-removal of the growth is fraught with big health problems, since in its place inflammation often appears or an infection gets into the wound. In addition, regardless of the size of the neoplasm, after it is torn off, a cancerous tumor can develop on the skin.

In some cases, the papilloma can come off by itself. This occurs mainly on those parts of the body that are prone to damage and rubbing clothes:

  • axillary hollows;
  • chest;
  • toes;
  • hands;
  • back.

When the growth has fallen off by itself, the resulting wound must be treated with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide and sealed with a medical plaster. With these actions, you can prevent it from getting microbes. If inflammation begins to form at the site of the papilloma, then this is quite dangerous for health, and if a swelling or redness is detected, you should immediately consult a doctor.Quick removal of papillomas

The safety of folk methods of removing growths

Doctors warn their patients that self-medication with the help of "grandmother" recipes can harm the body and cause the development of allergic reactions. In particular, traditional medicine poses the greatest danger in the treatment of papillomavirus and other infectious diseases in young children and pregnant women.

Today, on the Internet, you can find a large number of recipes and tips for self-removal of papillomas, but it is strictly forbidden to use them without consulting a specialist. This is due to the fact that combinations of various ingredients after application to the skin can trigger chemical burns, the appearance of a rash, as well as the development of allergic dermatitis.

Is it harmful to remove papillomas in children?

It is safe to remove papillomas in children of any age only using professional methods:

  • cryodestruction;
  • radiocoagulation;
  • laser surgery;
  • impact on the growth of an electric current.

After the operation, it is very important to ensure that the child does not pick the wound and does not tear off the crust from it. Also, you can not wet it and handle it with a soapy solution. Such an adverse effect on the damaged area of ​​the epidermis can cause inflammation and infection under the skin.

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