How to remove a wart with potatoes?

Modern methods of removing warts, offered by specialized clinics, medical centers or pharmacists, appeared not so long ago. A few decades ago, any health problems were treated not by doctors, but by healers. For centuries, folk healers have gathered their knowledge about the properties of medicinal plants, conspiracies and prayers for healing, which were transmitted under the strictest secret from generation to generation.

Until now, older people, especially those living in small towns, where one can’t rely on qualified medical assistance from a specialist, are treated according to the old folk recipes. And most importantly, this treatment shows quite good results.

And to reduce an unwanted growth on the skin at home with the help of recipes of traditional healers is not at all difficult.

The main thing to remember, starting to get rid of tumors at home, you need patience (treatment with folk remedies is never quick), strict adherence to all necessary actions, the time of the manipulations and your faith in the effectiveness of such treatment. Many patients who have tried homemade methods to remove warts, for example, using potatoes, note the effectiveness of this treatment.

What is a wart?

A wart is a generalized popular name for all neoplasms, the cause of which is the infection of human papillomavirus. When HPV enters the bloodstream, virus cells begin to multiply actively, causing the growth of epithelial tissues. Contributes to this process, the weakening of the body's defenses. The overgrown epithelium forms condylomas, papillomas, warts on various parts of the body.Wart

Cases of spontaneous disappearance of growths are recorded. This is due to high immunity and the body's ability to resist infection. Such an independent cure is most often observed in young people, and over the years, the ability to cure itself decreases.

In the event of incomprehensible neoplasms on the body, before starting any therapy, consult a doctor. This will make it possible to establish an accurate diagnosis, eliminating the risks of malignancy.

Wart Classification

A variety of wart growths is caused by a large number of papillomavirus strains that provoke the disease. Depending on the localization of the rashes, their external signs, there are:

  • Simple or vulgar warts. This is a neoplasm of a spherical shape, resembling a dried scaly bubble. Dislocated vulgar growths on the limbs, elbow bends, patella. May disappear without outside interference in young patients;
  • Juvenile or flat neoplasms. Smooth outgrowths of various forms slightly raised above the surface of the skin. The age group of patients – adolescents during puberty;
  • Tongues or plantar growths. Outwardly similar to dry corn, they often grow together in one keratinized crust, under the scales of which you can see dark spots – thrombosed capillaries. The growth of the tongue in depth provokes compression of the nerve endings, which leads to pain during walking;
  • Acrochords or threadlike formations. Elongated growths resembling a tattered thread. They are deployed in the skin folds – around the eyes, on the neck, in the armpits, inguinal region. Overweight people are especially prone to acrochord formation;
  • Genital Warts or Genital Warts. Soft outgrowths on the leg, often merging into one loose neoplasm. They attack the mucous membranes of the mouth, larynx and genitals;
  • Keratomas or age growths. The only variety of warts is non-viral etymology. The occurrence of keratitis is associated with a genetic predisposition, physiological changes in an aging body, and exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

You can guess what kind of warts you are dealing with using photos from the Internet. However, the final diagnosis can only be established by a professional doctor – a dermatologist.

Papillomavirus in the international classification of diseases

In accordance with ICD-10 (International Classification of Diseases of the Tenth Revision), tumors caused by HPV have the following codes:

  • Ordinary growths – B07;
  • Genital warts – A63.0;
  • Neoplasms on the mucous membrane of the larynx – D1;
  • Outgrowths on the cervix – D


High contagiousness (infectiousness) of warts due to their viral etymology.

Conspiracies for potatoes

Traditional healers give great importance to conspiracies and magical rituals. To bring out an unwanted outgrowth, you need a plot for withering. Spend it during the waning moon, and its obligatory attribute is raw potatoes.

An untreated medium-sized root crop must be cut into two halves, each of which must be carefully treated with each growth. During the ritual, a conspiracy is read three times:

“I wipe the wart with a potato, I drive the wart away from my body! Amen"

The best time for the ceremony is in the early morning.

With the help of such a ritual, many healers today help to remove skin tumors quickly at home.Potato cut in half

After the last growth has been processed, the halves of the potatoes are tied with a red woolen thread. The used root crop is prescribed to be buried in the ground where no one walks. In this case, you should say three times:

“In the earth, the potatoes will rot, the wart will be taken away!”


Enchanted potatoes are effective against warts due to the establishment of a special energy bond, rotting, leads to the drying of the wart. The dried out growth disappears independently.

Where you dig a used tuber does not matter – even a flower pot is suitable. The main thing is that the process of decay begins. Once the potato has completely rotted, the wart will disappear.

If during one lunar phase it was not possible to completely get rid of the growth, the ritual should be repeated after the next full moon.

There is another ritual that allows you to get rid of warts with the help of potatoes. To do this, divide the root crop into two halves. Take a silk thread of black or red color and tie it into a knot, holding over the potato halves. A thread with knots is placed between two halves and buried in the ground. As in the previous ritual, this section should not be on the road where people walk.

Folk remedies for treating warts with potatoes

For those who do not believe in magic rituals, conspiracies and rituals, recipes of traditional medicine are suitable, the main ingredient of which is the same potato.

Potato recipe number 1

Raw potatoes need to be grated on a medium grater along with the peel. Only the top layer with the skin is needed. The rest of the tuber can be used for mashed potatoes. We spread the potato gruel on the baking parchment or cling film. Apply the resulting compress to the affected area, fixing it with a bandage or a piece of gauze. Leave for a few hours. It is best to carry out the procedure before bedtime. To reduce the wart with potatoes according to this recipe, you will need to repeat the manipulations every day for three to four weeks.

Potato recipe number 2

The simplest method of treating warts with potatoes is to attach a cut-off plate of a young root crop to the growth. A bandage or band-aid will help fix a piece of potato. The solanine contained in this root crop has a necrotizing effect on the tissue of the neoplasm, without harming healthy skin.Potato plates

Potato recipe number 3

Potatoes can be used in the treatment of warts not only externally. For example, juice squeezed from “pink” potatoes helps to cope with the problem of warts throughout the body. To obtain potato juice, pure tuber is rubbed on a fine grater and squeezed through cheesecloth. Potato juice is taken twice a day half an hour before a meal. A single dose is 100 grams. The duration of treatment is 1-2 months.

Potato recipe number 4

To enhance the effect of treatment, you can combine potatoes with medicinal herbs. Such an infusion is prepared for alcohol, so it should be used carefully to prevent burns to healthy tissues.

Infusion of celandine herbs can be prepared independently, pouring dried stems of the plant with alcohol, or buy a finished product in a pharmacy. Mix tincture with grated potatoes, in a 1: 1 ratio. Let us brew for several hours. The resulting mixture is treated with growths twice a day until the problem is completely eliminated.

The effectiveness of the treatment of warts with potatoes

Perhaps, for someone, removing growths with the help of potatoes may seem like a waste of time. However, the reviews of patients who applied recipes with potatoes on themselves, indicate the effectiveness of such treatment.

The popularity of potato therapy lies in its accessibility and harmlessness. Even the most advanced technology for removing warts can cause scarring at the site of reduced education. While the use of potatoes will not leave the slightest trace on the skin.Potato juice


The non-toxicity of this technique makes it possible to use it in the treatment of children.

Traditional medicine, which rejects magic rituals, recognizes the effectiveness of the use of potatoes in the fight against growths. The effectiveness of such therapy is due to the presence in the tubers of small doses of solanine, a poisonous substance that destructs tissue formation. During heat treatment, solanine is destroyed, and the raw vegetable contains a sufficient amount of poison for external use.

Armed with a simple and affordable recipe for getting rid of warts, you can save on the purchase of expensive medications or visiting specialized clinics. The advantage of this treatment is its painlessness and the absence of the risk of secondary infection.

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