How to remove the papilloma yourself?

It is customary to treat non-aggressive neoplasms on the skin, mainly, as a slightly aesthetic appearance defect. However, untimely therapy and getting rid of annoying growths can provoke already serious consequences, since papilloma cells can degenerate from benign to malignant.

Experts recommend getting rid of such formations in a clinical setting; people also have rich experience and a wealth of knowledge on how to remove the papilloma itself.

Fighting pharmaceuticals

You can remove the papillomas yourself, but medical specialists warn that this should only be done if they are located in a safe place and do not show symptoms of degeneration.Pharmaceutical remedies for papillomas

The simplest home method for treating such formations is considered to be the impact on them of pharmacy.

  • Relatives based on celandine are considered relatively safe. This plant has long been known among the people as an effective cleanser of the skin from inflammation, acne and other formations. Self-removal of papillomas with a celandine-based medicine requires special care, as there is a high risk of burns to nearby skin tissues.
  • Papillomas can be removed by special means based on active substances that destroy protein. You can only use these drugs strictly following the instructions and prevent them from getting on healthy tissues.
  • Eliminates papillomas and ammonia in combination with boric alcohol and acetylsalicylic acid. The mixture is applied twice a day until the papilloma disappears.
  • You can remove the appeared growths on the skin with the help of tincture of iodine, if you apply it several times a day directly on the growth. An important condition for such therapy is that during treatment it is necessary to ensure that direct sunlight does not fall on the papilloma.

Exposure to Oil Concentrates

Oil-based herbal preparations for the fight against papillomas can also be purchased at the pharmacy, essential oils are considered especially effective.

  • Daily treatment with castor oil is also possible to get rid of annoying tumors. Papillomas will disappear if you lubricate them several times a day with castor oil and cover it with a bandage.
  • Castor oil can be replaced with tea tree oil, it is recommended to add a little baking soda to the oil extract in order to enhance the effectiveness of the home remedy.
  • Wormwood essential oil is considered an antiseptic. To combat formations on the skin, it is applied to the papilloma several times a day.

When applying oil to the skin, do not touch the areas of healthy skin, and you should first make sure that there is no allergy to the product.


Before deciding to independently remove the papilloma, one must carefully study the neoplasm and make sure of its benign nature. It is also not recommended to independently get rid of papillomas that are localized on the mucous membranes or in close proximity to them.

Natural remedies

If you do not want to use the arsenal against papillomas offered by the pharmacy network, you can apply for a recipe for getting rid of this scourge to the treasury of folk healing wisdom. Is it possible to remove the papilloma on its own using safe herbal methods?Celandine from papillomas

Folk healers and healers say positively and offer some of the most proven methods to choose from.

  • Our ancestors successfully got rid of papillomas with the help of fresh juice of celandine grass. For therapy, one drop of juice applied once a couple of days to education is enough.
  • You can remove papillomas with the help of garlic, having previously prepared homemade cream from it. A clove of garlic is crushed into gruel and mixed with baby cream in the same proportion. A garlic cream is applied to the papilloma and sealed with a band-aid on top, left for 3 hours, rinse off the cream with warm water.
  • Kalanchoe juice, known for its cleansing properties, is also considered an effective remedy. A piece of leaf is applied with a cut to the papilloma and tied overnight. The procedure can be performed until the neoplasm dries and falls off. According to a similar scheme, we remove papillomas and an aloe leaf.
  • The medicine from the onion husk is prepared for two weeks in a dark place, bay the husk with table vinegar. After a period of time, the husks are dried and applied to the papillomas all night, secured with a bandage. The next morning the bandage is removed, the skin is lubricated with any oily cream.

An effective remedy against papillomas is also considered dandelion juice, a tincture of its flowers.


A tincture of dandelion flowers is prepared on the basis of a triple cologne, which can provoke a local allergic reaction to the skin. Before starting treatment with this tincture, you should check the skin for a possible reaction.

Internal therapy

Full disposal of papillomas and warts is possible only with simultaneous external and internal therapy.How to remove the papilloma yourself? In order for the virus to go into a latent state and not to recur, it is recommended that ingestion of plant tinctures and decoctions.

  • Rosehips are poured with boiling water and insisted day in a dark place, after which they drink three times a day. Such treatment will not only euthanize papillomovirus, but also remove toxins from the body.
  • Daily use of a glass of freshly squeezed potato juice normalizes the intestines, stimulates the body's immune response.
  • Juniper berries during breakfast actively stimulate metabolic processes and normalize immunity, saturate the body with vitamin C.
  • Echinacea alcohol tincture is considered not only an immunomodulator, but also an effective antioxidant. It can be purchased ready-made at the pharmacy, but you can insist on your own. A daily intake of 20 drops will “lull” the virus and stop the spread of papillomas on the skin.

Before deciding how to get rid of papillomas, you should analyze the possible risk and seek the advice of a specialist. In the event that the papilloma is large or localized on the mucous membranes, its removal is best entrusted to specialists.

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