How to treat warts on the hands? Drug and Drug Overview

The appearance of warts on the hands not only greatly spoils their appearance, but also interferes with the performance of familiar everyday activities. In pharmacies, there is a huge assortment of medicines and drugs that help get rid of these viral growths.

Only the dermatologist will help you choose the most effective means. The doctor will select the medicine based on the size of the education and the individual characteristics of each patient.

How to remove warts on the hands

To remove skin formations caused by the human papilloma virus, drugs of different groups help:

  • Cauterizing (Verrucacid, Ferezol, iodine). After contact with the affected tissue, they cause necrosis. Wart cells are destroyed and rejected;
  • Emollients (Collomac). Gradually change the structure of the keratinized layers of the skin of the growth. Soft tissues fall off in layers;
  • Freezing (Cryopharma). Apply to the wart for a very short time. Cold stops the functioning of cell formation. After some time, the wart growths fall off;
  • Immunomodulatory (Viferon, Imiquimod). Strengthen the protective functions of the body, help destroy HPV.Warts on the hands

Drugs are applied externally. Available in the form of solutions, ointments, creams, medical pencils, aerosol cans.

There are tablets, the action of which is aimed at enhancing the immune system and the destruction of the papillomavirus itself. Isoprinosine, Anaferon, Derinat, Arbidol, Tsigapan have proved themselves well.


Liquid remedies for warts on the hands in the pharmacy are always available. Some of them have a cauterizing effect, others soften the growth tissue. They can not be used to remove formations in children.

They showed themselves well:

  • Ferezol;
  • Super Celandine;
  • Verrucacid;
  • Collomac;
  • Iodine.

Cauterization solutions should be used very carefully. If contacted with healthy skin, an aggressive compound may damage it.


The solution against warts consists of two active components – phenol and tricresol. They have a cauterizing property. During the removal of growths, you need to make sure that the composition does not get on areas of healthy skin.

Feresol is applied three to four times using a special applicator. Between the procedures make small pauses, sufficient to dry the treated skin areas.

Ferezol solution should not be used to remove:

  • Children under seven years old;
  • People with hypersensitivity to the components of the drug;
  • Nursing women.

The use of the drug can cause skin reactions: allergies, redness, swelling. After some time, the side effects disappear without medical intervention.

Super Celandine

In the treatment of warts on the hands, an inexpensive tool made based on chemical compounds of sodium is often used. Super Celandine solution helps soften, exfoliate and remove growths. It is applied to the formation using a special applicator. After the liquid gets on the wart, it should darken.

Small growths on the hands fall off a few days after the first application. Large formations must be processed several times.


Super Celandine solution perfectly removes growths, but with careless use it can leave scars. The product must be applied carefully and precisely!


Verrucacid from warts

A good cauterizing medicine is made on the basis of phenol and metacresol. Verrucacid is applied to small warts using applicators three to four times. For large (with a diameter of more than 3 mm) – up to ten times. Between treatment, pauses are made sufficient to dry the tissues.

Verrucacid is prohibited for removing warts on the hands:

  • Pregnant
  • Nursing mothers;
  • To the little ones.

If, during the treatment of a wart, the drug has got into the area of ​​healthy skin of the hand, immediately wipe it with a piece of dry bandage and grease it with petroleum jelly.


Effectively reduce warts helps a solution made on the basis of lauromacrogol, salicylic and lactic acids. Before the procedure, the hand with the growth is steamed in hot water and wiped dry. Then one or two drops are squeezed onto the formation. After getting a drug substance, the tissues should whiten sharply. The growth should be sealed with adhesive tape and left for a day.

The next day, you need to treat the wart again. Part of it after peeling off the patch may fall off. This is normal.

The application of drops lasts four to five days, until the formation completely falls off. Steaming before repeated processing is not carried out.

Collomac may cause side effects:

  • Burning;
  • Redness of the skin;
  • Itching
  • Rash.

If the reactions do not go away on their own, you should stop using the drug and take a medicine for allergies.


Warts on the hands can be removed using a very cheap tool. This is iodine. It is applied directly to the growth using cotton buds.

Iodine is rapidly absorbed, so the procedure can be repeated up to five times a day. The wart should fall off after a week.Wart iodine in the hands

Creams, ointments

Pharmacy products with a thicker base than solutions are popular. They are available in the form of ointments and creams.

Doctors recommend the use of:

  • Imiquimod;
  • Riodoxolum;
  • Oxolinic and Salicylic ointments;
  • Viferon;
  • Panavir.

Medicines for skin growths on the hands caused by HPV have the ability to not only destroy the wart. Drugs are struggling with its very cause – papillomavirus.


The cream is a powerful immunomodulator. This is a good tool with the ability to remove growths due to the activation of protective properties in the cellular structures of tissues.

Imiquimod is applied to the formation at night. The cream should not be wiped off the skin earlier than after seven hours. The procedure is performed three times a week.

The therapeutic course ends after the wart disappears. If this does not happen after four months of using the drug, you should consult a doctor for advice.

Imiquimod is prohibited for children and young people under the age of eighteen.


In addition to antiviral, it has an antiseptic effect. It is applied to the skin growth from one to three times a day daily. The duration of treatment depends on the size and nature of the formation. It can last from one week to a month.Wart Ointment

The anti-wart drug Ryodoxol can cause skin allergic reactions in the form of redness and burning. The use of ointment is prohibited if:

  • Pregnancy
  • Sensitivity to the components of the drug;
  • Teleangiectasia;
  • Hirsutism.


There is an analogue of the drug – Triiodresorcinol. Replacement of drugs must be agreed with the doctor!


Natural warts are also used to remove warts. Tea tree oil and castor oil are what pregnant women, nursing mothers and young children can use. Using ethers to remove warts on the hands will be safe and effective. They do not contain impurities and do not cause negative reactions of the body.

Castor oil

A ten percent castor solution will help to remove the formations. A few drops of oil are applied to the skin growth and rubbed easily for four to six minutes. The procedure is repeated up to five times during the day. Treatment takes about a month.

Castor oil can not be rubbed, but dripped onto the wart. After this, the treated skin formation is sealed with adhesive tape. Manipulations are carried out twice a day for a week.

Tea tree oil

Removal of warts occurs due to the antiviral properties of the ester. In order for the treatment to be effective, you need to buy pure (one hundred percent) tea tree oil and dilute it in half with water with aloe vera. Warts are treated with a diluted composition two to three times a day.

You can remove viral formations by making lotions from the ether at night. To do this, it is mixed in equal parts with olive oil, applied to a bandage and applied to a wart. On top of the lotion is fixed with adhesive plaster.Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil treatment is stopped after the wart growths have fallen off. If the use of ether causes irritation to the skin, you can make its concentration even lower.


To get rid of papillomavirus forever, it is recommended to use internal drugs in parallel with the use of external agents. They have a general immunomodulatory effect on the body.

Well proven:

  • Anaferon;
  • Tsigapan;
  • Derinat;
  • Arbidol.

There are special tablets for isoprinosine warts. They have a complex immunostimulating and antiviral effect.

Isoprinosine is the most effective oral anti-HPV drug. However, its administration has many contraindications. It is forbidden to take medicine in the presence of such conditions and pathologies as:

  • Pregnancy;
  • Lactation period;
  • Gout;
  • Chronic renal failure;
  • Urolithiasis disease;
  • Arrhythmia;
  • Intolerance to the components of the drug.

You can not give medicine to children under the age of three.

The medicine is taken three times a day, two tablets at once. Isoprinosine treatment lasts from two to four weeks.


Some remedies are a substitute for outpatient procedures. These include drugs KrioFarma and Wartner Krio. They are produced by different manufacturers, however, they are very similar in terms of application and properties. From people who cured warts with cryotherapy, you can only hear positive reviews.

Before removing the wart from the hand with their help, you must carefully read the instructions. It describes the method and duration of applying applications treated with the composition.

The cryopreparation is impregnated with a special applicator. It comes with an aerosol spray can. During contact of the coolant with the viral growth, freezing of diseased tissues occurs. After a few days, the treated wart should fall off.Wartner Cryo

Do not apply refrigerant longer than the time specified in the instructions, this can lead to damage to adjacent areas of the skin.


To cure warts on the hands, a special remedy Lapis helps. It includes silver nitrate, which is capable of:

  • Necrotic tissue;
  • To have cauterizing, bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effects.

A pencil is applied to the wart. A few hours after treatment, the growth should darken. The following procedure is carried out in two to three days.


The disappearance of warts is quite individual. Some formations fall off a few days after processing with a pencil, others wait a month!

Before treating viral growths on the hands, you should definitely consult a doctor. The best remedy for warts can only be selected by a specialist.

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