How to get rid of flat warts on the face?

A flat wart is a neoplasm of a benign nature that can appear on different parts of the skin. Among the most common places of their localization, one can distinguish the face and neck, where, in addition to health risks, they also bring aesthetic inconvenience. Externally, such wart tumors are small nodules, the diameter of which can reach 5 mm.

If you notice a manifestation of such neoplasms, then you need to take appropriate measures as soon as possible. Untimely treatment of flat warts on the face can lead to the fact that they will significantly spread to healthy areas of the skin. If you do nothing, then after a while you can completely encounter malignant growths, which previously turned into benign tumors.

Causes of the appearance of warts on the face

Before considering the removal procedure, you need to understand the cause of the appearance of these varieties of growths. This will help you not only understand why you have warts on your face, but also prevent the possibility of their return in the future.Facial warts

The culprit of the occurrence of such neoplasms is the human papillomavirus. Its carriers are approximately two-thirds of the entire world population, so it is very easy to get infected with HPV.

Most often, the appearance in the human body of this infection is caused by:

  1. Intimate contact with the carrier of infection.
  2. Transfusion of infected blood to a healthy patient.
  3. Touching household items like library books, doorknobs, etc., on which HPV is present.
  4. The use of general hygiene devices, like bath towels, washcloths, manicure scissors and more.
  5. Use by a doctor (surgeon, dentist, etc.) of non-sterile instruments during medical procedures.

Moreover, for the penetration of the virus through the skin, even its minimal damage is sufficient. HPV can be fixed in epithelial cells even with small scratches and almost imperceptible cracks, not to mention noticeable cuts, wounds or traces of pimples.

In addition, the virus can enter the body through the mucous membranes. This means that absolutely any kind of intimate contact, including oral sex, can be dangerous. Even because of kisses with a loved one who is an HPV carrier, one may encounter the problem of flat papillomas on the face.


You can get the virus with both intimate and household contact. It is better to refuse to communicate with a potentially ill partner, monitor the condition of your skin and always use your own bath accessories.

How to get rid of flat warts on the face?

Previously, you should contact an experienced doctor who will conduct diagnostics, including a survey, examination and delivery of tests. Only after this it will be possible to prescribe a treatment plan, because there is no standard scheme for the removal of growths.Eyebrow wart

A very important point is also the stage of the disease. For example, a person may already have a virus in the body, but with a sufficiently strong immunity, it will not manifest itself in any way.

Nevertheless, he should get rid of it even without external signs (for example, when you found out about the presence of a disease in your sexual partner). In the case of severe neglect of the disease, the specialist can prescribe the following treatment options to the patient:

  1. Removal of warts with radio waves or a laser. These are two modern methods that differ in a huge number of advantages compared to other popular solutions. Their main advantage is that after the procedure there are no traces of scars or scars on the skin, which is very important in case of removal from the face. Moreover, in the process of removal, the patient will not at all experience painful sensations.
  2. Use of oxolinic ointment. According to reviews, flat warts on the face are very quickly treated with oxolin ointment. To do this, you need to regularly apply the drug to the site of the lesion, and, depending on the stage of development of the disease, within one or several weeks the patient will be able to notice a positive result. In some cases, oxolinic ointment can be replaced with salicylic. Lactic acid also gives excellent results.
  3. Freezing Warts or Cryopharm. If you do not have the opportunity to contact an experienced doctor and you need to know how to remove flat warts on your face at home, then pay attention to Cryopharma. This method has proven itself very well among patients. The main advantage of this method is the removal of neoplasms without disturbing the structure of the skin.
  4. The use of local funds based on acetic or salicylic acid. A lot of such drugs are offered in the pharmacy, and all of them are dispensed without a prescription. When using this class of drugs, it is very important not to apply them to intact skin, and also to prevent moisture from entering the treated areas.
  5. Physiotherapy. Today, flat warts on the face are treated with phonophoresis, ultraviolet radiation and UHF therapy. The total duration of the course of treatment can vary from one week to a month (the exact duration depends on the condition of the skin of the patient).

Growth removal

The Importance of Strengthening the Immune System

It is impossible to effectively treat flat warts if the protective function of your body makes you want to be better. In this case, the removal will provide only a temporary effect, and gradually the warts will return, but in larger quantities. If you want to know how to remove flat warts on your face once and for all, then you need to adhere to several important tips that absolutely any doctor will give you:

  1. Lifestyle. Alcohol and cigarettes are a sure and fast way to a worn out immune system. Such bad habits should be abandoned not partially, not temporarily, but completely and completely.
  2. Diet. The constant use of salty, fried, fatty, smoked, spicy and sweet foods becomes the cause of many ailments. Eat vegetables and fruits more often, drink natural juices and consume milk, sometimes add nuts, honey and herbal decoctions to the diet.
  3. Psychoemotional state. Another important point that many ignore. And all because few people think about how stressful situations and depression affect us. With them, the body copes in the same way as with diseases – using a protective function. Thus, with constant emotional instability, the immunity also wears out.
  4. Quality rest. The lack of a healthy and stable sleep is similar to nervous breakdowns, so you need to rest efficiently and regularly.
  5. Personal hygiene rules. If immediately after removing the wart, you start to use common bath accessories with an infected person with HPV or you don’t wash at all, then the likelihood of problems returning increases significantly. Always wash your face, very easily wipe it with a soft and clean towel, and do not use aggressive cosmetics that can damage the skin.

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