How to remove warts in the palm of your hand?

The appearance of warts in the palm of your hand is not a rare and very unpleasant phenomenon. First of all, the growth is a cosmetic defect. For many people, such neoplasms cause obvious disgust.

In addition, owners of warts feel discomfort when performing the most simple tasks. Ordinary household chores can be accompanied by a lot of discomfort. Naturally, in this case, warts need to be removed, especially since modern and traditional medicine have long been able to solve this problem in the shortest possible time.

Treatment of warts on the palms with pharmaceuticals

To date, in the process of combating warts, it is customary to use the following groups of drugs:

  • Immunomodulating and antiviral;
  • Cryotherapeutic;
  • Keratolics;
  • Necrotic drugs of local action.

Palm wart

The most effective immunomodulatory and antiviral drugs include:

  • Isoprinosine – Available in tablet form and sold exclusively by prescription. It has an immunomodulatory effect. Take the drug three times a day. The course of treatment is only 14 days;
  • Viferon – the preparation contains human interferon, due to which it has a local immunomodulating effect, but does not enter the bloodstream. This drug is produced in the form of ointment, gel and suppositories, dispensed without a prescription;
  • Acyclovir – These are tablets and ointment with antiviral effect. The drug is used not only to remove growths, but also in order to prevent them;
  • Kipferon – has an immunomodulatory, antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory effect. Helps to suppress HPV and helps remove the wart.

Among cryotherapeutic agents, Cryopharma is considered the most effective. This is a spray equipped with an applicator, which includes propane and dimethyl ether. The principle of its action is similar to cryodestruction. The growth is frozen, which leads to its death. It is very easy to remove tumors with this tool.

It is enough to apply the required amount of substance on the applicator and immediately apply to the wart, withstand the time specified in the instructions. The use is strictly prohibited during pregnancy and lactation, as well as children under the age of four years.

Among keratolics, also able to cope with such a task as getting rid of warts, the most effective are:

  • Salipod – it is based on salicylic acid. A wart on the palm is removed as soon as possible;
  • Ferezol – the active substances of this tool are tricresol and phenol. Small growths with its help are removed after one application. For larger ones, several procedures are necessary;
  • Super pure – the tool is very popular due to its high efficiency and affordable price. Before applying the product, the wart in the palm of your hand is steamed, and nearby tissues are smeared with cream.

Wart Remedy

Local necrotic drugs with maximum effectiveness:

  • Solcoderm – has a cauterizing and mummifying effect;
  • Kondilin – interferes with the division of neoplasm cells and gradually destroys them;
  • Vartek – able to eliminate the inflammatory process, also has a cauterizing, mummifying and cytostatic effect.


Any medications can not be taken without a doctor's prescription. Even if some friend who easily removed growths in this way is not worth the risk. Only a specialist can prescribe the most effective treatment in each individual case.

Hardware methods for removing warts on the palms

There are several effective methods for removing growths in medical institutions. Among the most common of them are the following:

  • Laser therapy – The method is very popular. It is based on the evaporation of wart cells under the action of a laser beam. After the procedure, a thin crust forms on the affected area, which literally disappears after a week;
  • Cryotherapy – growths with the help of liquid nitrogen are frozen. Often, just one procedure is enough to completely remove the wart. Only in rare cases, such manipulation is repeated;
  • Electrocoagulation Method – the growth burn out under the influence of high-frequency current. After the operation, almost no traces remain. The procedure is inexpensive and effective;
  • Radio knife – excision is performed under the influence of radio wave radiation.

In addition, in each clinic it is also possible to remove the wart by surgery. This method is used extremely rarely, but it also has several advantages. In this way, it becomes possible to get rid of large tumors. In addition, after the operation, material remains for subsequent histological examination.

How to remove warts on the palms of folk methods

No matter how many doctors say about possible complications after using folk remedies, there will still be adherents of just such treatment methods. Indeed, long before effective medications appeared that could remove warts, alternative methods were already used.Dark neoplasm in the palm of your hand

The most effective way to remove a wart in the palm of your hand is to use celandine juice. It is simply squeezed out of the plant and applied twice a day to the formation. Often resort also to the use of onions, mixed with vinegar essence. The prepared mixture is simply applied to the growth, fixed with a gauze bandage and kept for the whole night. The procedure is repeated daily until the tumor disappears completely.

The appearance of warts on the palms, as well as on other parts of the body, can cause a lot of negative emotions. Thanks to modern medicine, they can be brought out without much difficulty. In the future, in order to prevent relapse, it is enough to only observe the rules of personal hygiene and monitor the state of one's own health.

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