How to remove hanging warts at home?

Hanging warts are one of the varieties of papillomas. Single or multiple, they can cause significant discomfort to its owner. You can get rid of hanging warts in a medical institution or beauty salon using modern methods, but you can do this at home using traditional medicine methods. The latter will take more time, but save financial resources.

Reasons for the appearance

The appearance of any wart on the body or mucous membranes of a person is due to the activation of the human papillomavirus in the body. It is almost impossible to avoid HPV infection – on average, every 9 out of 10 people carry it. The infection penetrates unnoticed, usually with household contacts:

  • with a handshake;
  • in public places (in transport, gyms, saunas, public institutions);
  • when using other people's combs, towels, shoes, jewelry.

Hanging wart

The peculiarity of the virus is that from infection to its manifestation in the form of various growths it can take from several months to several years, and it is difficult to determine exactly when the infection occurred. Weakening of the body's defenses due to illness, stress, an unhealthy lifestyle provokes the appearance of neoplasms.

What do hanging warts look like?

Hanging growths come in two varieties: acrochords (filiform) and finger-shaped warts. The former are more tender and subtle, the latter are coarser and thicker. Common places of localization of the acrochord: neck, face, axillary hollows, under the mammary glands. Finger-shaped papillomas are found in the scalp.

These growths are painless, but can cause the owner discomfort associated with friction on clothing, jewelry, clinging when combing. Not surprisingly, with the appearance of warts, the question arises of how to remove them at home.

Hanging Wart Treatment

Virus strains causing the formation of filiform and digital papillomas are not considered to be oncogenic. That is why they can be removed at home. But before you start using any means against skin neoplasms, you should consult a dermatologist. This is especially true when removing warts localized on the face and in the genital area. Careless handling of dangerous warts can have unpleasant consequences.

In getting rid of growths, an important role is played by the state of immunity. Therefore, in parallel with the physical elimination of the wart, it is necessary to take measures aimed at strengthening the body's defenses.

At home, hanging warts are removed with the help of pharmacy medicines and traditional medicine.

Pharmacy products

Medications, the action of which is aimed at eliminating growths, are caustic. When applying them, special care should be taken: avoid contact with healthy epithelium, mucous membranes. Do not use to treat children.

The most common tools in this category are as follows:

  1. Superchistotel ("Celandine") – a tool that causes a chemical burn and tissue necrosis. To achieve a quick effect, it is necessary to steam out the place to be treated, dry it and apply a balm to the wart. Repeat 1-2 times a day. For one procedure, one drop of the drug is enough. In a short time, the growth will begin to darken, dry out and disappear;
  2. "Cryopharma" – an analogue of salon cryodestruction, as freezes cells with nitrogen.
  3. Castor oil – the product is applied to the wart and gently rubbed until completely absorbed. The procedure is repeated every 5-6 hours, including at bedtime. The oil acts delicately, gradually loosens the growth and reduces it from the body. There is usually no trace left after treatment;
  4. Ferezol and Verrukatsid – cauterizing solution for daily application to the neoplasm, chemically destroys warts;
  5. Iodine – Before applying the product, protect the surrounding skin with baby cream. Using a cotton swab, gently apply iodine to the growth twice a day. With this treatment, you can remove the wart in 2 weeks;
  6. Salicylic acid – the solution is applied to the neoplasm 1 drop per day. Therapy is continued for 3-10 days.

Traditional medicine methods

  1. Celandine juice – A very popular remedy for getting rid of various growths and skin diseases. Having torn off the plant stem, it is necessary to wait for the yellow juice to be released from it and apply it to the neoplasm, without falling onto a healthy epithelium. Repeat several times a day until completely cured;
  2. Silk thread. Such a feature of the structure of the hanging wart as the presence of a “leg”, with which it is attached to the skin, allows you to remove it by dragging with a sterile thread. To do this, the wart and thread are treated with an antiseptic, and the base of the growth is wrapped with a thread at the site of contact with healthy skin, a knot is tied. After a couple of days, education will decrease. It is necessary to tighten the knot tighter. Repeat the operation until the wart falls off. After treating the place with an antibacterial agent;
  3. Garlic – Another plant with a wide range of therapeutic effects. A clove of garlic is cut and rubbed with juice to an unwanted growth. Repeat the action several times a day. The effect can be expected in 2 weeks;
  4. Laundry soap – this household product is rubbed into the wart in the evening for 3 days. Soon it will begin to dry out and fall away.

Use of laundry soap

In a medical facility

As an alternative to home remedies for getting rid of warts, there are a sufficient number of medical services that solve this problem quickly and effectively:

  • Cryodestruction – freezing a wart with liquid nitrogen;
  • Radio wave removal – high-tech surgery without pain and traces;
  • Laser coagulation is a completely painless method that eliminates growths in a matter of minutes, without the risk of scars and scars;
  • Surgical removal (using local anesthesia).

If, after removing the warts, they reappear, you should reconsider your lifestyle. The purposeful strengthening of immunity (playing sports, hardening), the inclusion in the diet of a variety of vegetables, fruits, herbs, getting rid of bad habits will help the body resist the virus and prevent the appearance of warts.

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