How to get rid of warts on the lips?

The appearance of a wart on the lip can shock! Not only that, such a growth spoils all the pleasure of eating, increases the sensitivity of the lips, but also spoils the beauty! An overgrown growth can cause cracks in the lips and the development of a secondary infection.

Wart on the lip: what is it and where does it come from

Wart neoplasms are a tumor of a benign nature of viral etymology. The main cause of growths is infection with papillomavirus. The localization and appearance of such neoplasms depends on the HPV strain that attacked the body.Lip Neoplasm


  • Simple or vulgar formations. A dense spherical nodule that matches the skin tone;
  • Acrochords. Hanging soft outgrowths resembling a tattered thread;
  • Condylomas Attack mucous membranes and epithelium, often combine, merging into one soft, loose growth, prone to inflammation, trauma;
  • Flat growths. Smooth, rounded neoplasms are localized on the external and internal surfaces of the lips, slightly rising above the main skin integument, flesh-colored.

The primary cause of the appearance of neoplasms on the lips is papillomavirus. This is one of the most common infections in the world. According to statistics, over 80% of the world's population are carriers of HPV. However, far from every infected person has clinical symptoms in the form of growths. This is due to the "sleeping" mode of the virus. As long as the human immunity provides proper resistance, HPV does not manifest itself in any way. But it’s worth the body’s defenses to “give a weak spot”, as the virus goes on to active action. It is embedded in the DNA of epithelial cells, provokes their proliferation and, as a result, the appearance of neoplasms.

Weaken the immune system and activate HPV can:

  • A viral or bacterial disease;
  • Change in hormonal levels (puberty, pregnancy, menopause);
  • Physical overwork;
  • Stress;
  • Insomnia;
  • Chemotherapy;
  • Long-term use of antibiotics or steroids.

The danger of warts on the lips

In most cases, wart formations on the lips do not pose a risk to human health and life. The risk of their malignancy is extremely low. However, trauma to the growth during shaving or eating can lead to an inflammatory process with subsequent degeneration into an oncological tumor.Large wart on the lip

Contagiousness (contagiousness) of warts on the lip is high. Close contact with the patient, kisses, the use of the same dishes or a towel can cause the infection of loved ones.

Lip Wart Treatment

Therapy of growths on the external and internal side of the lip begins with their removal. What treatment method you do not choose, the condition for successful disposal of neoplasms will be prior consultation with a specialist.

After confirming the diagnosis, you can make your choice in favor

  • Hardware
  • Medication;
  • Alternative methods of therapy.

Removal at the clinic

You can get rid of a wart on the lip in a specialized medical center using modern hardware methods:

  • Laser destruction – layerwise evaporation of wart tissue;
  • Electrocoagulation – a wart is burned using a high-frequency current, closed in a loop;
  • Radio wave removal – a non-contact method of exposure destroys neoplasm tissue, does not cause bleeding and scarring;
  • Cryodestruction – freezing a wart at the cellular level with liquid nitrogen, cooled to minimum temperatures;
  • Surgical excision – a surgeon using a scalpel under local anesthesia cuts out a growth with a root. It is recommended only for large neoplasms or if malignancy is suspected.Lip Wart Removal

Drug treatment

Complex therapy of wart growths includes the removal of tumors, the use of antiviral and immunomodulating agents. To remove warts on the inner side of the lip, local antiviral drugs are used: Viferon, Oxolinic ointment.

Viferon is prescribed in complex treatment or as an independent therapy. The basic component of Viferon is recombinant human interferon, which is produced by the body in response to a viral attack. It blocks the reproduction of virus cells, while stimulating the body to produce its own interferon. Thus, Viferon performs both an immunostimulating and antiviral function.

Oxolinic ointment is widely known as a means of protection against respiratory diseases. When applied topically, Oxolinic ointment helps to gently get rid of unwanted growths, inhibiting the activity of HPV. A good effect can be achieved by using Oxolinic ointment with immunostimulating drugs: Immunal, Isoprinosine.

You can treat warts on the outer part of the lip with the help of Verrukatsid, Lapis pencil or Cryopharma.

Verrucacid has a necrotizing effect on the tissue of the tumor. With the help of an applicator, the growth is spotted. One or two procedures are needed to get rid of the wart.

Silver nitrate, which is part of the Lapis pencil, combines two functions: it cauterizes the wart tissue and prevents the development of a secondary infection.

The action of Cryopharm resembles cryodestruction using liquid nitrogen. But the refrigerant included in the product is intended for home use.Drug treatment for warts

Folk remedies for neoplasms on the lips

Many patients prefer folk prescriptions for treating unwanted growths, justifying their choice with the availability and harmlessness of this method of therapy. Starting therapy according to the recipes of traditional healers, it should be understood that such treatment will be long and will require strict adherence to the recipe and the algorithm of action.


Table vinegar contains in its composition acid, which has a necrotizing effect on neoplasm tissue. One or two drops of vinegar are spotted on the growth and allowed to dry. Repeat manipulation should be done twice – three times a day.


The effectiveness of fresh celandine increases during its flowering period – from early May to late June. At this time, the fresh juice of the grass squeezed out of the stem is treated twice a day. If the period of the disease does not coincide with the period of flowering of the grass, you can purchase a ready-made celandine extract in the pharmacy network. The effect of the treatment with fresh juice and a pharmaceutical preparation is identical.


In the treatment of warts on the lip, cauterizing and bactericidal properties of garlic are used. The peeled garlic clove is washed under running water, chopped using a garlic press, grater or knife. The resulting slurry is laid out on parchment or cling film, applied to the neoplasm and fixed with a bandage or plaster. It is best to do a garlic compress before bedtime.

Relapse prevention

It will not be possible to completely recover from the papillomavirus, but it is quite possible to avoid the reappearance of rashes. To do this, you need:

  • Balance your diet
  • If possible, eliminate stress;
  • Avoid unprotected sex;
  • Observe the rules of hygiene;
  • Do not use someone else's towel or cosmetics.

A healthy lifestyle, alternating rest and physical activity, walking around the city will strengthen immunity and avoid the appearance of unwanted growths.

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