How to treat papillomas in the tongue?

The human papilloma virus can affect different parts of the body. Most often, neoplasms can be found on the neck, eyelids, chest, face, as well as in the armpits and genitals. But sometimes infection can enter other parts of the human body. For example, sometimes a patient with HPV will find papillomas in his tongue.

At the same time, papillomatosis can affect other parts of the oral cavity, such as mucous membranes, palate, and so on. This situation is extremely unpleasant and problematic, because growths on the root of the tongue or other parts of it can be easily damaged during food intake, which is fraught with the spread of infection to healthy areas of the oral cavity.

Papillomas in the tongue and common causes of their appearance

There are many factors contributing to the appearance of papillomas under the tongue or on the tip of the tongue.

Most often, HPV develops as a result of weakened immunity, which can be caused by:

  • pregnancy, as well as taking birth control or hormonal medications;
  • hypothermia, constant stressful situations, lack of sleep and all kinds of nervous disorders;
  • bad habits like regular smoking and frequent drinking, as well as a sedentary lifestyle and an unbalanced diet;
  • hypervitaminosis or vitamin deficiency;
  • taking antibiotics or other medications that can cause inhibition of the body's defense system.Papillomas on the lower plane of the tongue

A person can be infected either directly from contact with an HPV carrier, or through household items that are in common use and that contain the causative agent of the disease. However, it is extremely rare for a person to immediately realize that he has become infected, because for a long time the virus can be in “standby” mode.

As soon as the work of your immunity worsens or there is a lack of useful trace elements in the body, the virus begins to progress and cause growths on various organs, including the tongue.

The appearance of growths in the tongue can be caused by several strains of viruses at once, among which the most popular are 1-3, 16 and 18. They are of the highest danger, since these genotypes very often lead to the fact that initially benign tumors cause cancer.

Rules for the recognition of squamous and other forms of language papillomas

The growths formed in the language can not only choose different parts of this organ, but also differ in shape.

All neoplasms can be conditionally divided into two varieties:

  1. Spiky. Visually, they resemble papillae or scallops. The hue of such growths is most often pink. The presence of such tumors in the tongue is very unpleasant, because they constantly cling to the teeth and significantly interfere with everyday life. In addition, due to a similar physical effect, the papilloma can easily break off, which will expand the area of ​​infection. The treatment of such growths requires caution, because many veins lie nearby. At the same time, getting rid of genital papillomas can take a lot of time;
  2. Flat. This option is less dangerous and problematic, but it is also found less frequently. The inconvenience of a flat-type tumor does not cause, therefore, in the absence of their growth over a large area, doctors prescribe only symptomatic therapy.

Knowing what papillomas look like, they can be recognized without any difficulty on their own. To do this, just look in the mirror and evaluate the growths. If you have problems of a different nature, this does not mean that they can be ignored. Inflammatory processes in the oral cavity are always dangerous, so they need to be treated as quickly as possible.

Effective treatment of genital papillomas in the tongue

It is important to understand that papillomas above and below the tongue require treatment, not simple removal. Any growths are only a manifestation of HPV, therefore, without eliminating the cause, new warts can form again very quickly.Examination of the oral cavity for papillomas

If you want to get rid of papillomas once and for all, then the treatment regimen should include an integrated approach. So, antiviral therapy, medication and surgical removal of the growth are very important components of treatment.

Medical consultation

All of these treatment elements must be prescribed and approved by your healthcare provider. You yourself can choose the wrong drugs or make the wrong scheme for their intake. As a result, the strains that hit your tongue will quickly spread throughout the oral cavity and to other parts of the body.

At the same time, an overabundance of the drug can harm you, and a deficiency will allow the virus to get used to its effects, which will ultimately make the drug ineffective.

To go to the hospital, you need to know which doctor to go to. With papillomas in the tongue, you first need to consult a dentist. It will also be necessary to visit an otolaryngologist and, preferably, an infectious disease specialist.


You need to visit doctors in this order, because if you made a mistake with the diagnosis and it was not HPV that struck you, and the reason is ordinary stomatitis, then you will immediately know about it from your dentist.

Antiviral drugs

The appointment of funds of this class is necessary to neutralize the HPV function. These drugs help the immune system restore its normal functioning, and for the best effect they are often supplemented with vitamin complexes. In addition, the doctor can create a unique diet for you if your specific case requires it. You also need to be prepared for the fact that the doctor will require you to abandon bad habits.

Choosing and taking medication

Drug treatment of neoplasms in the tongue is quite complicated and requires a complete examination of the patient before choosing a medicine. Even the admission of one insignificant error in the process of selecting a drug can aggravate the patient's condition, allowing the infection to penetrate to other parts of the body.

After establishing the strain of the virus that caused the benign tumors, as well as assessing the patient’s condition and conducting a survey, the doctor will be able to prescribe one or more drugs that will complement antiviral therapy.

Before prescribing medicines, the patient undergoes mouth sanitation, and then recommendations and a list of procedures necessary to be performed to maintain a healthy oral cavity are made.HPV treatment

Methods for surgical removal of neoplasms

There are several options for how to remove the papilloma in the language with the help of qualified specialists. The most common option is still a scalpel.

To remove papillomas with his help, the doctor applies local anesthesia, and then carries out all the procedures. If this method is not to your liking, then you can choose other options:

  1. Laser A laser can now solve a huge number of problems, ranging from eliminating unwanted hair, and ending with an improvement in vision. The history of this technique is very rich and multifaceted, and its effectiveness deserves the highest praise. It is not surprising that the removal of papillomas in the tongue with a laser has also become very popular in the medical field;
  2. Cryogenic. A good method with rapid removal of growths with liquid nitrogen. For a language, however, it is hardly suitable because of the painful sensations that it causes. Given the tenderness of the mucous membranes in the mouth, you should dwell on more gentle approaches;
  3. Electric. Using a pair of electrodes and acting directly on the site of infection, it is possible to make papillomas disappear on their own. Again, this method cannot be called painless, although compared to cryogenic it is a more interesting option;
  4. Radio wave. Along with the laser method, the radio wave is considered one of the most attractive. First of all, it is worth noting that the removal of papillomas in the language with its help does not cause absolutely any unpleasant sensations. At the same time, this method leaves no traces, which is important if the growths are present not only in the tongue, but they also need to cure the lips and skin around the mouth.

Another popular approach is the use of chemical solutions. For the treatment of the disease caused by the HPV virus, it is actually used very often, but it cannot be used for the tongue because of the unpredictability of the reaction of the mucous membranes.

The inclusion of folk remedies in the treatment of the disease

When treating at home, you can also use folk remedies. To use most of them, however, you should undergo examination and consultation with a doctor.

Others can be used even without the prior permission of the doctor. However, this does not negate the fact that HPV treatment must necessarily be comprehensive.

Already now you can take care of the quality of your immune system. It is the deterioration of the protective function of the body that most often leads to the fact that HPV is able to multiply and parasitize on different parts of the body, including the appearance of papillomas in the tongue.

To increase immunity, potato juice, tincture of dogrose, hypericum, wormwood, violet and clover (can be mixed or used separately from each other), as well as the consumption of vegetables and fruits, are excellent.

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