How to treat genital warts? Review of effective drugs

Condylomas are one of the most unpleasant sexually transmitted diseases. The causative agent of the disease is papillomavirus, which, most often, enters the body during sex with an infected person. The infection equally affects the body, both men and women, and the main danger of this ailment is that condylomas can eventually cause the formation of a cancerous tumor. Therefore, when the first symptoms of papillomavirus are detected, it is necessary to tackle its treatment and a large assortment of medications will help.

How to cure condylomas?

Genital warts (genital warts) are small growths that develop separately, but as a result grow together into one tumor, resembling cauliflower outwardly. They cause discomfort, become a cause of painful intercourse, which entails psycho-emotional disorders, as well as problems in intimate life.Condylomas

There are several ways to get rid of genital warts:

  • cosmetic surgery (removal of papillomavirus symptoms);
  • treatment of the disease with medical methods.

In the first case, neoplasms are removed to the patient upon their appearance, which temporarily relieves him of the external signs of the disease. This option does not solve the main problem, since the causative agent of the disease still remains in the body and relapse becomes inevitable.

When undergoing treatment with antiviral tablets, the virus is inhibited, and the remaining growths are removed by topical preparations. Therefore, experts nevertheless insist on a comprehensive medical treatment for HPV, which is a more appropriate solution, in contrast to visiting a beauty parlor.

The most effective pills for genital warts

The modern pharmaceutical industry offers a huge list of antiviral drugs for oral administration, which include both natural and chemical components. All of them have the same principle of action aimed at destroying the cells of a viral infection and stimulating the functioning of the immune system. The only thing that distinguishes them from each other is a list of contraindications, price and a set of adverse reactions.

The papillomavirus type 6 and 11 became a provocateur of the development of genital warts. To combat these strains of the disease, there is a certain list of drugs that most effectively solve the problem in a particular case. These include drugs such as:

  • Lycopid;
  • Cycloferon;
  • Isoprinosine;
  • Novirin.


The listed drugs have a list of contraindications, namely:

  • bladder disease
  • arrhythmia;
  • the presence of individual intolerance to the components of the drug;
  • diseases accompanied by severe fever or temperatures above 38 ° C.

In addition to these drugs, doctors very often prescribe other, no less effective antiviral tablets to patients, which you need to know more about.


The medicine contains magniferin, extracted from the grass of penny. The active component of Alpizarin copes well with a viral infection, strengthens the protective functions of the body, and also stimulates the immune system, which fights against papillomavirus.

The drug is most effective at the initial stage of the appearance of genital warts or during a relapse of the disease. In this case, it is necessary to drink 1-2 tablets at least 2 times a day. Reception of an antiviral agent is not tied to the use of food; it can be taken at any time.


Alpizarin cannot be used to treat papillomavirus in pregnant women! The active substance is able to negatively affect the process of fetal development.

The course of treatment with this drug is from 5 days to one month.


Bonafton is a powerful antiviral agent that quickly eliminates papillomavirus infection. For the treatment of genital warts, the patient is prescribed 0.1 g 4 times a day. The course of treatment takes from two weeks to 20 days.

Therapy consists of three stages, each of which lasts 5 days. Between them is a 48-hour break. Sometimes treatment is divided into two parts of 10 days. After the first cycle, the patient is obliged to pause for five days and then continue taking medication for genital warts.

Contraindications Bonafton:

  • pregnancy;
  • period of breastfeeding;
  • age up to 18 years;
  • allergy to the active ingredient – bromonaphthoquinone.

Acyclovir (tablets)

The drug can be used to treat condylomatosis at any stage of its development. The medicine contains the main active ingredient – acyclovir, which suppresses the activity of a viral infection and restores a weakened immune system.Tablets

The course of treatment for papillomavirus with Acyclovir is no more than 10 days. During this time, the patient should take one tablet of the drug 4-5 times a day. In the advanced case, the dose is increased to 2 tablets per use.

The main advantage of this antiviral agent was that it has no contraindications, except for allergies to its components. Therefore, Acyclovir is mainly prescribed for getting rid of genital warts in pregnant women and the elderly.

Such drugs as Zovirax and Atsklostad became analogues of the drug.

Preparations for external use

To speed up the healing process, as well as get rid of genital warts, you can use local drugs, which are required to be included in complex therapy for papillomavirus. The use of certain products for external use will give a temporary effect and therefore it is necessary to supplement them with antiviral tablets.

Liniment against genital warts

The most popular anti-wart remedies for getting rid of genital warts:


  • Condylox (Podophylox);
  • Imiquimod;
  • Ichthyol ointment (ichthyol);
  • Viferon;
  • Panavir;
  • Malavit;
  • Vishnevsky ointment;
  • Salicylic acid.

The method of processing the localization site of genital warts is the same for all of the listed drugs. In this case, the treatment consists of several stages:

  1. Genitals are washed thoroughly with antibacterial soap;
  2. Healthy areas of the mucous membranes and skin are lubricated with baby cream or petroleum jelly;
  3. The ointment or gel from genital warts is gently spread on the growths with the help of an applicator (if it is included in the kit) or with a cotton swab.

Treat condylomas at least twice a day – morning and evening.


When processing extensive neoplasms, it is not recommended to exceed the allowable dosage of the drug in one procedure. About how much cream or gel is allowed to be spread at one time can be found in the instructions for the drug. Dosages for each liniment are different.


Solutions belong to the group of inexpensive chemical means for removing genital warts, which include one of the acids:

  • Acetic;
  • Nitric
  • Carbolic;
  • Sorrel;
  • Dairy.

These components are very caustic and if the solution enters the mucous membrane, it will cause a severe chemical burn, so you must be extremely careful during its use. To protect healthy areas, you need to generously lubricate them with cream or petroleum jelly, and when applying the medicine, use a special applicator or cotton swab. Do not smear the solution with your fingers!


This medicine is produced in Russia and includes phenol, an aggressive chemical that burns out growth. A special applicator comes with a glass bottle, which must be used for spot application of the drug.

Due to the high risk of damage to the mucous membranes, Verrucacid is very rarely prescribed for removal of genital warts. It is mainly used for cauterizing tongues or simple warts.

If the doctor recommended this solution to the patient, then he must adhere to the instructions for the medicine and a number of recommendations:

  1. Before treating genital warts, the genital area is thoroughly washed;
  2. The skin around the condyloma is pre-lubricated with baby cream or petroleum jelly;
  3. The solution is carefully applied to the surface of the growth;
  4. It is impossible to treat the growth at the same time with Verrucacid and another local drug.


Solkoderm is an analogue of Kondilin and its composition includes several acids at once – lactic, acetic, oxalic and nitric. The combination of these components has a pronounced necrotizing effect, which negatively affects warts, causing its necrosis and falling away. It can not be used to remove internal neoplasms that are localized on the walls of the vagina and cervix.Solution

The solution is not sold without a prescription from a doctor, since its careless use can lead to serious health problems. Dermatologists categorically insist that it is not worth it to treat condylomas on your own. It is best to seek the help of a specialist, for example, a gynecologist or urologist (for men). The doctor will gently spread the fluid at the site of the infection and ensure that it does not get into a healthy area.


The composition of Solkovagin is specially designed to get rid of internal growths formed on the cervix, as well as on the walls of the vagina. The solution contains a weak concentration of several acids, which destroys the structure of genital warts, but does not damage the mucous membranes.

The medicine is applied only by someone from the medical staff using a special tool – a colposcope. Therefore, you can’t use Solkovagin on your own.

The drug has no particular contraindications and side effects, but at the same time it is prohibited for the treatment of pregnant women.

Super pure

On drugstore shelves you can find anti-warting fluid called Superchistotel. Many people mistakenly believe that it does not contain chemical components and was based on celandine juice, but in fact this is not so. This drug has nothing to do with the plant. It consists of two components – sodium and potassium alkali. They cause necrosis of growths, which allows the solution to be used in the fight against various neoplasms, including genital warts.

The medicine has the same principle of action as Solcoderm or Verrucacid. Therefore, it must be used with caution for burning out growths in the genital area and not allowing it to enter the mucous membranes.

Sprays and Aerosols

Anticondylomy sprays do not contain poisonous components and can be used to remove genital warts in pregnant women and nursing mothers. The advantages of this method of treatment is the safety of processing the location of the neoplasm, the speed of the result, the convenience of applying the drug, as well as the low cost of the medicine.

To date, there are two effective drugs that are very often used for condylomatosis in men and women. They became sprays:

  • Epigen
  • Miramistin.

Epigen – an effective remedy for genital warts

The composition of the spray includes the main active ingredient – glycyrrhizic acid, which is extracted from licorice root. It stimulates the work of local immunity and accelerates the synthesis of interferon at the cellular level. The drug is used for external use and intravaginally, with the formation of genital warts on the walls of the vagina. Together with the removal of papillomavirus symptoms, Epigen eliminates thrush, herpes, and vaginosis.Spray

To remove genital warts, it is necessary to spray the drug with a nozzle at the site of localization of neoplasms 3 times a day. The duration of treatment is from one week to 20 days, depending on the severity of the disease.


The action of Miramistin spray is aimed at destroying viral cells in the structure of the epidermis, as well as stimulating local immunity. The drug has no contraindications and is approved for the treatment of pregnant women.

To get rid of genital warts, it is necessary to spray the medicine into the affected areas using a special nozzle. You can also wet Miramistin with a gauze bandage and attach it to the perineum. In this case, treatment continues until the growths die off and fall off on their own.

To speed up the course of therapy, it is recommended to take vitamin complexes, as well as antiviral drugs.


The doctor should choose the drug for the destruction of papillomavirus. Self-medication can not only not solve the problem, but also cause harm to health.

Vaginal suppositories

Suppositories from genital warts are divided into two categories – vaginal and rectal. In the first case, the drug fails only local action, and in the second – local or systemic. To determine the need for the use of one or another type of suppository should be a dermatologist. The number of suppositories per day, as well as the duration of therapy, depends on the stage of development of the disease and the characteristics of the patient's body.


Betadine – anti-inflammatory suppositories, which are prescribed only according to the doctor’s indications and can be administered both rectally and vaginally. The active component of the drug – povidone-iodine, is absorbed into the mucous membrane and penetrates the tissue structure, destroying viral cells and provoking the death of genital warts.

The drug has a number of contraindications and can not be used:

  • With violations of the thyroid gland;
  • Together with medicines containing radioactive iodine;
  • If you are allergic to the components of the candles.


In the composition of Kipferon there is interferon, which has an antiviral and immunomodulating effect. Suppositories are used vaginally or rectally in accordance with medical indications.Kipferon

The medicine is not suitable for excretion of genital warts in pregnant and lactating women, as well as in the presence of allergic reactions to the composition of the drug.


The basis of suppositories included human interferon, which has antiviral, antibacterial, as well as immunomodulating properties. Suppositories are used for local or systemic treatment and are administered both rectally and vaginally.

Genferon is completely safe and the only contraindication to its use was individual intolerance to the composition.


Allokin-Alpha is a solution for intramuscular administration, manufactured by a Russian pharmaceutical company. The composition of the drug includes the main active component – alloferon, which is of artificial origin. Its action is aimed at stimulating the synthesis of the human hormone interferon, as well as strengthening the immune system, which significantly accelerates the destruction of the pathogen by genital warts in the body.

The solution must be injected into the thigh or shoulder, one injection per day. The course of therapy is designed for 6 injections. Allokin-Alpha can be used both as an independent method of treating papillomavirus and in combination with certain antiviral drugs, for example, Isoprinosine. Also, to achieve the best result of the injection, it is recommended to supplement with the use of interferon in suppositories, but in this case it is necessary to make 3 injections, and not 6. The treatment regimen Allokin-Alpha should be adjusted by the doctor in accordance with the individual characteristics of the patient.

Testimonials from patients and doctors

Valeria, 34 years old.

I treated condylomas with Isoprinosine tablets and Viferon gel. The therapy dragged on for a month, but in the end I got rid of the infection. Six months have passed – no relapse occurred. I am very grateful to the dermatologist for a well-chosen course of treatment.

Mikhail Nezhin, dermatologist.

Condylomatosis should be treated comprehensively. To do this, I prescribe antiviral pills, topical preparations (mainly rectal suppositories or Viferon ointment), as well as vitamins, which are sold in any pharmacy. Subject to my recommendations, the disease recedes after 1-2 months, depending on the neglect of the infection.

Igor, 28 years old.

I found incomprehensible pimples on my genitals, which eventually began to increase and give me discomfort. I visited a doctor and he diagnosed me with genital warts. I was prescribed salicylic ointment for condylomas and Cycloferon tablets. I spent a month and a half to get rid of this infection.

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