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Clareo is a gel supplied to the domestic market by Emansi (representative of InnoSkin in Russia). It is designed to gently remove cosmetic skin defects at home. Today, this tool is an excellent alternative to many professional procedures to combat papillomas, corns and warts at an early stage of their formation. But for the gel to give a good and lasting result, you need to know its characteristics and rules of use.

Description of the drug

Clareol is an exfoliant gel that gently cleanses the skin from roughness and pathologically overgrown tissue. Often it is called a peeling tool, but this is not so. The gel is really an exfoliant, because, unlike scrubs, it does not leave mechanical traces, does not harm the integrity of the epidermal layer and literally dissolves dead or viral cells.Clareol

Available in a plastic bottle with a 10 ml dispenser. It is placed in a cardboard box along with a manual for use.

Composition Clareola

The drug is made of several components:

  • Acrylate copolymer. The basis of any cosmetic product, a substance that stabilizes the combination of water and oils. Additionally moisturizes the skin, gives it a slight velvety texture that persists for 3-4 hours after application of the gel. It does not adversely affect either healthy or infected tissues;
  • Pyrogen-free water. Liquid purified from ionic impurities. It is an auxiliary ingredient;
  • D-panthenol. A substance that accelerates the regeneration of the epidermis and protects it from the negative effects of the environment. Protects from the formation of cracks and burns of a different nature. Indispensable in cases of dehydration of the dermis, stimulates the synthesis of collagen fibers, steroid hormones and eliminates inflammatory processes;
  • Sodium hydroxide. Caustic alkali, the main active ingredient of Clareol. It destroys coarse formations, warts and papillomas. A large amount is able to burn out healthy soft tissues, but it is contained in a gel in a small dose, so that the drug will not cause deep chemical burns;
  • Ana acids. A set of substances with exfoliating effect. Strengthen the effect of sodium hydroxide, activate the mechanism of skin renewal, block the burning sensation caused by alkali;
  • Auxiliary ingredients. Fragrances, preservatives and other additives that preserve the properties of the gel, its consistency.


The manufacturer does not indicate exactly which ANA acids are in the composition of the product, therefore, people with allergies to chemical components need to do an gel gel allergy test before using it.

Benefits of choosing Clareola

In drugstores you can find a lot of solutions designed to quickly eliminate corns, warts and other benign formations, but they all badly affect the skin condition. The main principle of their action is the burning of tissues, and it does not matter which ones are healthy or not.Wound after wart removal on the arm

Clareol works differently. It "identifies" damaged areas of the skin and causes them to gradually exfoliate. In parallel with this, the gel stimulates the restoration and improvement of the epidermis, free from dead and viral cells. As a result, the skin is cleansed of corns and pathological growths and begins to look better.

Other benefits of exfoliant gel include the following:

  • after its application there are no scars, age spots and scars;
  • saturates tissues with essential minerals and vitamins;
  • prevents recurrence of formations;
  • strengthens local immunity;
  • acts in all layers of the skin, reaches even the base of the growth – the root system;
  • the effect is noticeable after a few days of using the product;
  • economically consumed, so that one bottle of Clareol is not enough for more than a dozen corns or warts;
  • easy to use, does not spread over the body;
  • safe for the human body;
  • it is relatively cheap;
  • It has a minimum of contraindications and side effects.

Instructions for use

The way you use Clareol depends on the type of neoplasm. If you need to remove the corn, then it needs to be prepared. In the case of the location of the coarse growth on the extremities, a steaming bath should be made:

  1. 2 liters of water are poured into the basin and 1 tbsp is poured into it. l soda or salt;
  2. An arm or leg is dipped in a solution and held for 15 minutes;
  3. After the limb is wiped with a clean towel and dried. Rinsing is not necessary.

Steaming legs

If the growth is localized in another part of the body, then a hot compress is used instead of the bath. To do this, a piece of gauze is wetted in soda or saline and applied to dead tissue until it cools completely.

Upon completion of steaming, the top layer of corn is cut with scissors and peeled with pumice. Next, 3 drops of Clareol are applied to it, which are gently rubbed with a dispensing nozzle or wooden stick. You can’t smear the gel with your fingers.

After processing, the corn will begin to change its color to white (as in the photo below), sometimes a slight burning sensation is felt. This means that the drug is acting. After 40-60 minutes, the coarse formation will exfoliate. You can pick it up with sterilized scissors and remove from the skin. If it is not completely removed, then the treatment is repeated, and so on until the desired result is obtained.

The process for removing papillomas or warts is slightly different. Viral growths do not need to be steamed, just wipe them with alcohol and grease around with petroleum jelly or baby cream. Then the gel drips onto the neoplasm and is gently smeared with a stick. When it turns red, and after darkens, you can remove its upper layer with tweezers. Usually the first time to get rid of papillomas or warts does not work, so the treatment is repeated another 2-3 times.

General recommendations

In order for the fight against neoplasms with the help of Clareol gel to be successful and pass without unpleasant surprises, you need to follow a few simple recommendations:

  • Treatment of the growth is carried out with an interval of 5 hours;
  • Do not combine the gel with other keratolic or caustic agents. If you need to remove the papilloma, then the use of local HPV drugs will have to be temporarily suspended;
  • After applying the gel, the formation is sealed with a “breathable” tissue-based patch. It will protect against dirt and germs;
  • Viral growths, unlike calluses, cannot be cut. They are removed in layers;
  • Clareol is incompatible not only with pharmacological, but also with folk remedies;
  • If during the use of the gel tissue swelling, severe redness or pain appears, then you should immediately consult a doctor.

Wound on the finger


Removal of a secondary neoplasm takes 3 to 5 days. If there are no changes during this time, then it is necessary to pass tests to clarify the nature of its origin. Perhaps drug removal in this case is ineffective.

Care after removal of the growth

Rules for the care of a wound remaining at the site of a remote neoplasm:

  • It is necessary to wipe it daily with an antiseptic without alcohol. You can use hydrogen peroxide, Miramistin or Chlorhexedine;
  • Do not wet or pick the wound surface. So she will heal for a long time and with a high probability will leave a pigmented spot;
  • It is forbidden to apply cosmetics or perfumes on top of the wound;
  • It is required to protect it from UV rays. They can also cause pigmentation;
  • It is important to monitor wound hygiene. Any contamination will provoke suppuration and inflammation of the tissues.

Contraindications and side effects

Despite the fact that Clareol does not contain toxic and poisonous components, it has some limitations:

  • early pregnancy (in the second and third trimester, you need a consultation with a gynecologist and a dermatologist);
  • the period of breastfeeding (if you need to remove growths in the area of ​​the mammary glands);
  • the presence of wounds, abrasions or ulcers near the treated area;
  • suspicion of malignancy of the growth, which needs to be removed by Clareol;
  • inflammation of the formation or abscess of soft tissues;
  • allergy to the composition of the drug.

Also in the annotation to the gel it is written that it can not be used to remove genital warts in the intimate area and children under 5 years old. After the specified age, treatment of the child is carried out under the supervision of a pediatrician.

The list of possible side effects of Clareol contains:

  • severe burning sensation;
  • hives;
  • edema;
  • peeling of the skin;
  • severe itching;

Itchy hand

  • hyperemia;
  • palpation pain.

All these are symptoms of individual intolerance to the drug. Their appearance means that it is impossible for a person to use the drug further.

Clareol Intra Pills – Divorce or Not?

Not so long ago, the manufacturer of exfoliant gel announced the beginning of the delivery of tablets to the market of Russia and the CIS countries under the name "Clareol Intra". According to published information, this is an innovative drug that will help cope with papillomavirus infection without the use of synthetic drugs.

Today, there is not much information about the full list of side effects and other features of these pills, but those who have already been able to try the medication in action speak of its real effectiveness. Also, buyers of the medicine note that it helps to treat not only HPV, but also other diseases of an infectious nature. For example, many managed to get rid of the flu, ARI, and herpes symptoms with it.

The manufacturer explains this by saying that Clareol Intro contains many plant extracts that stimulate the body's defenses to fight viruses. This allows you to use it in the treatment and prevention of various diseases.

However, doctors are asking not to rush with the purchase of these pills, because until the drug has been fully studied, it is too early to talk about its complete safety. In particular, this recommendation applies to women in position, nursing mothers, people with chronic illnesses and young children.

Clareola's price in a pharmacy and its substitutes

Unfortunately, Clareol gel is not for sale in ordinary pharmacies. It can be ordered on the Emansi website or InnoSkin. The reason for this is that recently they began to fake and sell it through all sorts of dubious outlets. In a falsified product there is not a single component that is present in the original gel, because of which it will not help get rid of cosmetic defects, and in some cases even harm to health. Therefore, you need to buy Clareol only in the official online store, where its cost is 999 rubles per package.


Sometimes promotions are held on the company's website that allow you to buy the drug at a significant discount.

If for some reason it is not possible to order the gel, then you can use its analogues, which have a different composition, but endowed with the same principle of action:

  • Papilovir – Bio complex, which includes a set of medicinal plants that stop the replication of viral cells and contribute to the rapid disposal of benign tumors of any size and location. The list of indications for its use includes condylomas, papillomas, warts and corns;


  • Dermalnsta – A foreign analogue of Clareol with a pronounced antiviral effect. Quickly removes coarse skin areas, pathologically altered tissues and some types of moles. In the latter case, a doctor's consultation is required before use;
  • SaniSkin – Another natural drug that can get rid of various formations on any part of the body. It acts much softer than Clareol, so it is suitable for pregnant, lactating mothers, children from 2 years.

Clareol Gel Reviews

Svetlana, 29 years old.

I don’t really trust any medications from the Internet, but in the case of Clareol I didn’t feel a catch. I visited the company's website and ordered the drug. I was lucky, got a share. Not only did the purchase cost not 999 rubles, but 500, so did Clareol Intra capsules. She used the gel herself, but gave the medicine for papillomas to her friend, since I had a callus on my leg and I did not need it. In general, I am satisfied with the result and I advise the drug to everyone.

Valery, 44 years old.

I have a sad experience using Clareol. I don’t know what kind of 3-action there is, as indicated on the package, but apart from allergies, I received nothing. I want to say right away that I used it according to the instructions, I was not smeared 3-4 times, but throughout the week. It was a little pinch. As a result, he went and bought the usual salicylic ointment at the pharmacy. For a month there was nothing left of the growth. Let it be long, but productively.

Milan, 23 years old.

Clareol ordered her mother. She had thin papillomas on her neck. I bought the drug at a discount for 499 rubles, but I had to pay another 200 for delivery, although I was not warned about this. But then the little things, the main thing is that the tool helped. Mom removed 5 papillomas in 8 days. Now in their place, smooth and smooth skin.

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