How to get rid of plantar warts at home?

The plantar wart is a dense keratinous tumor on the foot of a viral origin. This benign growth gives not only aesthetic, but also physical discomfort – pressure pain prevents a person from walking. Such warts appear due to the activation of the papillomavirus (HPV).

The provoking factors are a decrease in immunity, intense sweating of the feet, wearing improperly chosen or alien shoes, close contact with a sick person. Outwardly plantar warts are similar to corns, therefore, before conducting treatment at home, it is recommended to consult a doctor.

How to distinguish a wart from corns

Corns arise as a result of prolonged friction or squeezing of certain areas of the skin, the foot is no exception. Such growths can go deep into the tissue, forming a root, but unlike warts, they are less painful.Wart on the foot

The wart has a viral etiology. At the initial stage of development, it is a small smooth tubercle that can disappear on its own subject to the timely restoration of human immune defense.

If immunity is weakened, the wart on the foot grows, causing serious discomfort to its owner.

The clinical picture looks like this:

  • The growth is dense and rough to the touch;
  • It has clearly defined boundaries;
  • In the center are visible filamentous processes in the form of black dots – these are clogged vessels (for a better view, the foot should be steamed);
  • The color of the neoplasm may be yellowish or gray, the surface is often covered with a whitish coating;
  • Usually a wart has a round, sometimes oval shape;
  • The growth is painful with a diameter of up to 2 cm.


To distinguish a wart from corns, pay attention to the nature of the pain. The corn has localized soreness, but the Spitz delivers great discomfort not only in the center of the growth, but also around it.

If you find such a neoplasm on your leg, do not write off to remove it yourself, consult a doctor. Since the plantar growth in the form of a wart has a viral etiology, it should be treated comprehensively, using necrotizing and antiviral agents.

You can get rid of the growth both in the medical institution (they conduct hardware removal of the growth) and at home (they use medication and folk remedies).

What drugs are used to remove at home

After the diagnosis, the doctor determines the method of therapeutic effect, hardware procedures can be prescribed – laser therapy, electrocoagulation, radio wave destruction. But if there are no contraindications, the treatment is carried out at home.

In the domestic sphere, aggressive chemicals are most often used with cauterizing (necrotizing, mummifying) action. Such funds are used carefully, except for spreading onto healthy skin areas, since they cause a severe burn – Superchistotel, Solcoderm, Ferezol, Verrukatsid, and others.

Keratolytic agents, for example, Kollomak or Salipod patch, have a less aggressive effect – after application, they soften the growth gradually exfoliating the upper horny layers.Wart patch

At the same time, it is not enough just to remove the wart, you still need to overcome the HPV activity, for this, antiviral drugs of general or local action are prescribed.


All appointments must be done by a doctor, self-medication can be dangerous.

In order to quickly get rid of the wart, you need to properly prepare the feet.

Preparation for the procedure

Since the plantar wart is a neoplasm with a root that can reach the deep layers of the skin (up to muscle tissue), treatment should be started as soon as possible.

The sole (foot) in itself is a rather rough part of the body, and if a wart is still located on it, then the penetration of external drugs directly into the problem will be difficult.

Having fulfilled the following condition, you will allow the medicines to act in full force, which in turn will accelerate the healing process.

Before applying the drug, be sure to stretch your legs – make a bath of warm water, add 1 tbsp. l soda and soap (for every liter of liquid), steam the feet for 20 minutes. Then they need to be dried with a towel, and then remove the upper softened layer of education – you can clean off with a pumice stone or carefully cut with scissors for pedicure.

Of course, if the wart is “young”, there is no need to do such manipulations, but the old growth must be steamed.

In addition, observe safety measures – generously lubricate the skin around the growth with fat cream or seal with a plaster, so you will protect healthy tissues from chemical burns.

After completing the procedure, proceed to applying the medicine. Below we consider the most effective drugs, each of which received a positive review (and not one) from patients.

Super pure

The drug has two forms of release – a solution in a bottle with an applicator and a felt-tip pen. The effect is the same, however, to apply the product in the form of a felt-tip pen is much more convenient and safer (does not spread on healthy skin).

To remove the plantar wart, treat it with Superchistel once a day (1 drop), for a long time treatment up to 7 days. After application, you may feel a burning sensation, some soreness, this is normal. If necessary, at the discretion of the doctor, the course can be extended.

It can not be applied to children, pregnant women, as well as in the presence of skin lesions in the treated area (wounds, scratches, abrasions).


The solution in a bottle with an applicator, after application, causes necrosis of pathological tissues, so do not allow spreading, a severe burn is possible.

After the prepared procedures (softening and removal of keratinized layers of the growth), the wart is treated with ethanol, allowed to dry and then applied to Solcoderm. The product is distributed on the surface and wait 3-5 minutes – the growth should slightly discolor. In the absence of changes, the manipulation is repeated (until the wart is modified).Solcoderm solution

After treatment, the place of exposure is recommended to be lubricated three times a day with ethyl alcohol, this will improve the mummification process, and accelerate the death of the scab.


This oily solution with a specific odor has a necrotizing effect – it burns out a neoplasm.


Before use, be sure to protect healthy areas of the skin – the drug causes an instant burn.

Feresol is applied, previously steaming and removing the horny layers of the neoplasm. In order to remove the wart on the foot, it is necessary to treat the surface of the growth 7-10 times, making intervals after each application (3-5 minutes). The neoplasm begins to blacken and dry out already on day 3, if this does not happen, repeat the procedure.

According to the same scheme, Verrucacid is used.

Kollomak and patch Salipod

Both drugs have keratolytic and bactericidal effects – they not only remove visible symptoms, but also fight the virus itself.

Collomac – applied to the steamed surface of the sole twice a day (maximum daily dose of 10 ml), course 1 week.

Salipod – patch is attached to steamed, dried skin. After 2 days, it is removed, foot baths are made, keratinized layers are removed and a new patch is glued. The number of procedures depends on the nature of the growth, usually 5 repetitions are enough.

Not all drugs can simultaneously remove the growth and fight the virus, so the doctor prescribes local or systemic antiviral therapy along with them.

Antiviral drugs

If you do not overcome the HPV activity, it is impossible to cure the wart forever – the disease will recur.

To inhibit the virus, the following drugs are used:

  • Panavir – an antiviral, immunostimulating drug for external or injection use (course 10 days);
  • Isoprinosine – tablets for oral administration (2 pcs. 3 times a day, course 2 weeks);
  • Riodoxolum is applied externally 3 times a day for a month;
  • Allokin-alpha – used for monotherapy of warts – do subcutaneous injections (1 mg of the drug is administered every other day). 6 injections;
  • Oxolinic ointment – carry out external treatment 3 times a day, the duration of therapy depends on the severity (2-8 weeks).

In addition to medicines, you can get rid of plantar warts at home using proven folk recipes.

Folk remedies

Whatever method you choose to remove the wart, be sure to coordinate your actions with your doctor before using it.

  1. Celandine is truly a home healer. Apply fresh plant juice to the surface of the wart up to 7 times a day. The result will be noticeable after 2 weeks;Warts after celandine treatment
  2. Vinegar and garlic – 5 peeled garlic cloves through a press, pour 2 tbsp. tablespoons of vinegar, leave for 2 hours. Drain the mixture through cheesecloth. Apply to the growth, cover with polyethylene and fix with a bandage. Hold for 20 minutes;
  3. Kalanchoe – relieves growth, has a bactericidal effect. They take the flesh of the plant, make a compress and leave it overnight;
  4. Kefir, whey or other sour-milk products are heated to a comfortable temperature and make foot baths. One procedure lasts 1 hour. After this, you need to wipe the foot, then apply castor oil;
  5. Onion – cut and disassemble into plates, pour vinegar, leave for 12 hours. Apply a piece of vegetable to the formation, fix with a bandage, leave it overnight.


Warts appear as a result of an HPV attack, so strengthen your immune system, avoid contact with sick people, fight with sweating in your legs and wear only high-quality, suitable-sized shoes.

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